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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve | 247 comments Browsing through the new books section of my library today I came upon the oddest book...
Billy Blockade by Stephen King, with a bonus story, Morality.

Publication copyright date 2010, hardbound. How this passed under my radar...and this group's bizarre. Judging by the cartoonish artwork on the cover, it is a baseball novella. Not a fan of the sport, but I read everything King once. I will post here with my thoughts on it when I complete it.

message 2: by Chris , The Hardcase (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 1104 comments Mod
Actually, it was a group read a few months back:

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve | 247 comments Naturally! :(

message 4: by Dustin (new)

Dustin I really enjoyed Morality (in particular,) but Blockade Billy's a pretty good tale, too.

message 5: by Steve (new)

Steve | 247 comments I finished BB. S'Alright, it is a nice exercise in 1st person narrative. The voice is quite pleasant and genuine, and it seems SK did a lot of research on the slang and history of baseball. It is close to SK'S heart obviously, hence the exclusivity of the pressing, but I wouldnt rate this as one of his greatest tales.

message 6: by Dustin (new)

Dustin No, probably not one of Stephen's greatest, but it's good. I like what you said about it being "close to SK's heart.."

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