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message 1: by Ladyhawk (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments I just learned Diana will be in my town tomorrow night! OMG! I am so excited. After a few failed attempts lately to travel to Arizona to see her, she is actually coming here! Will let you know how it goes! Please visit her website for tour dates. I almost missed her because I was not watching faithfully! A friend just mentioned it to me today!

message 2: by Leea, Escape Artist (new)

Leea | 1239 comments Wow post pics Ladyhawk and have a great time. That's just awesome!!!

message 3: by Pinda (new)

Pinda | 144 comments J-E-A-L-O-U-S! Enough said. Enjoy Ladyhawk and give us the scoop afterwards.

message 4: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments I'm so excited for you! She never seems to come to Michigan, or even somewhere close that I can go see her! Definitely pictures, and all the good tidbits!

message 5: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 564 comments Me too! I'm Jealous but excited for you. I'm sure there will be a long line at the book signing. Are you allowed to bring more than one book?

message 6: by Mimi (new)

Mimi Smith | 199 comments Totally jealous. Even more so because the chances of me ever crossing the Atlantic are pretty slim. Have fun!!!

Oh, if DG reveals some insight into the future of Outlander, do let us know, will you{g}.

 Northern Light (norrthernlight) | 219 comments She is just as lovely in person as you would imagine. The line to meet her is always very long. the first time I met her she signed all the books I had at that point and also I got a picture taken with her. Enjoy it.

message 8: by Ladyhawk (last edited Jul 20, 2011 02:11PM) (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments I’m still basking in the glow of being in the presence of Herself!

Thanks for all the comments ladies! I knew the lot of you would understand my excitement at Diana coming to town! As I mentioned, I learned very last minute and so scrounged to find equally obsessed friends of mine to go with. Unfortunately, most already had prior commitments for Friday night, (why they wouldn’t just drop everything, bachelorette party, marriage conference, to go see Diana is beyond me!) Hope they made it to the Saturday book signing!

The Friday night event was hosted by the Albuquerque Science Fiction Society. How they got Diana I will never know but I’m forever grateful they did! It was also her wedding anniversary weekend. She is truly devoted to her fans.

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of meeting Diana and each time the venue has been incredibly small. She was no more than 7-10 feet in front of me while she gave her famous and always entertaining “talk”. She signed two more books for me.

Two lady friends from work were more than excited to go with me to the event. Heather, whom I introduced to the series, is now on book two and becoming just as obsessed as the rest of us. Dustine, well I can’t get her to read anything just yet. she was pleasantly surprised by Diana and says she wants to have a go at Outlander.

I don’t think I have any new news to report. The time frame for the release of The Scottish Prisoner is still sometime this fall and she said she hopes to be done with it around May. And she repeated it takes her 2-3 years to finish a Novel. So… guess we can still anticipate book 8 about 2-3 years from the release of Echo.

No I did not have the courage to ask her my burning question! May just have to post on CompuServe or somehow present it to her in private!! lol
Whatever! She is still one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered! Love her! I did post a pic of the three of us with Diana! Cheers!

message 9: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 564 comments I love your pictures BTW!! Awesome!

message 10: by Leea, Escape Artist (new)

Leea | 1239 comments Great Picture! So happy for you.

message 11: by Fawn (new)

Fawn | 404 comments Sounds like a lovely time. So great you have gotten to see her twice! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. Happy Day!

message 12: by Ladyhawk (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments It was pretty awesome actually. Thanks for letting me share. Hope to hear from folks from the next city on her agenda.

message 13: by Pinda (new)

Pinda | 144 comments Awesome Ladyhawk. I hope she was as phenomenal in person.

message 14: by Ladyhawk (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments Even more so Pinda! Love to befriend her if a million other women weren't already trying too! lol

message 15: by Pinda (new)

Pinda | 144 comments I love it when it works out that way. You never know what your going top get in person.

message 16: by Ladyhawk (last edited Feb 16, 2011 12:55PM) (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments You never know what your going to get in person.

Good point. My brother in law saw my book 'Eat, Pray, Love' when I was reading it. He said he had meet the author and she was so arrogant he was completely turned off by her and said he will never touch her book. I was saddened to hear that. But your right, you never know what kind of person an admired author truly is.

message 17: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 564 comments Funny you mentioned Eat Pray love. Did you like it? I just borrowed (thank goodness) the movie from my library. 15 min in -- I turned it off. Couldn't finish it.

message 18: by Ladyhawk (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments Wan, sorry for the delay. The movie was a disappointment, for me anyway. It was unable to grasp and portray the deep anguish the author was experiencing at that point in her life. Now why she was so distraught was really a personal pain that to the ordinary person was not visible. She was in search of "something more", "the meaning of life". Which I sympathized with.
Her travels to Italy were enjoyable to read. The movie made Italy look like a scary drab place you'd never want to visit.

India and Balli not quite as interesting. I did enjoy the book somewhat. It wasn't a total loss.

 Northern Light (norrthernlight) | 219 comments Hi all, DG Is coming to my home town next weekend as part of our Tartan Day celebrations!

message 20: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 89 comments I'm so jealous!! I would SO stand in line to get her signature on one of her books. What town are you in?

message 21: by Northern Light (last edited Jul 20, 2011 12:42PM) (new)

 Northern Light (norrthernlight) | 219 comments I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland! Have seen her twice before so all my books are signed.

message 22: by Ladyhawk (new)

Ladyhawk | 957 comments Ahhh Scotland! You're so lucky to have Diana in such a setting. How wonderful that she makes the effort to tour these events! I want to go!

message 23: by Annie (new)

Annie (annieargyll) Doesn't she ever come to west Scotland?! My stepdaughter got to see her in Inverness a couple of years ago.

message 24: by Fawn (new)

Fawn | 404 comments That is Great! I hope you get to see her!

 Northern Light (norrthernlight) | 219 comments Saw Diana today at the Tartan Day and she says Hi to all her fans on Goodreads! She signed my Outlander companion and says she is working on volume II. The next Lord John book is out in November. Had my photo taken with her. As always she is charming to meet and she makes you feel special. The sun even shone today although I was wearing my Outlander hoodie just in case!

message 26: by Leea, Escape Artist (new)

Leea | 1239 comments Aww that's amazing... One day I will meet her. Great story and hope you share with us the picture.

message 27: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 564 comments Morag wrote: "Saw Diana today at the Tartan Day and she says Hi to all her fans on Goodreads! She signed my Outlander companion and says she is working on volume II. The next Lord John book is out in November...."

Does she really know about GoodReads? Wondering if she reads our group blogs?

If you dont' mind, Can you please post the picture with her on this thread? And .. may be some of the Tartan Day's hunk pics if you don't mind sharing...LoL

message 28: by Northern Light (last edited Aug 05, 2011 04:55PM) (new)

 Northern Light (norrthernlight) | 219 comments When I get organised, no hunk pictures though!

Yes she knew about Goodreads!!

Have uploaded a picture.

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