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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
This is supposed to be Narzain's discussion, but I read this too. I will let him start before I chime in.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I am going to post since it appears that Narzain has forgotten about this and is not going to get this started although I know that he finished this a while ago. Gypsy Rose Lee is the subject of a new biography (which I am waiting for) so when Narzain said that he was going to read this after watching the movie musical "Gypsy", I thought I would like this too.

Louise (Gypsy's real name), played second fiddle to her little sister,June for years. The story is told in first person, so we never really get a good picture of her mother (for whom the term "Stage Mother" was invented") as we see the world through the eyes of a child who grew up in the trooping environment of Vaudeville. As changes in entertainment happened, shifting to Burlesque, her mother refused to accept it,and kept trying to push the show she had built around June.

A fluke puts Louise at the fore-front and launches the career of Gypsy Rose Lee as we have come to know her. There is a lot left out of this as we only hear what the author wishes to tell. Afterward by her son is not too revealing either, but she does cover the "Strong Woman" too. She was ahead of her time in many ways and every inch a survivor.

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Narzain | 75 comments Mod
(Haven't forgotten, just haven't had any library time to spare.)

Since I watched the musical before reading the book, I noticed how faithfully the one followed the other. Some details were changed, or mushed together, but I was seeing the actors from the musical in my head at almost every stage of the book.

One thing that stands out in my mind is the 'troupers versus townies' mentality. Things that we non-troupers think of as shady dealings or irresponsible behavior (stealing whatever wasn't nailed down in the hotel, cramming five boys into a train sleeper compartment along with numerous animals, and so on) were presented as, simply, the way things were from Louise's perspective.

I think Gypsy's positive attitude and overall demeanor stand out as much today as they did in her prime. I'm glad I read her memoirs, and wouldn't mind learning more about her.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I was teasing about the "forgot thing". (sorry):(

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'Sokay, I wasn't upset, just kinda teasing back.

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