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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 94 comments Mod
RP here

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Micheal Badtke (heartclaw) | 5 comments LightningStar padded up to the fresh kill pile she was hungry but didnt want to go hunting tonight so she got a mouse and started to nibble on it daintly. once she was done she padded over to the warrior den she liked the smell of one of the toms in there but she just couldnt tell who it was.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 94 comments Mod
Lightfeather saw Lightningstar over at the fresh kill pile, but did not want to aproach her, he was to shy

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Micheal Badtke (heartclaw) | 5 comments "hi light feather. so your he one who smells so nice ah...." she purred into his ear.

A fox in a snowstorm Nightsky walked in from the woods,, holing two mice and a finch.

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Micheal Badtke (heartclaw) | 5 comments "hello night sky nice of you to bring food for the kill pile." she said

A fox in a snowstorm ((You type it Nightsky not night sky, it's always like this Owlfeather, Firepaw, etc))

Nightsky nodded and set them down, taking a mouse to the warrior's den.

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Willowpaw watched the two

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Dameon (emberrassed) Starspirit padded into camp, a vole in her jaws. She dropped it on the fresh-kill pile and chose a mouse for herself, sitting down in a patch of sunlight.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry licke his paw as he watched what was happening in camp.

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Dameon (emberrassed) ((Can they be mates?))

Starspirit licked the blood from her muzzle and paws and padded over, plopping down next to Thornberry.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments ((We'll see...))

Thornberry smiled. "Hello, Starspirit."
((You hav to give other people a chance))

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) Graystorm entered and quickly moved to the feeding pile dropping a plump squarrel.

Sandcloud slowly padded over to the pile and took a mice,"Hello Graystorm."

Graystorm laid onto his stomach,"Sandcloud..."

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry yawned.

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Flowerpaw ran over to Thornberry "What are gonna do today?"

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry thought for a moment. "Battle training, probably."

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) Sandcloud purred,"How are you feeling today?"

Graystorm scowled,"Irritable, but I'll live."

"I'm sure you will," she licked his head then padded over to Thornberry,"Hello."

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"Can we start now?"

message 19: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry said, "At sun down." He turned to Sandcloud. "Hello."

message 20: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "Just doing my morning check ups," she purred happily,"How are you both feeling today?"

Graystorm watched from a distance feeling less tired as he enjoyed the calmness of the den.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry shrugged. "Fine."

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"Why at sun down? Why not now?"

message 23: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) She moved closer and gently licked Thornberry's head,"Okay...just making sure...it seems that a strange cold is running through the other clans..."

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry curled his lip. "Don't do that. You're not my mother." H turned to his apprentice. "Because I have other things to worry about."

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"Fine" she padded off.

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) Sandcloud cocked her head and sighed,"Still as irritable as ever..."

Graystorm chuckled in the distance.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry rolled his eyes. "You don't know the half of it."

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She sat under a tree and flicked her tail.

message 29: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) She sat down and began licking her paw,"Tell me then."

Graystorm stood up and stretched and padded over to flowerpaw,"I could practice with you until your mentor is ready."

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"Really?" she jumped up.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry growled. "Why should I?"

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) Graystorm nodded patiently,"Follow me." He moved to a clear spot.

Sandcloud sighed,"Why are you so irritable today? You aren't normally so rude."

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She smiled and followed him.

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "Now...," he said slowly,"What have you learned so far?"

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"The basic stuff" she sat down in front of him.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry ignored her and took a walk outside camp.

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) Sandcloud shook her head and walked away towards her medicine den. She wished she could help unfreeze his cold heart.

"Right then...," he sat down,"See if you can knock me over."

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

"Claws out or in?" she stood up and got ready to pounce.

message 39: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "Which ever you think will help you knock me over," he said simply.

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

"Okay!" she smiled big and lunged at him with all of her force but just bounced off of him. "Ouch!"

message 41: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "Okay......see you need to use your weight," he said gently.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry saw the two and watched silently.

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She nodded and shook herself "How do I do that?"

message 44: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "Like this," he took his paw and push it hard with a force into the dirt. He looked at her and said,"Use your little body with a force."

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry growled. "She's my apprentice, not yours."

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She looked at Thornberry and then pushed her paw into the dirt.

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "I'm merely helping her until you are ready...and if you do not like it...then I suggest you work with her instead...because if not...I will continue," he said simply.

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She pushed her other paw into the dirt having fun.

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Jaidyn | 182 comments Thornberry growled. "She is not yours, so you don't get to train, or "help" her." He narrowed his eyes.

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) "She is also my clanmate...I can help her if I should feel to," he said,"And if you feel so threatened then take over. Or keep walking."

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