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message 1: by Areaza (new)

Areaza | 2 comments This is my second try at reading War and Peace as it seemed to me the first time at the book started off slow and too convoluted with so many characters. Im returning to it because I feel some strange compulsion that i have to read it, a gnawing splinter if you so Matrixly will, that will not let me just forget about it. I am thus delving into the book reluctantly, and at an incredibly slow pace because I find every possible pretext plausible to stop reading it every time I read one page or two. I stopped now because I cannot understand what is Anatole referring to when he says at the end of chapter 9: "No, you'll never manage him that way," said Anatole. "Wait a bit and I'll get round him.... Listen! I'll take your bet tomorrow, but now we are all going to ——'s."

why is this translation showing a couple of dashes? Does anyone know? Please help or thus will be another good pretext to stop reading this assuredly acclaimed masterpiece.

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward Mendoza My head was spinning with all of the different characters and names for at least the first 200 pages, probably more. I printed a copy of the list of W&P characters off of Wikipedia and I still have it with now even though I am at Vol 3, Part 3 of the novel.

Could you please post the exact page where Anatole says this so that I can read it? Nonetheless, I would not take anything that his character says or does too seriously unless it is obviously really big (which will happen later on in the book). Anatole is not only stupid but also a naughty element, although not a true villain.

I'm not good at all with the subtle details so you'll probably need to ask someone else. Even so, I am really enjoying this book. I have resigned myself to "living" with it until sometime in the Spring. W&P is almost like a growing experience that demands your time but if you make it through and are patient then you will be rewarded.

message 3: by Areaza (new)

Areaza | 2 comments I'm grateful for your help Edward and also appreciate the heads-up in regard to Anatole, I'm already a bit more intrigued about this character. AS for the conundrum that is War and Peace take a look of the map I'm working on and this is for chapter one and two: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h13...
hope that helps and not confuses you even more though.

I actually don't know the page number because it changes every time I change from portrait to normal (using a tablet), but it's a paragraph before chapter nine ends in book number one. Again, thx!

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