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SSR Journal #3 -- due by 2/14 at midnight

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Erin (eew5n) | 63 comments Mod
Ok, guys, time to get creative! For this weeks' post, I'm going to ask you to imagine that you are writing to someone or something in the book you're reading. You are going to write a love letter to this person or thing. You could also take on the persona of a character in your book writing to another character. For instance, can you tell someone in your book "loves" something or someone else? Well, write about it. Or, do you love a character or something in your book. Well, right to them. Here's a couple of examples, THOUGH YOURS SHOULD BE LONGER.

Dear HeLa Cells-

You rock my world. No wait, you actually cover my world. I heard there are enough of your cells that you could wrap them around the world twice. I love how many of you there are! I relish the day when, under a microscope, I could see the fabulousness of your nucleus and DNA. There's a lot to love in one little cell: cures, vaccines, discoveries galore. HeLa cells, let me count the ways that I love your rapid expansion and complex story. I marvel at you. Be mine?


Dear Mom (as one character writing to another),

I never knew you, I only knew about you. But, everything I know about you makes me love you. People today write about your cells and everything they've done for science, but all I want to know about is how you took care of me and if you sang to me? I think, because your cells have done all these amazing things, you must have been an amazing mother. I love the lock of hair I've kept in your bible; I love every article published about you; I love that a part of you still lives today. I love you, or at least an image of you, but it's an image I can hold in a way that I never got to hold you.

Did you love me, too?

Have fun!

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Tyler W. | 6 comments Dear Ring Of Power,

You don't know me , but I know you. I know that you are very special and many people want you. I love the way you glisten in the radiant sunlight, shinning a beautiful gold. I love how when I wear you it's just you and me. No one else. Oh how I love you ring of power! Won't you be Mine?

Your secret admirer

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Nathaniel (nmcguiga) | 6 comments Dear Julia Evans,

You do not know me, but I know you. I know you are the most beautiful woman on the planet and many people would want to be around you. You are the most influential person to have ever worked for Event Horizon and I admire you for that. It is really amazing how someone like you can accomplish so many things at such a young age of nineteen years old , from helping young workers get better wages, getting rid of nuclear waste, helping the economy, and even in solving the mystery of the murder of Dr. Edward Kitchener.

My love for you is more powerful than the radiant heat of a thousand suns. Your beauty shines upon everyone which has more men have more eyes on you than the sun when kids stare up at it for fun. Even though I never knew as a friend, I only knew about you. Everything that I have ever heard of you and have seen you done makes me love you more and more and more.

You are the subject of my mind. Every time I hear news of your accomplishments I feel very proud of you. My dreams to make contributions to science is nothing compared to all that you have contributed to society. Oh how I cannot get you off my mind. You are the subject of my existence, my reason to live, my reason to contribute in the known sciences, and you lie in the center of my life.

Your secret

P.S. Please enjoy the heart shaped chocolates I sent you.

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Evan Derheim | 6 comments Dear Tyler,
You're everything I want to be. I am secretly envious of every last one of your actions. There's a coolness about you that I can't capture and make my own, however I try and gradually hope to become you. Thank you for everything you've taught me. You have made me who i am. You are the biggest influence on me. There's something about you that is appealing.
-Your infatuated friend

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Tyler F. | 4 comments Dear Lindy,

I wanted to tell you that I know that you hate me right now. You have ever right to because I took you away from your father but I thougt you would have a better life with me. Your father gave you to me because I caught him breaking in to my green house and he didn't want me to call the police especially because he was high when I caught him. I really hope that you can forgive me for what I have done. I want to know you better although I am scared of what you will think of me. I think you could be the one who could change me back but I hope that you like your room and your roses.


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David | 6 comments Dear Time Machine,

You make me stop in my tracks whenever I see you and you can also make everything stop in their tracks. You are very beautiful, breath taking, and when I’m with you time stands still and makes it feel like the moment will last forever. When I’m with you I can move freely through the fourth dimension. Nothing else can make me feel this way with your beautiful nickel, ivory, and crystal parts. When we went through time I had a life experience because of you. You have opened my eyes and shown me the future world which was sadly disappointing, but it wasn’t your fault. I hope that we can continue to go on many journeys together.

-Time Traveler

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Stella Price (stellamarieprice) | 7 comments Dear David,

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Stella Price (stellamarieprice) | 7 comments Dear David,

Though we are not good together I know that we love each other very much. You introduced me to a whole world of religion and prayer and gave me something to believe in,so much that I am in a Ashram in India worshiping our Guru. I want you to know that I care about you deeply and though I have found someone else I think about you constantly. I hope when I return to New York we can be friends and go to Yogi events together and become closer as friends. I hope you find someone new and she makes you as happy as you made me.
Lots of love,

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Amber Cato | 5 comments Dear , You

You have always been there for me , and because of you I'm so addicted to you . I can never get enough of your sweet loving ! Hoping to see you my love ! Your always where I want to be , and if I can just hold you , feel you again . Would be the greatest feeling in the world. Just cant stead how much I need you ;)

Love Ambie
p.s Im still not over you

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Shawn Spikes | 2 comments Dear Tyrone, How is it to be in that school. I bet it cool because you get to see everyone problems and put them into to poetry. Hopefully you and christine can work things out and come to an undrstanding. Well have fun and keep making good poetry Shawn Spikes

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Gabe Connor Dear Iggy Pop,

I idolize your being. From the crazy stage antics to the humor to the wild backstage demeanor, you're the epitome of youthfulness in punk. This doesn't mean I could be you. We are two different personalities with slightly different mindsets. We share philosophies. We are disdainful to many establishments, and are passionate about many of the same aspects of our lives. But, saying it short, I wouldn't become a speed freak or vomit on stage as part of a shtick or performance. Weirdly enough we were both tied to split lives as teenagers. We are clean cut and dignified in our own ways but spurt on edgy, line-crossing and statement making qualities. You weren't the total "rebel" or "mischief maker" in high school, and neither am I. However, you weren't the most responsible or succumbing to whatever authority, as I am. I question everything, and stand up to whatever is being thrown at me. In a way, these are split lives, perceived differently in the eyes of others. Teachers think I am articulate and witty, but notice I don't do certain assignments when unmotivated or not challenged. Friends notice my intellectual capabilities yet point out my eccentricities, such as weird, disobeying and somewhat provocative characteristics as a silent "f--k you" or message to whatever that stands in the way of my individuality or voice. The question of my split personalities now for me is: how do they meet and run together? They are starting to now, as I am connecting these two aspects in myself as an academic prompt. My selves are colliding. It's beautiful and twisted and somewhat dangerous in it's own way. In your case, from reading "Please Kill Me" I've gathered that you abandoned most of the clean lived teenage life to live on the ambiguous fringe that is R & R. You were a heroin addict for a while, got syphillis, and did a lot of experimental stuff that can be harmful to whatever reputation you had. But as I've learned, screw reputation. Be who you are. I may not become a desperate lived addict that is on the contrary a Rock n' Roll prodigy, but it's time that everyone get's the full picture, and whether that process of discovering and building it all together in the eyes of everyone is rough, it's well worth it. It's a part of growing up, and reconciling with myself. Of course, I won't loose any one bit of my edge.

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Miguel (mperez3) | 6 comments Dear LeAllan,

We have been really good friends for a long time and have not separated. I really appreciate how you have been there when I needed help wiht personal problems. I would also do the same for you when you need help. In writting the book "Our America" which was agreat success I am glad I wrote this book with you. It's a good thing that you were there with me when we were trying to get a message to the public. Also when we investigated shorties murder and wrote of our neighborhood when growing. I am just glad to have you as my best friend and I think of you more like a brother. I will always be there in the good, sad and bad times.

Sincerely, Lloyd

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Thegreenhornet | 5 comments Erin wrote: "Ok, guys, time to get creative! For this weeks' post, I'm going to ask you to imagine that you are writing to someone or something in the book you're reading. You are going to write a love letter..."

Dear Anya,
these months past have been difficult for all of us, the sinking of jacinto has left all of us in danger, the locust survivors are ravaging us, and every night i pray for your survival. col. hoffman promised me that he would look after you, and the rest of delta will check up on you as often as they can. i have to tell you, i wont be able to see you. i need you to know that i will always be thinking of you, but the locust dont care about our feelings for each other. take care of yourself, stay safe, stay warm.
Marcus Fenix.

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Laura Watson | 6 comments dear my love,
your amazing. but why do you come now when you know it cant work out between us. its been so hard for me to not think of you every day in school, and every night be for i fall asleep on my pillow. your my everything, you cant just go and leave me like this. you cant move away from me. you just cant.. i do not know how to live on with my life if you go. please hun, im telling from the very bottom of my heart, i LOVE you. yes, its true. those words finally came out of my lips. you mean the world to me. wait, no, you mean the intire universe to me. there is a lot of passion with us and you know this, so do not be afraid to write me back. i would love if you did sweatheart. please do so when you can. we shall talk more when possible.
with all the love in the world,
Laura C. Watson

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Genesis Valle | 6 comments Dear Ethan,
I love you. You are the only person who makes me feel whole. You don't judge me for my past or my present. Not only are you my love but you're my best friend. You do things like give me rides to school and make sure I'm happy. You have a special place in my heart that cannot be filled by another. I hope to continue our relationship, and just know that whatever happens we'll make it through. Thank you for all that you've done,you're a wonderful person who is caring, loving person.

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Zoe Ryan | 6 comments Dear Rose,

I love you. I've only known you for a day, but I love you. If getting a tattoo of you on my arm doesn't prove my love, I don't know what does. I think you love me too, we had such an amazing time last night, and when we kissed on the golf course I really felt a connection. I hope you did too, I know you're not good for me at all. That's why I had to walk away last night. I'm so in love with you and seeing you flirt and give the same look you gave me, to someone else.... made me jealous. Then while walking home I realized I didn't care, that I love you and nothing can change that.

Be my valentine?

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Helen | 6 comments Dear Jesse
I don’t know if you know this but you’re probably one of the only guys (even though you’re dead) that I really like. Sure I know we really didn’t get off on the right foot with the whole you living in me bedroom where I sleep but know I come to see that I really like you. I wish I could tell you how I feel about u but it never seems to come out. I’m not sure if you feel the same way because all the time when I feel we have are moments (mainly when you’re always helping me out) something happens like if a memory of something stops you in your tracks. I’m not quite sure if that has to do with the story of your past life and the reason why your still in the land of the living. I have already gone out with other guys granted that they were the guys that I have saved that had to do with my job but even though I was with them sort of for a little bit I would always think about you. so I guess I’m just writing this letter to tell you that I have feeling for you and I what you to know that.

message 18: by Alex (new)

Alex | 6 comments Dear Holden Caulfield,

I am so glad to hear from you again. I remember how we used to hangout a lot and we were such good friends. I would love to reconnect with you again. I hope that we can rekindle our relationship and be together once more. I blush as I say this, but I think I am in love with you. I hope you enjoyed the little gift that I sent you, I made it just for you. Anyway, we'll see once we meet. I hope to see you very soon!

Sally Hayes

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Luca | 6 comments Dear, Shane
I hate you. You don't deserve anyone to love you. Your self centered and don't listen to anyone else except yourself. Your not at all sensitive, you didn't even go to Marry's funeral! I hired you at my job at put a recommendation for you and you screwed all that up. You slept in the bathroom for hours daily then come back to your cubicle and pretend nothing happened. Also you made fun of the handicapped veteran. Even though it cost me my reputation I'm glad they fired you. I'm glad they fired you. I hate you.
Love, Gwen

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Selena Martinez | 6 comments Dear strange girl
Today i saw you strange girl, walk into my house like if it was yours or something but the only thing i could focus on is on your dirty hair, your stained dress, your beautiful piercing green eyes. Especially when Gabriela took you in and gave you a shower and that long gown to go to sleep. You were are clean and just looking so beautiful. Even though i don't even know you and you sort of came out of no where i still look at you and you look so beautiful and i don't know how many times i can say that i think im falling in love with you and hopefully you can read this you cant speak but i know you can read or at least you can try. But, i just want to say i love you and i care for you and even though i just met you a couple of hours ago this feeling that im filling i got to tell you some how...
so yeah thats all i have to say and hopefully you'll like it but yeah ill talk to you soon
Your secret admirer...
ps: you are so hot and i really love you once more!!!!!

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Sheden | 6 comments Dear Jessie,

message 22: by Sheden (new)

Sheden | 6 comments Dear Jessie
I love how you go out with your mother at night to go help kids or adults in need. Going to school in the day and helping in the night. You would make a good doctor some day, when you are older. Every time i think of you, i see this wonderful girl, who is caring for others. I know your mother must be proud of you helping her out on her night jobs, i would. One day i can see you become a strong independent woman.

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