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message 1: by Juliet (new)

Juliet | 6 comments Mod
If you have any requests to make your own topic in the R.P. folder, ask here.
The folder that you would wish to make will be for you and one to two other people in the group, for a private R.P. between the lot of you.
You do not have to have your own topic, since you can also just comment in the Original R.P. topic.

message 2: by May (new)

May Mallory | 1 comments I'm looking for a Artemis Fowl roleplay partner. I would prefer to RP on facebook or deviantart.
The setting would revolve around a OC after the time paradox incident.
Artemis Fowl has been outdone. By another human. World renown thief simply known as the 'Rouge' has hacked into his file system.
And is armed to the teeth with fairy knowledge. Artemis along with his underworld friends must yet again save the planet, but it seems that this villain is willing to let them?
The Rouge makes a deal with Artemis, if he can find them in time, if he can catch them, then the Rouge will submit to a mind well as dole out two tons in gold.
It's a race against the clock, and it looks like Artemis isn't the only one chasing the thief. Opal is at it once again and is determined to use this to her advantage to once again try and take over the world.
The thief will be a Oc of mine, I am willing to draw art for out story as well! If my partner would like to draw a maid/friend for the Rouge they may. She will be 16, Artemis is 16-17 in this time. She was a normal girl who lived a pretty regular life raised in the woods of southern Alabama. She learned thieving early on when she lived in the woods stealing eggs from nests and evolving from there. All in all she is not as intelligent as he is, but she knows more when it comes to stealing and the art of espionage. She is fairly skilled at hand to hand combat, but prefers to attack people from out of site. She carries a bow she has dubbed 'Aconite' after the deadly plant she laces her arrows with.

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