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enigma? | 332 comments name: falco storm

gender: m

monster type highly evolved human

what he looks like:

age:45(15 in evolved human years)



grade: sophmore

multiply the strength of his musscles highest he can multiply x10:5min longest he can go x2.5:40min and can lift 260 pounds without the help of his powers and knows how to sword fight

stuff he has:60 bucks a knapsack full of his stuff and a big sword

flaws: can only use this power for two body parts at a time, he cant swim, and is in idot in most things except schoolwork and killing/fighting

likes:traveling,playing around and pushing his luck

hates:when someone tries to use him or others for them selfs and nothing else

1. clawculus
2. p.e
3. mad science
4. lunch
5. history of the dead
6. oceanography
7. studyhowl

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Awesome ^^

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enigma? | 332 comments sorry my mom wanted me to watch bones

message 4: by Darkling (new)

Darkling (deideidarkling) haha yay bones lol

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enigma? | 332 comments name:asuna

gender: F

monster type:were cat

what she looks like

age: 17(this is her 4th life)

weight: 180



powers:turn into a werecat on the night of a full moon has acrobatic skills,fast,can turn into a black cat or a cheetah, sword master,

flaws:loses control during a full moon

likes:tuna,cute boys,cats

hates rain

at the time is kidnapped

message 6: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 597 comments cool

message 7: by enigma? (last edited Feb 13, 2011 02:34PM) (new)

enigma? | 332 comments name:chris evans


monster type:ghost

what he looks like:
danceing suite((in case of any dances coming up)):

age:16(at the time of death really 242)



grade:3rd year ((if it was any other school he would have to stay in that grade for ever lol))

powers:pass through walls go invisibale , make himself solid normal ghost stuff and can play piano

flaws:drools has an old habit of peeping that pops up ^.^ making himself solid makes him feel numb to the xtreme

likes:girls,mozart and jazz and some michale jackson, manga

hates:people walking threw him and when he cant make his legs appear

pet:a little demon that he calls happy

1) Freaky Economics
2)clawculus ap
3) mad science
4)history of the dead
5)monster literature ap
6)study howl

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