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Amata lives in a small 2 bedroom house with 2 stories. The only other person in her house is her owner, Katrina. Katrina is a recent college graduate, and has been saving up for a house. She bought most of the house with a loan and is working a lot to pay it off. Her boyfriend Jayden comes over a lot. Amata is expecting kits but her owner doesn't know it....

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Amata decided to explore, so she padded out of her house.

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Amata ran inside her house through the kitty flap, and sniffed for Katrina. Soon, Katrina appeared in the doorway, with a bag of kitty treats. "Amata! I've been looking everywhere for you!" She quickly noticed the blood on her cats hind leg. "We should take you to the vet." She nodded, Katrina had no idea what she should do, so she went down to the basement to get Amata's cat carrier. Katrina hadn't noticed Max, with his brown fur.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max followed Amata into her house. "I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. If I hadn't pressured you into seeing the clan cats, none of this would have happened." Max said miserably.

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((OMG!I thought you were coon! So sorry, I edited it.))

Amata shrugged. "Its not your fault. I gotta go." She mewed, jumping into the cat carrier when Katrina came up. Katrina saw Max. "Oh, hello little guy!" She said, stroking his fur.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max purred. "Bye Amata. You have a nice person. And thanks for forgiving me." He walked out of the house. "Feel free to come over whenever you want!"

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She nodded, and was soon carried out of the house.


Katrina walked into the house, with Amata in her carrier. She set the cage down and unlatched it, Katrina looked unhappy. Amata also looked sad, and she quickly padded over to her water bowl to gulp up water. Katrina dialed a number on the phone. "Mom?.....Yeah....Amata is pregnant...."
Amata looked horrified and ran out her kitty flap. She hid herself in a bush by the back porch.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max went in Amata's backyard and looked for Amata. He then saw her in a bush. "What are you doing in there?" He then saw her face. "What's the matter? What happened?"

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"My owner found out that I'm going to have kits. This is awful! My owner doesn't have something like...its called..."A breeding license" So she has to give my kits away!" She wailed. "I'll never know them!" She looked around in worry, then at Max. "I have to run away! And live in the forest! Its my only hope!" She mewed. "I don't want to leave Katrina!" She looked at her tummy. "But I love my kits more...."

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Maryam | 543 comments "Ummm, well maybe I can help. I have a friend in the forest and she would love to help you. She can take your kits. You will still be able to see them and the'll be safe." Max said.

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Amata shook her head no. "I have to be with them, I can't let someone else raise them, they won't love me." She sighed, and looked towards the forest. "I have to leave now," She mewed. "Is there anyplace on the edge of the forest? A place where Clan cats won't come?"

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Maryam | 543 comments "There's an abandend person house. None of the forest cats go near it because humans live near it." Max said thinking. "But your person, won't she miss you?" Max said. "And I'll miss you." He added, mumbling.

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Amata didn't hear his last sentence. "I will miss her, but maybe once my kits are grown, I could come back to see her, and she might even let us all back!" She mewed, her face lighting up. "How far away is the person house?" She asked, cocking her head.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Its about two bowls of food away. But are you sure you can make it?" Max asked. (Two bowls means the time it takes to eat two bowls of food. LOL)

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((Oops. Fixed it.))

"I think so...." She mewed. "I guess I'll be going." She glanced sadly at her home before nodding goodbye to Max. "Come and visit often, please?" She asked, glancing over to the direction she was headed.

((VERY creative, :) lol.))

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Maryam | 543 comments "I will. I promise!" Max said. "Goodbye then." He then reached out and gave her a lick on her head.

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Amata purred and set off......

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Maryam | 543 comments (What are you going to do with this topic?)

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((I think I'll delete it and change it to...empty Twoleg house or something.))

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Maryam | 543 comments (K.)

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((Caitlyn can adopt two of Amata's Kittens))

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