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Name: Paul

Parent: Hades

Personality; Bold when needed, but quiet alot

Look Like: Black cloak, white hair, heavily tanned and has a scar reaching his eye to his lip
Parents (not god): his mom was killed in a 'car accident'
Weapon: Two Curved Double bladed swords

Special weapon: Watch that turnes into his blades

History: Grew up in Hephstes (Fail) Cabin and learned how to make weapons, but after a year of learning in forges he found out that a flaming symbol didn't mean Hephstes (fail, again)


Other: Used to play guitar and trumpet

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Name: John

Parent: Hades (sort of)

Personality; Dunno yet

Look Like: A hell hound, lol

Parents (not god): I'm not quite sure

Weapon: claws

Special weapon: tail, lol

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Name: Brandon

Parent: Hephestus

Personality; Firm, moody.

Look Like: Brown hair, turnes black after forging for an hour, chisled face, blue eyes, well built, tall, about 6' 5", tanned and blackened hands
Parents (not god): Brandon's mom died

Weapon: Double bladed axe

Special weapon: Maglite Flashlight that turnes into double bladed axe and backpack that's wirelessly connected to his watch that turnes into full body armor ((Without such a large headress, and with metal Leggings.

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Name: Lucas
age: 16
parent: Hecate
personality:Quiet, shy
history: He knows his mom, but doesn't want it to be discovered
crush/bf: Bel
weapon: Magic
other: None

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Does her hair really change colors?

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Hecate, yeah.

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jk rofl.

Can Bel. put Brandon as a crush?

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K, thanks.

BTW - you can call my charrie Bell or Bea. Her name is a mouthful.

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yay, another child of hecate!! his personality's kind of like derian's!

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