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Kit-Kat and Sky-wa

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C M What about!?

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C M depends

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C M what kind

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C M me too, like this one chick wanted to teacher student wif me i was like "umm...great idea but NO."

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C M i like it! i can be a cat! jk jk

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C M lol

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C M u wannabe chick or duide i like chick more really

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C M i realized

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C M know what?

Name: Jacob ellis
Age: 16
Gender: M duh
App: tall muscular and beautiful
Pers: tba
Other: um...

Name: Dani ellis
Age: 14
Gender: F duh
App: 5'3 and curvey and pretty
Per: tba
other: ughh

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C M i love our charries! so descriptive!

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C M ****************************************************

Jacob and Dani Eliis signed in to school, they were new

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