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The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Do you think that manga, Japanese graphic novels, and/or manhwa, Korean graphic novels, are for younger readers only? Do you think that the story cannot be as meaningful and well developed in graphic novel form? If you disagree, can you provide an example of one that you feel has a something to offer an adult reader?

Alternatively, do you read manga and/or manhwa and/or graphic novels? What are your favorite series/mangaka/artists?

message 2: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) Interesting question! I don't think they are only for younger readers. For example, a lot of the animes I choose to watch are adaptations of mangas. And some of them are pretty dark (Claymore for example). Or they have so much to think about and are really interesting storylines that I don't see how these should be marketed to teens only (for example, Death Note).

Mostly when it comes to mangas I choose to read the really fun girly/romantic ones though. My favourites are Beauty Pop, Wild Ones, and Crimson Hero. They are the only ones I have been able to keep up to date on and make sure to check regularly to see if my library has the next volume.

Which ones would you recommend? I always try to check my library when I see a good recommendation. They are so easy to add into my other reading because they usually only take 1-2 hours to read one. The only problem is my library sometimes has this weird practice of starting their collections at say...volume 5 (example). Sometimes I'm lucky and find a whole set though :)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments I don't read a lot of manga or watch a lot of anime but from browsing the graphic novels section in the bookstore, a lot of the manga in stock seem to be marketed towards younger readers. It doesn't help that they (or at least the Borders I frequent) have the graphic novels section right next to the Kids and Young Adults sections. It makes the adult manga reader feel rather self-conscious, I think, to be seen hanging about there. I know that in my parents' eyes (and likely reflecting their culture), at least, if a book has pictures, it is for children. Even cartoons, animations, and sci-fi films like James Cameron's Avatar are denigrated as "for children" by my mother (which had me wonder aloud whether a movie has to have a sex scene to be considered "for adults" but she'd probably be embarrassed by that question). I'm sure that this type of attitude towards graphic novels and/or pictures in books is typical of many people. However, with the growing number of authors publishing a graphic novel version of their books, do you think that this attitude might change? How successful are these graphic novel versions anyway?

You are right about some being pretty dark. I do occasionally read Claymore (when I remember to do so), and it is definitely dark. I'm actually pretty surprised by it. I cannot think of any others though.

I myself only follow Vampire Knight. I am uncertain though whether it is targeted towards young females or older ones. It is most likely both but seems more for older females (at least from a Western point-of-view) because there's incest and occasional fan-service for those into yaoi and yuri

Gabrielle Blaque/~Bhlack Benehvolence~ (werewolfgrl1) | 417 comments I've been reading manga and watching anime for awhile now, and honestly no I don't think they're just for younger readers/viewers. I'm in my early twenties and I still enjoy manga/anime very much, heck I still enjoy some of the anime that I knew of when I was a little younger.

With help from my younger brother who's also a huge anime/manga fan, I've learned about other manga/anime that I'd never heard of before.

As for manga/anime recs. I'm very much into the manga that is considered mostly for girls/older girls, but I do occasionally get into manga that are considered mostly for boys. The fact that I'm older doesn't stop me from occasionally perusing the manga section of my bookstore.

As for my favorite anime/manga? I really like the anime Hellsing, and of course there's Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Trinity Blood, Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust,Nightwalker: Midnight Detective, and Nightwalker: Eternal Darkness, oh and also Gravitation.

Yes some of them are surprisingly dark, but I think that just makes them even more intriguing to me.
I also far as mangas go; Vampire Knight, Descendants of Darkness, Her Majesty's Dog, and many other ones that I can't think of at the moment.

I'm not entirely sure, sure that other authors should turn their original books into mangas just to get more adults to read manga, it should be their choice. My mom has gotten into anime as well but she really only gets into what she wants to.

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (treychel) | 1484 comments Even though a lot of children read manga and watch anime, it is definitely not only FOR them. There are still high level and complicated concepts in some of them and some of the animes I have see I think, "Oh, goodness!" Lol.

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