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Ligeia the musical

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Jrbartlett | 3 comments new Musical in the works , recently submitted to NYMF for the 2011 season. If you love Poe you'll love the haunting Ligeia. visit the website and check it out.Campaign:




First Trailer:

Here's the blurb:

Our Story
In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe began a journey with a short story about the beautifully haunting Ligeia, and in 1845 he inserted a macabre verse about the tragedy of man using imagery of madness, sin, and human gore. This visionary act of romanticizing death would set forth an unstoppable path to the current resurrection of Poe's monster. In 2010 Jade Bartlett of the Wonderland Robbers and Elyssa Samsel (BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop) picked up Edgar's quill and fulfilled his dark plans to walk the razor's edge of beauty and death... More accurately while chugging from a bottle of absinthe, they ripped the quill from his cold dead hand and kicked him in the face. Written in booze and blood the new musical Ligeia is a combination of classically influenced music and a gothically charged ghost story.
2011 in NYC, we arrive ready to bring you into our Dark Education. On March 14th it is time to draw back the curtain and arrange a glimpse into our world of obsession, beauty, addiction, and ultimately death. At the Metropolitan Room in concert form with 6 incredibly talented performers, we will conjure a new genre in musical theater, the horror musical. Forget what you know about the Sweeney guy, the music of the night, or that cute little plant that talks and sings. We take the next step in a journey that began 163 years ago, a journey to make you fall in love with evil, a journey to embrace the darker words.
The Impact
Tired of pretty musicals with bright lights and happy endings? How about ironic musicals where each line is just an attempt to be cleverer than the next, or possibly sick of everything being a rock musical? Yeah I'm not sick of those musicals either. In fact I love musicals of all kinds, but man I am ready for a change! I also love horror movies; more accurately I love a good ghost story where suspension of disbelief is just as crucial as when everyone in a musical happens to know the same song and dance routine. We aren't trying to save the world, hell we aren't even trying to save musical theater. We just want to open up the playing field for all forms of storytelling. A new audience is queuing outside the latest horror movie just waiting to be moved by a new form of visceral entertainment. Moved by a world where the ghost is not safe on the screen, but lurking in the room. So real you could almost touch it or it could touch you. They want more than rock operas, jukebox musicals, movie adaptations, and mocking comedies. They want to take a risk.
You can always remain in the safe worlds you are used to, where musicals are only about pretty people singing pretty songs prettily, where movie monsters obey the rules of cinema and are only allowed to walk among us while the camera is rolling. Or you could follow us and dare to be haunted. Open your world to the possibilities that the monster behind the door is real and you helped to create it.
What We Need & What You Get
While being awesome does not cost anything, showing New York that same awesomeness can get pricey. Let’s face it, the economics of producing a concert in New York are astronomical, but that's the world we live in. Without your help we will… well we will find some way to get it done because the date is set, venue booked, and cast ready. However, with you behind us we become invincible. There are practical things we need to pay for like rehearsal space, equipment rental, venue fees, marketing materials, musicians, music director, and orchestrator. There are also incidentals that we must take into account like insurance for all the minds that will be blown and paper towels to clean up the drool from the audience members who wish they were cool enough to support us at the beginning. Consider how much difference you could make in the world of New York City theater by giving a little (or a lot). Everyone involved is pitching in and making monetary sacrifices. This concert is not about making money for anyone, it is about spreading a new vision.
Our goal is just a beginning of the funding we will need, as the concert is only the beginning of our revolution. We will continue beyond to bring Poe’s obsession to anyone who will hear. We know that you want to be the first to brag about your support and we want to let everyone know that you started the band wagon by giving you credit on our website and at the concert. We're also offering some limited addition perks. These perks are your way to say “I supported the creation of a monster, and have the swag to prove it!"
Other Ways You Can Help

Money is the root of all evil which in this case is a good thing because Ligeia is a whole lot of evil. But I know you're asking yourself, “What do I do after I donate?” or in the rare instance “I am about to get evicted so I don’t have any money.” Tell everyone you know about the birth of the revolution! The good folks at this website have made it easy by providing you with buttons to connect us with your social media tools. Tell everyone you know to drop by this site and our website and to follow us on twitter and facebook and to go to the concert that you just helped finance. Tell them to read Poe’s short story, tell them to seek out the samples of our music, do whatever you can to get the word out that Ligeia is coming and there is no stopping her. The best thing everyone can do is to submit to her and become a follower. The end will hurt less if you pay her off either with money or adoration but hopefully with both.

Jade H. Bartlett

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Gary | 305 comments Mod
Thanks for sharing this. I am going to investigate the website about the musical more,and let all my literary friends know! Yes, I am ready for a change too! You bet! Poe is awesome!

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Jrbartlett | 3 comments spoke to the creator, the play has a multitude of hidden poe secrets from other works within the play. will be interesting to see if we can find them all. some may be in the play itself , some in the set some in the lyrics. it should be fun trying to discover them all.

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