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message 1: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Pierce | 5 comments ...that Stephenie should write prequel novels about each of the Cullens? I've always thought that at the very least she should do one on Carlisle. I know we get snippets within the Twilight novels, but I'd love to see each character get their own full length novel. What do you think?


message 2: by Amandak (new)

Amandak I think, that that would be Epic. Note the capital E. someone should attack her with emails or something until she does.

message 3: by Emelie (new)

Emelie (emli95) Yeah, maybe.. but at the same time I think that the Twilight Saga is finished, and it would be a little weird if she wrote more novels.
Maybe this would be a great idea, but if it would come to be anything like the Seconds Life of Bree Tanner, then no. I wasn't reallt thrilled by that book, for some reason.

message 4: by J.M. (last edited Feb 16, 2011 04:00AM) (new)

J.M. Pierce | 5 comments I agree, TSLoBT was nothing compared to the Saga, but I can completely envision Carlisle's story. His days of hunting vampires, his struggles with his father, his transformation, his time with the Volturi, making his family from his perspective; I seriously think it could be every bit as good as any of the first four! Does anyone have Steph's phone number? ;)

message 5: by Emelie (new)

Emelie (emli95) True, Carlisle's perspective would rock, because he's been there since the beginning.
I wish, if I had I'd call her non-stop and demand that she'll publish the rest of Midnight Sun :)

message 6: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Pierce | 5 comments Yes! I completely agree!

message 7: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (ashlee_) Isn't that kind of what she did with Bree Tanner? she wrote a little spin off story on Bree? I thought that was pretty cool, and I always meant to read it, but never got around to it. I absolutely LOVED the Twilight Book Series, but the movies Hyped it up so much, it made me kind of withdrawl back, does that make sense?

message 8: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Pierce | 5 comments It does make sense, completely. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a really cool idea to take a VERY minor character like Bree and bring her story out a little. The difference is that the history and life of the Cullens, Carlisle in particularly, is so rich that it could make a full length novel all on it's own. Can you imagine a chapter covering when Carlisle turned Edward, and "seeing" it through Carlisle's eyes? Then she could move on to the struggles that Carlisle had keeping Edward under control for the first couple of years after being turned and teaching him his philosophy and beliefs. I just think it could be as epic as the rest of the saga. I get pumped up thinking about it and wish Steph would do it!

message 9: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin (yasmin_miki) | 8 comments well i hv a theory
watever steph writes is amazing
it has more to do with

HOW SHE WRITES watever she does
so i dont care if its a sequel or
a new book..just PLEASE

p.s: i do care but im SO tired of wayting 4 her to write something and tired of not being capable of liking other books as much

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Yasmin wrote: "well i hv a theory
watever steph writes is amazing
it has more to do with

HOW SHE WRITES watever she d..."

I suspect you are right.

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