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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Note: I'm still polishing it all up, and it might be a while before the whole thing gets up here, but this is the first chapter :)

There are three options for people in Madison on hot summer days: Eating ice cream at Roger's Corner (and that was closing shop soon), pointing every fan you can find at yourself, and three applied only to me. You were living in the bottom of a pool.
That's right. Call me semi-aquatic, weird, or a freak of nature. But the correct term is mermaid.
I prefer the term amphibian though.
So there I am, a fifteen year old mermaid sitting in the bottom of a pool, thinking about my mom. She had gone missing when I was two. And as the story goes, she just suddenly disappeared. The whole state was looking for her, but then CNN picked up on the story (it must have been a slow news day) and soon the world was looking for a tall, pale women with hair as red as a fiery sunset, and sea green eyes.
I had a hunch that she was probably a mermaid too. And this summer I was going to find her. I didn’t know that I was going to find a lot more than that.
That summer my dad had bought three plane tickets. One for him, one for me, and one for my brother, Paul, who was fifteen.
I was going to the ocean to search for my mom. My brother and dad were going to go to some baseball games and other father son stuff.
Ok, before we go on, you're going to need to know some merpeople facts. Merpeople can always go live on land, but most of them choose not to for secrecy and a natural love of water. There is a government that is similar to America's system. They govern everything under sea, if it's even partly submerged in the ocean, they have control of it. The exception is innocent beachgoers. It it's fully human, that can't do anything about it.
That day, after getting my legs back when I dried off, I went into my family's house for lunch. If there's one thing you should know about the house, it's on a cliff overlooking Madison and the Ohio River. It has the most stunning view in the area of both. I loved sitting on the front porch at sunset, thinking about finding my mom while I doodled aimlessly all over something.
When I walked into the house, I was given 'the nod' from Paul and a short hug from my dad. "How's Delos?" my dad asked. He was used to all this by now. No drama added, which was a very good thing. "We didn't talk today. I was thinking about mom," I said. "You're starting to do that a lot more, huh?" he asked. My dad barely remembered anything about my mom. It was strange. He remembered everything we didn't need to know about her to find her.
I sat down to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Paul as he silently ate. Paul didn't talk much. He was a thinker. He wasn't mer either in case you're wondering. I don't know why he just wasn't. I hoped I would find that out this summer too.
"Hey, Paul guess what?" I asked him. He looked up. "Smile," I said, "you're going where most Indiana kids will never go. Think of how many kids you know that are gonna go see the Angels play," I said. He always seemed kind of sad, so I occasionally threaten to rip apart his copy of Led Zeppelin IV if he didn't smile once in a while. "Most kids don't have a mermaid for a sister either," he said actually smiling. I smiled back. It was nice to have a brother that could handle my not being human, and his being so.
It was the day before we left for California, and we were all going crazy getting ready. Paul couldn't find anything, his room being notoriously messy, I was searching for my copy of The Hobbit, and dad was just trying to pack everything.
I packed only a carry on with a change of clothes for going to California and coming back and my iPod for the plane ride, the mix of songs ready to go.
I gave the bag to my dad, who seemed kind of depressed for obvious reasons. After all, this was the biggest trip we'd ever taken and he was going to get to see me for a few hours only when we got there. I could see why he was sad. I think he though I wouldn’t come back. I wouldn’t want to leave. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t. But I had to. There were things to take care of and I don’t think any more sudden disappearances in the family would look good on Dad and Paul.
After we finished packing at exactly 3:42 p.m. I went out to the backyard to calm down in the pool. As I dove in, I immediately felt better. Packing can take its toll on you. I only had time for a couple laps before a familiar voice rang through my head. "Hey Helana," the voice echoed in my head. "Nice to hear from ya Delos," I thought/said back smiling, seeing the image of the dreadlocked kid. "Your trip still on for tomorrow?" he asked. "Yeah. I'm meeting you a couple of miles south of the Aguacomess pier, right?" I asked.
"Yep. So how's land?" Delos questioned.
Almost every time we talked, Delos would ask me what was going on above the water. I've practically been the news anchor of Aguacomes according to him.
And so the long conversation that always wanders away from topic began yet again between me and Delos. We talked about everything, from politics to movies.
"Hey, Delos. I gotta go. It's getting late over here and I gotta hit the sack before tomorrow," I said, noticing how the sky was growing dark. "Ok, I will see you tomorrow. In person. Wow, this is gonna be weird." He said.
And with those words, I dragged myself out of the pool and waited for my legs tore-appear. As soon as they did, I sprinted to the porch to see Madison enter night.
When I plopped down on the well worn front porch swing, the last stripes of sunset were stretched across the rapidly darkening sky. It was one of the most gorgeous things ever. As I watched them fade, my mind wandered through the next few days. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed with what was coming.

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Here is the next chapter.

It's five in the morning and I'm boarding our flight. A flight that could change everything.

As soon as the plane took off the ground I immendiatly felt my muscles tense up. This was my first flight and I felt really nervous. Even though I've heard that flying is less dangerous then driving, you couldn't help but think.
I decided that I should just take a nap and wait for landing. But sleep was running away from me and I ended up just making up worst case scenarios in my mind most of the time......
I woke up with a gasp. Paul had shaken me to get up. We had landed in California. The sun was setting, I could see palm trees, and it looked just like I had imagined it. All I needed was the beach.
After getting our luggage and renting a car, we drove to where my dad and Paul would be staying. "Wow..." I said. But I wasn't loooking at the hotel.
I was looking at the beach. The green blue water was just as I had imagined it, the horizon looked so far away.....
Once Dad and Paul had settled into their room, the sky had grown dark and it was time for me to leave.
"I guess it's time for me to go, huh?" I asked Dad as he set up out laptop on the desk. "Oh, yeah. I guess we better get you out there. The guys wouldn't let me go without saying good-bye to them on the shore.
We walked the few yards to the beach in silence. I guess this was a pretty dramatic moment.
"Dad, it's only for two weeks. And I know it has nothing on summer camp, but seriously, it's not like I'm gone forever," I reminded him. Just trying to keep things real.
I hugged Paul good-bye silently. He was a man of few words even in awkward situations, so I let him be that way.
And I stepped into the sea.

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Actually, I fell flat on my face after I put my foot in, because...yeah.
As soon as the water got deep enough, I stopped dragging myself and started swimming. It was the most natural thing ever.
Delos had said to swim until you see a rock shaped like Snoopy laying on top of the Abominable Snowman.
"Delos, I'm at the rock. Where are you?" I said trying to see if he was anywhere.
"Wow, there you are," said a familiar voice from behind me. "Delos!" I yelled as I spun around to see a smiling, tanned merman with brown dreadlocks floating behind me. We hugged each other. Who cares if it was awkward, we'd been talking for years. My tail turned orange from excitment. This was really cool.
We swam to Aguacomess together. The ocean was beautiful. The water was dark, but you could still see well enough. I don't think we talked much on the way to the place. I was speachless anyway, and I think Delos knew it.
After half of an hour of swimming, we arrived at the most beautiful place in the world.

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Aguacomess was the eighth wonder of the world, no denying it. It looked like a castle, but it was very open and it looked more modern in a strange way
"Welcome to the capitol of the ocean," Delos said with a grand sweep of his arm. I glided through the entrance and stared at the scenery around me.
There were merpeople everywhere. Mermen in circles talking quietly, mermaids gathered around wearing strings of pearls, and teenage merpeople goofing off.
If you're wondering where all the kids are, merchilderen (I guess that's their names) usually stay on land for the first bits of their lives. They do come down when they can (like me) but there aren't a lot. Hwever, some families go live under the ocean when they're kids are a certain age, so at least there are some full families to populate the ocean floor.
Delos showed me to the apartments past the common rooms. The doors were not set in the walls. Instead they were on the floor, and looked more like trap doors.
"Ok, Room 277 is yours, it's a couple doors down," Delos said pointing down the hall a little bit.
"Thanks so much, this is better then I imagined," I thanked him. We hugged one more time and then I struck off to my room.
I turned the sea glass knob and dived into a beautiful room. There was the most magnificent vanity, studded with shells and pearls,a rock because merpeople can't sit or lie down, they badically twist themselves around rocks, and a couple bottles for sending out messages.
Delos had told me how messages work a while away, but I still thought it was really cool. Merpeople whispered thei message into the bottle and said the name of the person they wanted it sent to. Then the bottle would shoot off to whoever you sent it to, then they would open the bottle and hear your message.
I curled around the rock and rested. It had been a long day, and I was tired from the jet lag, but before I drifted into sleep, I remembered something. My mom might not be mer. I might be one of those cases where the gene has to be traced back to the start of time or something.
Too tired to think, I slept

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
I woke with a start in the morning. It took me a couple minutes to realize that I was below water. Once I did, however, I almost screamed. It was a dream turned reality.
I uncurled myself from the rock and stretched out. This would take some time to get used to. I swam upwards through the door to the common rooms. The water was beautiful in the mornings, a transparent light blue. The halls were sparkling in the light.
I got a lot of stares in the hall. Looks of curiosity mostly.
"Excuse me, but I haven't seen you here before. Who are you?" a mermaid with light blue hair asked me.
"Oh, I'm Helana. I'm here for a couple weeks this summer," I replied.
"Oh, that's cool. I'm Claudia," she said. And we glided to the common room together, getting to know each other. It turns out Claudia was in this cool, all girl, indie band called Shutterbug with a selkie (half seal).
When I told her about my mom, she nodded.
"I meet a lot of those people here. It's a very common case, and it's more then likley I know you're mother," she said thoughtfully.
"Would you help me find her?" I asked.
"Most definantly," she replied smiling.
We sat down with Delos and talked away the morning. When the water was growing even brighter (water brightness is basically how merpeople tell time), Delos, Claudia, and I were going to go explore the ocean together.
After leaving the city gates, we set out in search of abandened ships and other ruins. This would soon be one of the best days of summer vacation.

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
So how do you like Aquacomess?" Claudia asked as we left the city gates.
"I love the place. It's beautiful here. The feeling of it's nice too. I feel natural here, and I don't have to keep any secrets. It's much more relaxed" I said.
"Good, 'cause if you didn't like it, you'd hate the rest of the ocean," Delos said.
"I don't get how anyone couldn't like this place," Claudia agreed.
We swam in silence for a short while. I was admiring everything. Fish greeted us as we swam past (merpeople can talk to fish, though they rarely have anthing worth hearing to say), the water was shining and I felt peace. I was free to be who I was here.
"Delos, can people only become mermaids if they're parents were?" I asked. I was so used to asking the poor kid questions they just came out at random moments.
"Actually," Claudia started, "I don't have mer parents. There are few of them, but there are people who just have the genetics. But usually, your parents have to be mer,".
"I see....." but my voice trailed off. We had reached the abandons of what looked to be an old ship.
"Take a look at the name and see what it is," Delos said smiling.
I flicked my tail and got closer to the boat. There on the side of the boat were the words 'The Hope'.
"I don't understand. What is this?" I said, confused. I'd never heard of the ship before.
"This is the ship that made the whole Roanoke colony disappear. They tried to sail back to England, got blown off course and eventually sunk. Some of the people happned to be mer, but we had to put life necklaces around some of them," Delos explained
"What are life necklaces?" I asked.
"I haven't told you about them?" he asked. "Life neckalces transform humans to merpeople as long as they wear them. We usualy only use them to escort people to land if they're about to drown," Delos explained yet again. I felt like I was asking too many questions, but there was so much to learn about this place.
"What if the huamns tell people they were mer for a couple hours?" I asked again.
Claudia fielded this one. "C'mon Helana. How many people are going to think that merpeople are real? Most of the time, we ask them to keep the secret in payment for us saving their lives. In some cases, we have to have the sea horses sing a special note that erases all memory of merpeople."
"Do you want to go in the ship?" Delos asked. Both Claudia and I said yes. We flew upwards, entering the ship through it's decks.

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Mermaidfreak89 OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you. I'll bep posting some more soon

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Mermaidfreak89 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Two hours after finding my mother, I finally decided to some interogating.
We were sitting in her room; I had moved in when we came back from the ship. We were both quiet. I was taking in my surroundings. The cluttered vanity, a smooth boulder (another one had been moved in for me).
"You're going to question me now aren't you?" my mom said, smiling a little.
"Yeah,". You really can't keep a secret when your head is your mouth. Some mer can block out their thoughts has well though.
"Well, ok, go on," mom said.
"Why did you leave?" I had imagined this scene so many times off and on.
Mom took a while to answer. The room seemed to get really tense. My heart was beating fast.
"I couldn't do it anymore. I did something stupid. I came to land when I probably shouldn't have, fell in love with your dad, found excuses to never be near or in water, and then we got married. And I just kept living that lie 'til I couldn't take it anymore. I escaped from Madison, swam the Ohio River 'til I got to the ocean and came back to Aguacomess. I just couldn't do it anymore. And before you think I'm an impulsive, lying idiot, I want you to know it took a long time for me to leave you kids. It wasn't like I didn't care. Beleive me, I do. I just couldn't do it,"
"Yes you could've! Dad would've accepted you! He has for me!" I burst out. I couldn't take it anymore. This had been one of those day dreams. I try to not lash out at people, but I wasn't getting the whole story here. I wanted to know why I grew up without a mother.
Mom looked like she knew this was coming. I could tell my outcry had gotten down to her but she was trying to keep it to herself.
"I can't tell you Helana. I can't." I couldn't tell if she was crying, 'cause we're underwater and all, but I had touched a nerve. I decided to back off.
But I desperatly wanted to know what I'd set off, why everything happened like this.

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My remaining five days in Aguacomess passed too quickly for me. I wanted to stay longer. It really felt like home. There was just this natural pull to the ocean.
But it was time for me to go. Rain beat the surface of the water, and sometimes you would find other merpeople crashing into you from rough currents. But in the evening, my mom, Claudia, and Delos all went up with me to meet my dad and Paul on the protected pier.
By the way, the protected pier is the one that The Coucil have enchanted so half merpeople can go back to land and to the ocean without being seen. It's very cool the way it works.
As we swam towards the shore and the water started getting shallow, I was struck with an idea.
"Hey mom, will you come up and see Paul and dad?" I asked quietly. My friends looked shocked.
Mom kept her cool, but I could tell she was thinking up a nice way to say no. It's weird how parents do that. Again, that little piece of me tugged, wanting some answers.
"I can't. I'd have too much to explain, it's complicated," she said.
Why do moms never explain anything? It kills their kids, I mean, can't you just say what you're trying to say?
I left it at that. I didn't want to argue at the moment. I wanted to leave happily and remember my last few moments as sweet and sad.
We had almost reached the pier. The water had gotten extremly shallow. I reached out to hug my friends.
"Talk to me, ok? I'll be on tour in a few weeks, so it might be hard contacting you from there on out." Claudia said.
"I'll be here after school and stuff." Delos smiled, hiding behind his dreads from the overly sappy moment. I hugged them all.
After we seperated, I turned to my mom. I looked her over, wanting to remember this for the rest of my life. We hugged for a really long time.
"I love you guys." She whispered.
At last, I raised my head above the water.

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Paul and Dad were sprawled on the sand, smiling. They looked tanned, and abosloutly exhausted in a good way. As I pulled myself up towards them, I saw three tails retreat towards the horizon. I smiled at the thought of them all.
"What's up?" Dad asked, his smile about to explode.
"Oh, just everything in the world." I answered.
Paul just smiled. See? He doesn't say much, as I've already mentioned.
"So, what's Aguacomess like?" Dad asked.
"I'll tell ya in the hotel," I said, regaining my ability to walk at that moment.
I stubled to our rental car. Walking after two weeks of swimming, makes walking a bit harder. I wondered if this is what it felt like to be tipsy. I could see Paul and Dad stifling grins.
The five minute drive to the hotel was silent, but a silence that filled the interior of the car with a buzz of anticipation. I wondered how they'd react, especially when I didn't have the whole story.
Once safely back in the hotel room, I wasted no time in letting the biggest bomb fall.
"I found mom," I said.
Paul fell off his bed.
Dad's mouth dropped to the floor. I'd say it was a very nice explosion.
For weeks before this, my dad had warned me to not get to excited about finding mom. Since we didn't know if she was in council or not, we weren't even sure she lived in Aguacomess. She could've been absoloutly anywhere else in the two-thirds of the world the ocean makes up.
So when I found her, obviously, they were taken aback.
And so the questioning started, this time with Paul even asking a few.
"Hows she doing?"
"Where did you hind her?"
"Is she doing ok?"
By midnight, almost every question we had ever thought to ourselves about Mom was answered.
Except for one.
"Helana, I think your mom wasn't telling the truth when she told you why she wouldn't come back," my dad said, "That's pretty lame,"
"I know." I looked down at my new legs, wishing I was back in the ocean. I could still here the tide, and there was this feeling in the pit of my stomach that called me back there.
Silence filled the room.
My dad was right. There was something fishy going on (no pun intended).....

I didn't sleep at all that night, due to the anticipation of the plane ride back to Louisville and what life would be like now that I could contact my mother. You have to have a connection with a merperson to talk to them long distance in your head.
I had met Delos through this thing the Mer-Government had set up that let merpeople who didn't know anything about being mer in on everything that was out there, and letting them know that they're not alone or a freak of nature or whatever. Well, lets go for that they weren't alone being a freak of nature. Anyway, Delos was assigned to me (they had my name on this census thing that's been enchanted to write the names of every merperson alive).
I remember our first conversation.
"Um, hi?" a timid voice cut through my daydreams. I must've been about 9 years old.
"Who's there?" I whispered, instinctively speaking with my mind, having no idea what I was doing.
"Um, my name is Delos, and I, um, got assinged to you." And he explained the thing to me and I flipped out, I was doing flips and squealing to myself.
Evena t age nine, I got that this wasn't normal, and I coudl easily be carted off to freak shows or poked and prodded until I died. Knowing that I wasn't alone was just this amazing feeling.

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You guys ready for more? I know I'm kind of overloading, hehehehehe.

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Garrett (garrettgoodreads) Sure! More, please! Are you going to post the sequel too?

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Oh yeah. As soon as I finish it.

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Garrett (garrettgoodreads) Awesome! :D

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Nothing really happened after my return from Aguacomess. I went to highschool to start freshmen year. I talked to Delos daily and my mom and Claudia some. Abosoloutly nothing was going to happen this year, I thought.

I was wrong.

It all started one night when I was going out for coffee and tea with friends. My biology partner and friend, a girl named Caki, had organized a group, and asked if I could come that day after school. I didn't have many friends at the moment, and I liked it that way, but it couldn't help to at least meet some other people.
That night when I was getting ready, I wondered, not for the first time, if anything was going to happen this year. It had been a pretty lame semester. The most exciting thing had been being able to study Star Wars in Honors English. I mean, that's pretty cool, but it is still school.
My dad drove me down. It was quiet. It had been since we'd come back from California. The only words that passed were goodbye as I got out of the car. I don't know the exact reasons, but I think it's because he hasn't seen his wife in some twelve years, I finally meet her, and your mermaid-daughter going out to sea for a little bit is strange anyway.
My friends were much different. They talked all the time about summer and never cared to ask about mine. I didn't talk much. Listening can be much more fun.
So I go into the coffee shop, getting out of the cool September air, and sit down next to Caki in the warm shop.
"Hey girl, what's up?" she asked.
"Oh, not much. I got a bunch of English stuff from Mrs. Dotts ," I said.
"Yeah, tough stuff. I'm not taking Honors English this year though," she said.
We continued on that way for a while, when I saw someone come in, one of the only people I recognized.
He had the locker next to mine, so we knew each other fairly well by now.
"Hey Jordon, what's up?" I said to him.
He just smiled at me. He was kinda shy.
We ended up sitting together. It was awkward, until we started talking. At first it was the dreaded small talk, but it got better.
"So, your brother's Paul right?" he asked.
"Yeah." I said. A lot of people had been asking me that lately. I was kind of named Paul's little sister. How hard is it to remember my name though?!
"That's cool...hey, is that Zeppelin?"
My phone had just gone off. My ring tone happened to be "The Ocean" (yes, you can laugh here). It could definatnly be a conversation starter. Sometimes I got known as "The Chick Who Listens to Zeppelin". Again, what about my actual name?
"Yeah. You like 'em?" I asked.
"Yeah, Who doesn't?" he said. Wow. He talks.
"I know some people," I said, shrugging.
"What? That's crazy. How can you not love them?"
"You have to be pretty insane. Or Lady Gaga has brainwashed you,"
And somehow, the whole night, I ended up talking to Jordan. I didn't think much of it at the time, but the people around us probably sensed something going on before even I did. It did look like that.
But that's how I spent my night. I really liked him. Just in a friend way. For now at least. He was cute, but I barely knew him at the time.
And so my evening ended, as people started to leave, and my dad texted me to say he was picking me up.
"Hey, I gotta leave. See ya tomorrow Jordan," I said walking out.
"Ok.." he left off like he wanted to ask something else, but unluckily, I was already out the door.
And back to the silence that always seemed to ensue when I was around. Not for the first time, I wondered what my Dad did when I wasn't around. Watch youtube videos? Do guy things? I couldn't imagine him getting excited over anything sporty. He's pretty mellow.
As soon as I got up to my room and out of the awkward silence of the car (again), I had some essay writing on Henry V to do. I love Shakespeare. I have trouble believing this was written hundreds of years ago. It was so heartfelt, and hilarious at times.
So I set to work, losing myself in old world politics and epic battles and the sound of my fingers against the keys.
Fifteen minutes into my writing, I heard a moan of pain, coming from Paul's room

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
I jumped out of my chair, but didn't go in Paul's room. I'm not terribly squeamish, but I wouldn't be one to go to when having a medical emergancy.
I put my ear to the door and heard heavy breathing, a muttered "What the..." and a soft thud.
I rushed down the stiars to find my dad dozing peacefully on the couch.
I've never seen my dad move so fast.
We both rushed up the stairs, practictally flying.
Dad shoved the door open and stopped dead in the doorway.
I paused in front of him to see what was up.
Something WAS wrong with Paul.
He had a tail.

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My head was spinning.
My dad looked ready to pass out.
Paul looked somewhat pitiful, staring at us with wide eyes that seemed to say "You're seeing this too right?"
I finally realized that we should probably do something.
"Dad, get him out to the pool," I said faintly. This could NOT be happening.
I was racking my brain as Dad hoisted Paul fireman style over his back and got down the stairs. Was this normal? Did this happen to other people? Was Paul simply a late bloomer? I needed to confide in my merpeople tutor.
I ran down the stairs, got outside as quickly as possible and dived in the pool. Paul was sitting at the bottom, a puzzled expression on his face.
I stared at the pearl tail that had miraculously appeared over the course of fifteen minutes or less.
Paul looked back up at me. He smiled a little grim smile.
"What happened?" I asked softly.
"I was sitting on my bed, reading the last bit of Harry Potter, and I just felt my legs cramp. I ingnored it, tried to stretch 'em out, but the cramping got worse, and they started sticking together, and this blur stuff just...grew in. It really hurt...it's hard to describe," Paul seemed particulary disturbed by all of this. I couldn't imagine my dad at this point.
"Lemme see if I can talk to Delos," I said, trying to make the mental conncection in my head.
I should probably explain this. Conversing with merpeople is like having a webcam in my head. You see the person you're talking to, like they're right there. It's very complicated.
But before I could get to him, his voice rang out through my head, and I saw his excited face. He started talking very fast.
"You'll never guess what just happened I was talking to another guy who said he knew yo-"
"No time Delos, I got a question. Is it normal for people to become merpeople later in life?" I aksed, cutting him off from his ranting.
"Uh, no, why?"
"It just happened," I said grimly, glancing over at Paul, who was swimming around awkwardly, trying to get used to moving around with a tail, I'd guess.
"No way! Who'd it happen to?!" Delos sounded even more excited than I'd ever heard him.
"My brother Paul," I said.
There was silence for a moment.
"How'd it happen?" he asked, more quiet now.
So I re-accounted Paul's description, and after I'd finsished, things were much more quiet.
"Do you think this has anything to do with your mom?" Delos asked.
"I hadn't thought about that. I guess it's possible," I mused. Maybe this could lead to something. It definatly was strange.
"I'm gonna talk to him," Delos said.
So I waited around. I tried to talk to my mom and Kristina, but they were both asleep.
After Paul had gotten situated, we went back up to the house, quietly. This is probably the most I had ever seen Paul talk in my life.
"Good night bro. It's gonna be ok," I said reassuringly as we seperated to go to our rooms.
I wasn't so sure myself. Something was going on. I fely like war had just been declared on my family.

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The next morning when I got up, I wondered if this is what it feels like after somebody dies. There was an eerie silence around the house. My dad appeared to have aged overnight. He was slumped over a chipped mug of coffee.
Paul looked normal for just coming face to face with the fact he's part fish last night. Maybe it was because he rarely shows vivid emotion. Paul is a bit of a monotone as far as conveying emotions.
Nobody could find words. It was intense. And I hate to sound dramatic, but I just wanted to start screaming "Get Over it, life goes on!!!!"
And yet there we were, wordless over bowls of cereal.
And I hated every second of it.
Time ticked on and on. I slowly got ready, feeling very sluggish.
We drove to school. Paul and I got out of the car. We seperated to go to our lockers. But when I got to mine, it wasn't the usual faded green piece of metal.
It had a rose stuck in the vent.

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There it was. A simple rose. No card thingy, no nothing. Just a rose.
And it could only be from one person.
I took the problem to Caki in home room. And it turns out I was right.
"He asked me if I should do it after you left the coffee shop last night," she said after I told her what happened.
I could get used to this.
I didn't catch Jordan at his locker for three periods, but finally, I found him cramming books back into it.
"OH, hey," he said. He fumbled a little with the stack of text books.

"Hey. So......" I left off there. This was getting awkward really fast.
Jordan was red up to his dark roots. However, the bell rang just as I was about to say something about a mysterious rose that appeared in my locker that morning and about how I didn't have a clue who it was from. Plus, I suppose that would've been a little torturous.
"WAIT! Helana!" Jordan called me back, speack suddenly returning to him.
"So I, um, I was just wonderng..if you know..maybe..I could talk to you after lunch?" He said, staring down at his Converse.
"Sure," I said. He smiled. I smiled. This was getting cheesy.
I left him standing there, caught in the tide of people, thinking maybe this would give my quiet family something to finally talk about.

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Three periods. It didn't seem so bad at the time. But once I finally slid into a desk in biology, my stomach started tingling as I set out into the abyss that is my imagination.
What if he wasn't going to ask me out? No. He was. Most definitly. Would I have to tell him I wasn't all human? Maybe. Not now. Would he care? What were the odds?
Little fragments of questions and answers flew around inside of my head. My heart was about to break out of my chest. And then the bell rang.
I went through English and Buisness Tech. Oh joy.
And then the bell rang once more. I packed up my books and wasn't sure whether to run to the cafeteria or take as little time as possible to stall any embrassing moments. I eventually just found myself walking slowly. My feet were rather reluctant to move.
And so I fought my way there. And there he was, staring at his black Converse. It's hard to get much more cute than that.
"Hey," I said. My voice had to pick now to sound weak!?
"Oh hey," Jordan replied. I could tell he was trying not to look nervous too.
"So you wanted to talk?" I asked as we sat down with lunch.
"Um yeah," he said, "I was kind of, um, thinking that, you know, maybe, we could, um, hang out?"
"Sure," I said smiling, feeling relief flood through me. It was a lot easier to think straight now that the question was out of the way.
"So what's been going on with you?" Jordan asked.
"Oh Nothing. Just life," I said. Oh, and my brother mysteriously turned into a merman when he wasn't supposed to be 'cause that's just not the way things work and I can't tell you any of that or the Memory Erasers will come in and steal any recollections of this.
"It's just been busy for me. And I don't think one of my teachers likes me all that well," he said frowning.
And lunch came and went. And I had a date on Friday night at Hinkles, the local diner joint.
At my locker, Caki came up to me and said two single words.
"Told ya,"

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SOrry there hasn't been a lot lately. I'm working on it.

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My team of readers is working on this edit, so there will be more soon. The sequel is going alright too.

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