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Hey! Lily here, with the Feb. 2011 contest. The genre, is "Fan-Fiction" Limit one entry per person and 10,000 word limit. Any kind may be submitted...except, Twilight. I am a HATER of Twilight and proud of it. :)

No, I will NOT be judging the contests. My lovely sister Kaza will!! So, yes, I will be entering. And yes, it will be impartial. I will copy ALL the entries into Microsoft Word, and she will be reading them. Ha,ha Kaza is not allowed to have a GR account since she is ten years old, so she will never know who actually won!


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Esther (essie7198) | 14 comments heyyy!!! i hate twilight also!! to the extreme!!

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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) What if your sister hasn't read the books?

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Trust me, she has. What book are you planning on?

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Oh my gosh I hate Twilight too! I already love this group...

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I don't think I actually have any friends that like Twilight...

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Here's my entry!! 1st entry, oh yaa!!

Name: Nineteen Years Later
Rating: PG, I guess, maybe G, depends...
Word Count: 322
Genre: Poetry
Summary: A fan fiction poem of what happens to Harry after Voldemort dies.

Is only
The next great adventure
To the well organised mind
--Albus Dumbledore

Sometimes I wonder
Is it better down there?
Is his version of death?
Did they forgive him?

Sometimes I wonder
Would we be where we are?
Would I have her?
Would we be here?

Sometimes I wonder
Would they have arrived?
Would we have named them the way we did?
Would they all have died?

Sometimes I wonder
Is it all my fault?
They are all gone
Remus, Fred, Sirius, James, Lily

Sometimes I wonder
If they hadn’t died
Would it be this way?
I never knew them

Sometimes I wonder
Is even seven years enough?
That’s how long I knew him
Just seven years

Sometimes I wonder
If he hadn’t been caught
Would he be dead?
Would he still be alive?

Sometimes I wonder
If I hadn’t been born then
If they hadn’t defied the Dark Lord
Would it all be different?

So many are gone
So much has changed
As I look over and see Ginny.
See James. See Albus. See Lily.

And sometimes I wonder
Will the power ever come back?
And that’s why I look at Albus
One last time, before he boards the train

Wave one last time
Look one last time
And that’s when I see it
It’s in his eyes

Sometimes I wonder
Did he really mean to do it all?
Does he still love me?
Did he order them to kill her?

Sometimes I wonder
I look one last time
At my son, my beloved son
He holds a wand.

Albus Severus Potter
He may hate me
But I still love him
However faraway he becomes

He raises the wand
I see him speak the words
The flash of green light
And all goes black

Of course
It is happening inside your head, Harry
But why on earth should we believe
That it is not real?
--Albus Dumbledore

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I'm actually writing an HP fanfiction right now, but it's like a full on book for one (so it's too long), and I have 2 co-writers who don't have GR accounts (so that's also probably counted as cheating).

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Same here this is just the poem version.

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That's actually a really good idea, making a poem version. But since doing that would totally be ripping you off, I'll just make a poem FF of another book series. If I can think of one XD

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Lily*rest in peace, doyle* wrote: "Trust me, she has. What book are you planning on?"

Percy Jackson

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She's read it..

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Okay, cool.

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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Name: Tale of Two Sisters
Genre: Fiction/Religon/Mytholigy
Rating: T (Later chapters)
App. Word Count: 2,683
Summary: Alana and Mikaelya can see things no one else can. But when an attack reveals they have much more than extended sight, they must rely on two strange boys and their own friendship to stay alive.

We sat on one of the benches placed randomly in the park, around us people rushed by, talking on cell phones and pulling little kids behind them. I was telling Mikaelya about my mom’s singing tour in Europe. “Did you even hear a word I just said?” I asked. Mika tore her eyes away from the two boys standing by one of the apartment building across the street.
Her dark auburn hair was pulled back into a pony tail, almost hiding her purple streak. We had been friends since kindergarten, but I never got why she hung out with me. She was beautiful and popular. The one all the guy’s wanted and all the girls wanted to be. And I was the practically orphaned, half crazy loner girl.
“Yeah,” she said, taking a swig from her bottle of grape juice. “Something about getting those two to ask us to dinner, right?”
“We have to keep moving, we can’t spend all day in this town,” I said. If we spent too much time in one place things found us. That was why we went on the run in the first place. Of cores Mika’s mom thought we were on tour with mine and my mom didn’t really notices if I was gone.
Mikaelya hated passing up and opportunity with boys, but she knew I was right. I looked back across the street and had to admit she knew how to pick them. One of the boys had dark brown skin and dreadlocks, he looked like he spent most his time in the gym. His arms were full of muscle and his white shirt clung to his chest, showing off an eight-pack.
The other was equally as hot, just in a different way. He had short brown hair that stuck up in spikes and a full tan. He looked like one of the guys you would see on Mikaelya’s mom’s vineyard— tall, thin, but still muscular. He wore khakis and a blue shirt that hung open over a white under shirt.
I was about to comment when something else caught my eye. A woman walked down the sidewalk, she wore jeans and a black t-shirt. The woman looked like any other except the large eagle wings that sprouted out her back and the milky white eyes that scanned the streets. Looking for us.
Mika must have seen her too, because her light skin went even paler. “Alana, I think we should go,” she said, her voice weak.
I nodded and tossed my book bag over my shoulder; we stood up and mixed in with the crowd. As soon as the eagle-woman was out of sight, Mika became her regular self again. She rambled on about anything and everything. Her mom’s vineyard came up a lot; I knew Mikaelya missed her mom, more than my mom would ever miss me and vice versa. She talked about the new wines her mom was making and the consequences of over-oaking. I had just zoned her out when she cried, “Oh my god! I think they followed us.”
I looked over to where she was pointing and saw the two guys from before, “Mikaelya, remember what else follows us?”
Her hand dropped and she squinted at them, “They look human.”
It was still an odd thought, non-human, but it was the only explanation. The things chasing us weren’t human. As if to prove my point, the eagle-woman swooped down and landed in the street. I didn’t know why we were the only ones who saw her, maybe we were both just crazy. Or maybe… maybe we weren’t human, as well. But that was a thought I tried to keep out of my head. Mika and I shared a look, and then darted into the alley next to us. We took two lefts and a right and found ourselves at a dead end.
From behind us, we heard the eagle-woman calling, “Come out, come out, where ever you are. I promise I’ll eat you quickly.”
Mika and I looked around for something to arm ourselves. I picked up a few baseball-sized rocks that littered the alley, and Mika found a broken beer bottle in a pile of rubble. If we were going down, we would die fighting. The eagle-woman rounded the corner, and I threw the first rock. It erupted into flame the second it left my hand and hit the eagle-woman in the head, singeing her hair and knocking her back a few inches. She screeched, and her eyes narrowed in on me.
“You’ll pay for that, sun child.”
I didn’t have time to wonder what made the rocks burst into flames; I just kept throwing them, each one hitting home. But then I ran out. The eagle-woman took it to her advantage and flew at me, knocking me back ten feet, into the brick wall. My head hit hard and I fell to the ground in a crumbled pile.
“Alana!” Mikaelya called, running towards me. She got maybe three feet before she doubled over and clutched her head, screaming. Grape vines shot up through the ground at the eagle-woman’s feet, entangling her. The eagle-woman started scratching and tearing at the vines, but they engulfed her.
Mika fell to the ground where she was, unconscious. I looked at her, then at the vines, then at the burnt rocks. This could not be happening. It had to be some crazy, messed up dream. But then the idea slipped back into my head. I was too tired, too weak, to fight it off. We were not human. And to make matters worse, I just noticed the two boys standing in the alley.

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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) When I woke up, I wasn’t in the alley anymore, but a small room. It had floral wall paper and smelled like bleach, I had traveled enough to know a hotel room when I see it. I sat up quickly and a hand push me back down. Beside me was a boy with brown spiked hair and bright green eyes; a silver vine-like earring twisted down the side of each ear. I instantly recognized him as one of the boy’s from before. “Where’s Mikaelya?” I asked, “If she’s hurt I’m going to kill you.”
The boy laughed, “Not in that state you’re not. Don’t worry, she’s fine. She just used up a lot of energy.” He moved aside so I could see Mika lying on a cot on the other side of the small room. “It was risky using your powers like that, untrained I mean.” There was something about the boy, the way he moved, the way he talked, that reminded me of fall.
“What are you talking about?”
The boy clicked his tongue. “You don’t know yet, do you?” when I just stared blankly at him he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “I’ve never been good at this… okay, you know about the Greek god’s and stuff, right?”
“Like Zeus, and Poseidon, and Hades?”
The boy looked kind of relieved, “Yes. You see, they, and all the other god’s, have kids with mortals and the kids get these powers, like their god parent only less.”
“So? What does that have to do with Mikaelya and me?”
The boy growled in frustration, “Never mind, someone’ll tell you later.” I wanted to ask what he was talking about, but at that moment the door behind him opened and the other boy walked in.
“You’re awake,” he said. It took all my self control not to “duh” him. “Finely, I was getting tired of listening to you talk in your sleep.” He looked at me as if waiting for me to say sorry; I didn’t so he turned to the green eyed boy. “I just Iris Messaged Mr. D. He said good job and--”
“Mr. D said good job?”
The black guy shrugged, “It was implied. Anyways, he said to get them to camp as soon as we can. Four of us walking around would get too much attention.”
I sat up, this time I was allowed to, and tried to stand, but my leg burned as if it were on fire. I groaned and sat back down. “Easy,” the green eyed boy said, “You’re not fully healed yet.” I looked down to see my leg wrapped up in gauze and ace bandage, the pant leg of my jeans was rolled up above my knee. “That harpy put up a Hades of a fight. You’re lucky, not many can take on one and come back with that small of an injury. And you haven’t even been properly trained yet.” The boy looked expressed, but there was a lot of curiosity in his eyes, too.
“What the hell—” I started, but movement on the other cot got my attention. I rushed over to Mika, putting as little presser as I could on my injured leg, and knelt beside her. “Mikaelya?”
Her eyes fluttered open and she looked around. “Two hot guys are looking at me,” she mumbled then gowned. “I think I have a hangover.”
I sighed and laughed a little, relived she was alright. “Come on, we’re going.” I tried to pull her to her feet, but she just sat on the bed. Then her eyes lit up.
“Hay, you’re the guys from earlier.” she paused for a second the jumped to her feet, “What happed? Where are we? Where’s the eagle-woman-thing?”
The green eyed boy stepped forward, “It’s okay, the harpy’s gone. My name’s Daniel and this is Demetri,” he said nodding to the other boy, “We were sent to get you. We’re going to take you somewhere safe.” he talked slowly, like he was talking to a shaken up animal that might attack at any moment.
“We’re not going anywhere with you,” I said, standing in front of Mika. We couldn’t trust them, even if bandaged us up. They could have been crazy, murderess psychos.
“Honestly,” Daniel asked, “Where else do you have to go?”
And as much as I hated it, he was right. We had no place to go and staying out here would most likely end with both Mikaelya and I dead. And there was something in me that whispered we wound be fine, that we could trust them. “Okay then, where are we going?”
Demetri smirked, flipping a thick gold coin, “Camp Half-blood.”

Now if I saw two boys caring beat up, knocked out girls, I would have called the cops. So I have no clue how they were able to waltz into a hotel, that was basically a casino, and get a room. But they did.
The lobby of the hotel was decorated with card tables and slot machines, on ones side of the room was a full out wet bar. Men smoked and drank as they talked and gambled, not paying us much mind. Mika and I fallowed Daniel and Demetri over to the bar where a big man was cleaning glasses. He had short brown hair and a bushy beard.
“We’re checking out,” Demetri told the bartender.
The man looked at his watch and spoke in a heavy German accent, “Three hours, one hundred dollars.”
Demetri was about to pay the man when I caught his arm. “Wait,” I said, breaking out my best German, “I’ll play for the rooms.” I pointed to the dartboard on the side wall. “If I get three bulls eyes from across the room it’s free.”
The man smiled down at me, both amused and a bit surprised, “And when you don’t?”
I bit my lip. I couldn’t be rash, but it was impassable for me to turn down a challenge, “Double or nothing.”
“All right, girl,” He said switching back to English, “You got yourself a deal.” The man handed me a set of darts and walked to the other end of the room.
“What are you doing?” Daniel asked
“Something that’s probably extremely stupid.” I said, then closed my eyes and threw the first dart. When I heard the light thwack of the tip hitting the cork, I threw the next dart, and then the next. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, everyone was staring at me and I mean everyone.The men had stopped playing cards, the bartender’s eyes grew two inches and the boys had their mouths hanging open, the only one who didn’t looked shocked was Mikaelya. I looked at the dartboard and remembered how to exhale. The darts had formed a triangle in the center of the triple bull’s eye.
“Alana, you just…” Demetri started, but stopped and looked the dartboard then back at me.
Daniel was just as stunned, “With your eyes closed.”
Mika crossed her arms and muttered “Showoff” under her breath. The crowd broke out in applause and someone asked if I had ever been to nationals.
The bar man shook his head, “You are imposable, girl. Go on.” He pointed to the door, “Just don’t come back or I’ll be bankrupted.”
“Danke, lebewohl.” I told the bartender, and then turned to Daniel and Demetri. “Come on guys,” I said, linking my arm through Mika’s, “Don’t we have a camp to get to?”
When we were outside the hotel Daniel turned to me, “You know German?”
“And French,” Mika said in a bored voice, “and Italian. She spent a summer in Europe on her mom’s tour.” I elbowed her and she shut up.
Demetri’s eyes widened as we stepped out into the sunlight and Daniel groaned. “Great. What’s she doing here? I thought we ditched her.” I looked down the street where the two boys were looking. Walking towards us was a girl that looked a few years older than me; she wore a white skirt and a pink jacket. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a low pony tail and her gray eyes looked at us accusingly.
She walked up to the guys and crossed her arms. “And just where were we?”
Daniel glared back at her, “Let’s see, maybe doing a quest while someone was trying to get a tan?”
Demetri laughed. “Think you got enough sun?” He asked noting her bright pink face, just a few shades lighter that her jacket.
“Oh, shut up,” she said then looked at Mika and me. “So you’re them? The ‘two lost girls’?” She looked us up and down, “I was expecting someone more… powerful. You don’t look that smart, either.”
Mika balled up her fist, “Oh, yeah, pinkie? Bring it.” Her eyes started turning a dark purple-red, like they did when she got really mad. I had no doubt Mikaelya could take this girl, seeing how she was a black-belt in both karate and jujitsu.
I was just about to tell the girl to run when a shadow passed over us. I looked up at five winged horses that were swooping down to the street. “What on earth are those?”
The pink-skinned girl rolled her eyes, “You really are dumb, aren’t you? It’s a Pegasus.” She mounted on of the horses side-saddle style then looked at the boys, “Let’s go already.”
“Is she always like that?” I asked Demetri as he helped me mount one of the horses.
“Danae? Only when she’s awake.”
“I prefer her sleeping,” Daniel said as he helped Mikaelya onto another horse.
Riding flying horses was one of the weirdest things I ever experienced, and that’s saying something, but in no time at all the cities were behind us and we were flying over trees and mountains. Mikaelya had fallen asleep again and Danae was flying ahead. I turned to Daniel, who flanked me on the right, “What did Danae mean about the two lost girls?”
“You’ll be told everything when we get to camp.”
“And how much longer will that be.”
“Not much, we’re here.” He said, pointing to a clearing in the trees. A large group of people gathered as our Pegasuses swooped into a landing near a big blue house. Some had bows and quivers and others had swords and spears.
Yeah, I thought, way better that staying on the streets.

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Jade♪☠ Name:Ugiles fanfiction
Word count
Summary:All katy wants to do is become a pretty and hang with her friends in new pretty town. However, when she goes to get her operation, she find she going to be a special.
Katy woke and streched. It was finally her birthday. She had been looking to this day almost all her life she was finally going to become a pretty. All her friends had already been turned into pretties and now it was finally her turn. She had packed the night before and put on some clothes. She walked out of her room. She had many memories here of pulling impossible pranks that she had planed. Whenever Katy pulled a prank everyone was always amazed at how she pulled it off. A hover car picked up Katy and took her to the hospital. Katy went into the operating room and she fell asleep for the operation.
Katy woke up and there was a doctor by her bed. "Hand me a mirror! I want to see my pretty face." said Katy. "Katy, there something I should tell you before I hand you a mirror."Said the doctor. Katy saw a mirror on the wall. She rushed over to it and looked inside but she didn't see a pretty face. She saw someone with a hard, sharp face with cold eyes. "Katy,"Said the doctor,"We didn't turn you into a pretty, we made you into a special. We monitor ugly dorms to see which ones are going to be the best specials." "No,"said Katy in disbelief,"I can't be a special. Special don't exist. I'm supposed to be in New pretty Town with my friends. This is a dream!" "No Katy, this is not a dream and Specials do in fact, exist. You are a Special, Katy."

Lexphie (The Animal Lover) Name: Hunger Games FanFiction
Rating: pg
Word count: idk sorry
Sumary: Lexi and her best friend Zane do evereything together. They go to reaping day together fearing the worst. Lexi gets chosen and so does Zane. In the arena they struggle to keep eacjothere alive when only one may win, who will die and who will win?

Zane and I have been friends since we were three. We were always best friends since then. People have warned us we shouldn't be friends in fear of the reaping. They said it would be to hard if we were both chosen. I now know we should have listened, but here we were in the train going to the Capitol for the annual hunger games. We tried to stay positive and live our last week before the games to the fullest. But it is very hard when all you are thinking about is being sent to fight to the death.
Our days dragged on. The interviews, stylists, and fancy rooms were nice, but I would have rather lived with no roof than go to the hunger games with my best friend.
We didn't talk much, for there was nothing to say. But we did stay next to each other night and day.
It was finally here. The day no one wants to come. After being prepared one last time by the prep teams, we were sent to the capsules that would take us to the arena. Zane and I had decided to stay together and run as far as we could and stay there for the entire games, not caring if someone would find us. Zane always said he would make me win. But I ignored him. My duty throughout the games was to make sure he was safe.
When the bell sounded we took off running through the forest landscape. I found a site next to a pond. There was a cave nearby as well in case off rain. When we were running I managed to snag some food from the cornucopia. I made a meal. We ate and listened to the many cannon shots fired. Not late after sunset the screen came on, it announced that there was only four tributes left. A record kills in one day. I had to step up now and protect Zane. He would win the games. The next day I woke up and said I was going hunting. Well I wasn't completely lying, I was just hunting the other tributes. I came across them in a camp. The boy saw me and came charging, the girl vanished. I dug my knife deep in the boys stomach. As I did I felt a blow to my head. The girl had snuck behind me and stabbed me with an arrow. I blindly cut the air with my knife hoping I could hit her. I felt her behind me and threw the knife before a collapsed. She fell to the ground dead. Zane was safe. He had won. I let myself slip away in to darkness feeling a moment of pride for I had just saved my best friend. The games could never harm him again.

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When are these due by, and when will the results be in? (Just out of curiosity)

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They are due in the end of February (AKA, Feb. 28th is the last day) I should have results in within the next week or so of that.

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Alrighty thanks so much!

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Your sis must be a good reader...

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Yeah she is she loves to read...

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Esther (essie7198) | 14 comments Name: Silver Sequence Fanfiction
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1011
Summary: A/N i haven't read the series in a while so this might not be entirely accurate, but i did my best... and i didn't really know how the Roar ate people, cuz it doesn't really say anything about it in the book... sooo... enjoy anyway...
Milo. Hellen. Walter. Thomas. Emily & Freda. The main characters of the Silver Sequence, but what about the people that didn't survive through the Roar? Those that died?

“So... Tired...” A girl with hair that used to fall gently in little brown waves up to her shoulder, but now was tangled and covered in dirt, said.
“I... Know...” A boy with messy black hair that looked exactly the same as he used to, only his hair was filled with dirt and matted.
“Why are we even going that way?” She said falling to a sit on the ground, arms folded, refusing to move.
“I don’t know... I just have this feeling... you know?”
She rolled her eyes. “Of course i do! With a great description like that, who wouldn’t?”
“Just get up! We’re to close to go back!”
“No! I’m tired of this and I want to go home! People could rob us... or worse!”
He couldn’t help but smile. “What are you? Eight?”
“Yes, actually, I am!” She said folding her arms and pouting. He chuckled and picked her up and put her on his back.
“C’mon, let’s go.” He said starting to walk.
“Wait, you still didn’t answer my question, why do you get this feeling we need to go to... there.” She said pointing to Coldharbor, the place that wealthy children stuck their noses up to, like them.
He was suddenly solum. “I feel like... I feel like the only place we can be safe, is there.”
There was a pause, then the girl started to laugh. “Funny... Is this some teenage stage? Rebelling and trying to live like poor people?” She snorted. “I hope I never go through that.” Her face scrunched up.
“I’m serious, Sara! Don’t be so niave! Don’t you feel it?”
“I-I do....”
“Yes... the feeling of... you being the biggest idiot on this earth!” She laughed.
He stopped walking and just put her down. Then he turned around and glared at her. “Is this some kind of joke to you? I’ve been choking down this feeling of fear for a few days! I know that if we don’t get there fast then it’ll be to late!” Sara just stared. “You know what? if you want to go home, you can! Just go! I’ll walk to Coldharbor, alone.” He turned and walked. She just stared after him, without a sound.
“Fine then, Harry... I’m your voice of reason though, you’re going to die without me...” She muttered as she turned to walk back to their house.
He continued to walk. When he got there, he had to fight through a crowd of adults, he didn’t know why they were here, he was pretty sure that they couldn’t feel the... the fear. Actually, it was all over their faces. He frowned and just continued to nudge through the crowd. Some people looked at him and started to whisper, then parted.
“He’s a kid..”
“He must be able to get in!” They muttered around him.
“Please!” A male voice yelled out. Harry turned to him, in surprise. “Please! You have to tell my daughter something!” Then suddenly, like that, everyone was yelling, screaming, requests. Tell my daughter this, tell my son that. He covered his ears and ran through to Coldharbor. He was greeted by the sight of people on the ground, a majority were little kids being held down by older children. He could hear a voice booming through his head.
He fell to his knee’s when he heard the overwhelming, female, voice in his head.
He looked up at the sky, it was dark and he wasn’t sure what it was. But he knew he should obey the voice. He looked around and saw a shack-like thing and ran into it. Inside there were many children, huddled around a boy that was huge. A few other people caught his eye, like two girls, that looks similar, that were acting like animals, a girl that looked like she was transforming into something, and another girl that was sitting with her eyes closed in concentration. Harry could feel waves of power coming off her, and he knew, somehow, that she was the one giving off all the messages. He looked around, no one seemed to notice him. Probably because there was a lot of other children coming into the shack, the younger ones were huddling around the giant boy. Then he heard it.
The most horrifying thing he’d ever heard, a roaring sound that just made him think of death and despair, and screams of horror. And then he realized what it was doing, it was sucking things up. People animals, plants, everything. The first thing that came to his mind was how scared he was, the second was that- “SARA!” He ran outside, despite people yelling at him to come back. He kept running until he wasn’t under the silver man that stretched across the sky. He ran through the crowd of horrified adults, and kept running non-stop until he saw her. Sara, getting sucked into the air. She was a lot closer than she was before and she must have started to follow him, but that wasn’t what was on his mind. What was, was that she was getting sucked into the monster.
“NO! SARA!!”
“HARRY! YOU NEED TO GET TO SAFETY!” She yelled and she flied higher into the sky.
“NO!” He jumped and grabbed her hand, trying to bring her down, but instead they both flew into the sky towards the monster called the Roar. Sara hugged him and started to cry. He patted her back, trying to stay strong but couldn’t help but cry. As they reached closer to the monster, Sara looked up at him.
“You know, I’ve always wanted to fly...” She said as they started to float into space. She stopped moving.
“Sara? SARA!” Harry yelled as he could feel the air running out in his body. He hugged Sara’s limp body and cried as they flew up, to be devoured by the Roar.

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Muchos gracias to all these fantasmic entries!! Here is my plan for judging. First I will enter the *counts* six entries into a poll which you SHOULD DEFINITELY VOTE ON!! The top three stories from my poll will be judged by my sister so she doesn't have to read all this. :)


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