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Post your fantasy writing here. Remember to fill out the required form!

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Jade♪☠ Name: Storm Eyes
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: not sure yet
App. Word Count:So far a little over a hundred words
Summary:A girl has eyes that give her the abiltity to control the weather.

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Name: The Prince Games
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: PG
App. Word Count: About 19,000 right now
Summary: Piper van Dotran just wanted an opportunity of a lifetime. She wanted to learn. She didn't bargain to become part of a prophecy that has been set in motion since the day she heard it a year ago. With danger around every corner, Piper can't trust anyone.
And you can't be surprised. Because she's grown up hearing hatred in everyone's words every day. And now, she'll have to travel with Miranda van Dotran la Mino, her idiotic and bitterly mean stepsister. Piper's only other company is her demonic boyfriend. But you never know. Things change at every twist and turn of Piper's life. And throughout it all, nothing is as it seems in the course of the Prophecy.

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A T (aatalex) Name: Where Tracks Lead
Genre:High Fantasy Fiction
Rating: Pg 13
Appx word count: 3,420
Summary: First chapter to a story of two brother's journey

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