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Without this man there man not have been a Hollywood

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Gaelyn Whitley (gaelynwhitleykeith) | 1 comments On October 26, 2011 it will be the 100th anniversary of the first Hollywood Studio Filming on the Whitley Estate. HJ Whitley is the "Father of Hollywood". He coined the name for the town in 1886 while on his honeymoon with my great-grandmother. Their story would make an epic movie. I have attached a youtube link that will give you a short introduction to some of the things he did. The most impressive was bringing the majority of producers, directors and actors to one spot Hollywood. I hope you enjoy this and look forward to reading this best selling book about him.

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I can't tell you how exciting it is to be aware of you Gaelyn. I am a Hollywood history fanatic. I've worked on a history of the Hollywood(land) sign that Mr. Whitley hung in the hills to announce to the world his new "subdivision" in north LA. I agree that his life and the lives of so many of the "founders" of tinsel town were bigger than life and profoundly interesting. These people had genuine vision and created an imaginary world far before the advent of the film industry. I hope I can exchange info with you over future months and years.

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