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Name: Genavive (Vee) Moissonneuse
Age: Appears 17
Sex: female
Habits: Practicing violin, and singing, plays piano, cooks, reads and writes, poetry, preforming on the streets in disguise
Talents: Music
Species: Demon, powerful
Crush: Open
gf/bf: None
She loves wearing midieval or renassance style clothes, sine that was when she was born, though she wears regular clothes when in public, unless shes on stage.
Her demon form
History: Vee grew up in a midieval france, during a time of war. She was 'killed' in a raid but made a deal with the demon who came to take her soul. Tricking the demon out of his immortality she survived, but soon relized how hard immortality in the shadows could be. SHe took to music and soon her talents for it gave her fame world wide.
Abilities: Her abilities range around her musical talents, hypnotizing people with her violin, stealing peoples souls when she sings, sonic waves when she talks that can cut through steel, snapping and sending shock waves at someone, ect. The demon that atempted to take her soul has followed her around since she was a child, protecting her and following her orders, taking multiple shapes, most common are a Cat,
A bird
and a wolf with a red bandana tied around its neck
He has two true forms

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