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SSR Journal #3 -- due by 2/14 at midnight

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message 1: by Erin (new)

Erin (eew5n) | 63 comments Mod
Ok, guys, time to get creative! For this weeks' post, I'm going to ask you to imagine that you are writing to someone or something in the book you're reading. You are going to write a love letter to this person or thing. You could also take on the persona of a character in your book writing to another character. For instance, can you tell someone in your book "loves" something or someone else? Well, write about it. Or, do you love a character or something in your book. Well, right to them. Here's a couple of examples, though yours should be longer.

Dear HeLa Cells-

You rock my world. No wait, you actually cover my world. I heard there are enough of your cells that you could wrap them around the world twice. I love how many of you there are! I relish the day when, under a microscope, I could see the fabulousness of your nucleus and DNA. There's a lot to love in one little cell: cures, vaccines, discoveries galore. HeLa cells, let me count the ways that I love your rapid expansion and complex story. I marvel at you. Be mine?


Dear Mom (as one character writing to another),

I never knew you, I only knew about you. But, everything I know about you makes me love you. People today write about your cells and everything they've done for science, but all I want to know about is how you took care of me and if you sang to me? I think, because your cells have done all these amazing things, you must have been an amazing mother. I love the lock of hair I've kept in your bible; I love every article published about you; I love that a part of you still lives today. I love you, or at least an image of you, but it's an image I can hold in a way that I never got to hold you.

Did you love me, too?

Have fun!

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric | 2 comments Poke,

You can't hide it. I know you're not a guy. From the moment you stood over me ready to crush my head I knew you were a girl, and I thought that would be the last thing I would think of before I died. But you didn't kill me, and maybe it was because of something. Maybe it was fate. Maybe God is still alive and is trying to saying something. I want to be more than just crew members. I don't want to share my throne alone. I love you, Poke, but we can never be together. Distractions such as love will get in the way of my survival. I was put in this world to fight, but answer this: Do you love me, too?


message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva | 6 comments Dear Mom,
I love you despite what Dad said about you. I know you would never abandon me. It's enough that Dad doesn't love me, so it would be unthinkable to think that God would have given me parents that don't even love me then take one away. I know you loved me. I don't remeber much before the accident, and your face is growing more clouded in my head each day, but I never meant to hurt you that day. I hope you can forgive me. You didn't deserve that. I wish you were still here. I miss you everyday and I love you more then anything. I wish you were still here.


message 4: by Raymond (new)

Raymond Porter | 6 comments Erin wrote: "Ok, guys, time to get creative! For this weeks' post, I'm going to ask you to imagine that you are writing to someone or something in the book you're reading. You are going to write a love letter..."

Dear "God",
I do not love you. I am what they call a non-believer. I was baptized in the Catholic church, and set out on the road of faith, but for whatever reason I diverged from that path very quickly. What I do love about you though, is the way you make people act. If you look back at almost all the great acts of man kind, they all seem to be driven by you. you alone, the one people will blindly believe in and do anything for. It is amazing how many have died because of you, killed because of you, and lived because of you. It almost makes me want to believe. You make people make themselves the best they can be. I think they need an excuse. They need something driving them, making them the best versions of themselves. And that is what you do, at least, that is all I can see you doing. For all I know you did make the universe. For all I know you are the father of man kind. But all that I can see of you, are the best parts of you shining through my neighbor, friend, brother, uncle, or father. And that is what I love. If it weren't for you, I believe this world would be a less god-like place.


message 5: by Brenda (new)

Brenda (greenmochi32) | 6 comments Dear Dr. Catpoop,
I hated you in the beginning of our sessions. I would always lie to you whenever you asked me how I was feeling. I disagreed with everything that you said to me, even though deep down inside of me, I knew that you were right. You said that I had some issues that I needed to solve. I said that I disagreed with you, but I found out later that you were right. To tell you the truth, I think that I was in denial. I realize now that I really do have problems. I need to get my life back together again. You have really helped me start realizing that I have a problem. I lied to you so much in the beginning, but in the end, I got tired of lying. Of being in denial that I have problems. So I started talking real to you. I should have been truthful with you in the beginning of our sessions.


message 6: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 5 comments Dear Sue,

Hear I am, standing, shoulder to shoulder with Death. It is a barren, dreadful, and bleak life, eternity, living in the same house as it. Golden gates; those fools. Blinding themselves and turning away from the disgusting truth. Oh, Sue. Those daisy-filled hopes and dreams we had. My heart, I left it with you, before gasping and shuddering for my last breaths. My loyalty; I built a shrine of it signifying my love for you in my poor, tortured heart. You didn't twist the knife as you left me, you yanked out the blade as you left with a man you've sworn you hated, leaving a gaping, torn hole, where the very spirit of me gushed out, increasing day by day as I go without you. You couldn't bother to live on just love love, huh? You didn't love me enough to die with me; at least then, we would be together. You didn't have faith in me, that we may have found a better life. I fought It back, truly, I held on to the last ribbon of what can only poorly be described as the love I had for you. The times you are scraping against Death and Danger to survive in currently are tricky times indeed; perhaps Fear and Despair will invade the breathing lungs of your spirit and slowly clog it, to move on with consuming your soul's very heart. I will watch, my dear Sue, with dry eyes which have long ago shed rivers full with black tears of bitterness.

Yours sincerely,

message 7: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Solorio | 6 comments Dear Blanca,
I feel that you are a very smart girl and would love to get to know the real you. You are kind hearted, smart, friendly, and very polite. I think you are a very genuine girl, like none I've ever seen. You are the only person I know who hasn't cursed at anybody and I find that pretty cool. You are sweet to the people and help your friends when they are in trouble or are being tormented by other people. You are a saint in my opinion. The way you go to church, dress up, and the fact that you carry a bible makes you look great to me. I hope I get to meet the real you soon. From someone who cares about you.


message 8: by Imani (new)

Imani (manigator) | 6 comments Dear Kate,
Its mommy, I want you too keep your head up hunny because in life, it easier to give up than keep pushing and trying. I hope you get to read this before your father gets to pick you up because I'm going to be gone for a while getting my self together, so make sure you read this letter. Tell your father to take your inhaler and medication. But Kate, I love you so much and will never stop. I want you to stay just the way you are because you a such an amazing daughter and Im sorry I don't tell you enough. So make sure you keep this letter when you home sick. I'll be home sooner than later.


message 9: by Tayanna (new)

Tayanna (ghostreader) | 6 comments Dear Mary, you are not alone and people do care about you like I do. I want to play games with you and read you stories to show you someone cares about a little girl like you. You are quite adorable with your yellow skin and have fair features not an ugly expression. If I were older I would be the mother that cared and watched over you to let you feel loved. The sweetest little that ever was. There is someone who loves and watches you from afar and that is me and it will always be. You are the little girl I care for the one that won't leave you alone for anyone else my little Mary doll.

The one that loves you from afar

message 10: by Geovanni (new)

Geovanni Morales (georocksfalldayeveryday) | 5 comments Dear Mom,
Its been so long since we were kidnapped. I miss being with you. I enjoyed reading playing and just all aroung being with you. You taught me to be brave just like Dad. I cant belive that in just a month or two i have forgotten the face of the woman that gave me life. I look forward to seeing you once again in the near future.


message 11: by Yazmin (new)

Yazmin Guzman | 7 comments Dear Lisbon sisters,
Tonight at the dance we had such and amazing time. Yes, we know that your parents are really strict and usually do not permit you to leave the house other than to go to school and to go to church or visit your grandparents( with your mother). we also know that all of you guys will probably not be trusted to be let out on any more dates because Lux has missed the curfew and also because we had to show up without her and she came home drunk. We also understand that we have taken you on your first dates. So to get to the point I really hope that we get to see you any time soon and that we hopefully can go out on another date... hope you have fun... although you will be at your house for a while and that everything gets better. The dance was tons of fun...
Sincerely, your dates :)

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Dear Ashley,
I know it's been a while since we got separated and put in different homes. But I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. I don't really like it here with the other kids. I wish they hadn't put us in different homes. I just want you to be here with me to comfort me because I'm lonely and lost without your guidance, sometimes late at night I go to the other rooms to look for you. I hope your well. I miss you and love you.

message 13: by Miyah (new)

Miyah (mdunlap) | 6 comments Dear Stanley,
I only wish I could have said goodbye. I only wish I had said something when I knew something was wrong. I only wish I hadn't been distracted by what used to be my favorite show, "Family Feud". It hasn't been the same since you've died. I can't even take a small look at it. If I could take that whole night back and play it out differently, I would have. I really miss you. This whole house is so empty, a whole bed to myself, no children, only loneliness. I keep trying to figure out the significance of what you wrote on the wall the day you died. "IT". It makes me shiver every time I think of it. It haunts me every night before I go to bed, as the image of you after you died does. I just don't understand. What happened? I have so many questions that can never be answered by you. All I know is my love will remain with you forever, and I will never forget you even after death. I hope everything's nice up there in heaven. I hope to join you when it's time. Until then, I can only say I love you forever and always.


message 14: by Kody (new)

Kody Strandberg | 3 comments Dear artificially made sapphire,
I'm sorry to hear that you were stolen and are going to be used for terrorism. But I just want you to know that I will always love you, because your worth billions of dollars that could inevitably make me insanely rich, well if you belonged to me of course...But lets focus on the bright side, at least your able to say, "I had no choice, the bad man forced me into a laser." So despite the fact your going to be used for a deadly laser to attack America, just remember you wont be judged. Unless the United States happens to get ahold of the laser before things get out of hand, you probably will get obliterated so that this situation won't ever pose a threat again. Now if you somehow get put into a museum for everybody to look at, you can count on me to be there to spend some time together and dream of what life would have been like. Who knows, maybe even I will steal you one of these days, and then I'll become filthy stinking rich! Until that day comes, stay well and try not to get scratched.
sincerely, Kody

message 15: by Robert (new)

Robert Zhou | 4 comments Dear Zombies,
I know your brains are hardly functional and you guys probably can't read this letter, but I would like to give my opinion of you. First of all, I think you guys are fun to go against in video games but not in real life. Second, if I had the ammunition, I would go on a zombie hunting spree with a machine gun, a pistol, a knife, a 4-wheel drive war vehicle, and a crowbar. One last thing, though your existence is not appreciated nor liked by me or many earthly individuals, I will consider the fact that you do make life more fun. Thank you.
A thankful yet hateful civilian.

message 16: by Jerald (last edited Feb 14, 2011 10:36PM) (new)

Jerald | 6 comments Dear Captain Hunter,
I do not fear a pirate eye but I do fear monsters that love you too much. People follow your orders and your crew loves their captain. Even though you are a bad person, in a good way you’re still a captain who seeks out treasure and leads your ship and crew on their journey. I like the way you don’t hesitate to use violence and threats to reach your main goals. You and I have a “love hate” relationship, I love to hate you but I hate those loyal pirates that love you. In return I know that you would love to kill me but also at the same time you hate to see me going after your treasure. I wanted you to know that I respect you for your bravery against the face of challenges and living your life on the edge of the sword. What you do on the high seas is not necessarily right in the eyes of the law but is the right thing to do to survive and to help others. Your crew respect you greatly while at the same time your enemies fear you. In a way that makes you a great leader of men and someone who makes his own rules in this tough world. I too hope to be just like you and be able to learn from you so that I can face the tough road of challenges ahead of me. I hope you continue your journey in finding and seeking this buried treasure.



message 17: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo | 2 comments Dear shiny piece of metal,
You have helped me get through all of the most challenging situations in my life. My daddy leaving my brother and I in the care of our grandmother, my mother becoming insane and having to leave us for good, and having to grow with the knowledge that I was also bipolar and could burst out into a maniac moment at any time. The only thing I regret is how I don't know any other way to express any feelings I may have other than by drawing on myself with you. Those sharp little lines that ooze out with that bright red liquid. Although Tony is teaching me how love is really expressed, and what it really is for that matter, I have learned that love is not expressed by cutting one's self, but by sharing the feeling and the affection with the person we truly love. I love you too, but I don't want to have to depend on you for the rest of my life. I hope we can have some less dramatic future encounters.


message 18: by Brian (new)

Brian | 6 comments Dear Mom,
I'm not sure why you left me and dad, but I hope you know I still love you despite what you did to me. You'll never understand how your departure has affected my life. I know it's kind of late to tell you this now, considering the fact that youree gone, but I still hope maybe you can see me writing this letter from up there. I just don't understand why you would just up and leave the way you did. You were always so easy going and happy. I guess I'll never know but still. I'm almost at youre grave now and I hope to find a few more answers there.


message 19: by Roger (new)

Roger Krupetsky | 3 comments Dear Alaska,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything that's happened to you. From your mother dying, to the accident. I'm sorry for all of it, and I wish it never happened, but at the same time, I don't. All those things are a part of you. A part of your amazing personality. In fact, the only thing I'm really sorry for, is that I couldn't get to know you better. You were perfect. You were everything I ever wanted to be. You were outgoing, sarcastic, smart, reckless, and most of all, Alaska. Theres just no other way to describe you. I wish I could have told you all this sooner, perhaps even on that night. Maybe it would have made a difference. Maybe you wouldn't have died.


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