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Midnight Bride
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Historical romance about a pirate [s]

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message 1: by Chloe (new) - added it

Chloe | 7 comments ok this is a hard one Ive been searching every where to see if i find a certain pirate book. i think i read it late 90s begging 00s, it was about a pirate that pretended to be an aristocrat, or the other way around. he would dress funny and act 'feminine' to throw people off his tracks as to whether he was a pirate. I think his name was falco, or falcon something similar to that. I never got to finish the book and ive never been able to find it

message 2: by Chloe (new) - added it

Chloe | 7 comments no thats not it, i know it was set like in england or a foreign country

message 3: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Brady (minesayn) | 46 comments Perhaps "Captive Passions" by Fern Michaels when Fern Michaels was two women (not the current one...one of the original two). Or perhaps one of its sequels? This pirate is a woman who pretends to be a man to throw off another male. Of course, if it is, it was written in the late '70s.

message 4: by Chloe (new) - added it

Chloe | 7 comments no that isnt it, it sounds interetsing but Im sure it was a guy, I dont know if she knew he was the pirate or not I think she sorta knew but i never finished the book

message 5: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (thisisthatverymab) | 76 comments Have you checked out All About Romance's Pirates, Sheiks, and Vikings ( http://www.likesbooks.com/pirates.html ) list?

message 6: by April Ann (last edited Feb 22, 2011 04:55AM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Lindsey Davis has written some books with a character whose name is Marcus Didius Falco. There's a ton of books written by her, maybe one of the them is it?

message 7: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 179 comments Check out these two Goodreads lists

Historical Pirate Romance Books and
Pirate/Swashbucking Romance

message 8: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy | 5 comments Maybe - Midnight Bride by Drymon, Kathleen
Hero poses as fop to hide that he's the Falcon during Rev. war in Amer.

message 9: by Chloe (new) - added it

Chloe | 7 comments By golly, Dorothy you've got it :) OMG I have been searching for this book forever thank you! Wow I suck at remembering details though no wonder...

message 10: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy | 5 comments Chloe, you had the one detail that I needed - he was called the Falcon!

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