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Did you read/like the short story, Dandy Detects

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M. Locke Dear readers,

I am new to the idea of starting a discussion about my own work, but one of the questions I have had, concerned how people who read my full length novel felt about the short story I wrote based on the same characters. So I thought this might be a way of getting some answers.

One of the things I am curious about is how many of you read the short story first, and if so, did it give you a good feel for the book?

If you read the book first, then the short story, did you enjoy getting to know some of the secondary characters more, or did you find the limited role of Annie disappointing?

And, would you like more short stories while waiting for me to finish the sequel to Maids?


M. Louisa

Peggy Randall-Martin Louisa, I loved both of your books. I read the short story first and I can't remember where I read an excerpt of the book - but then I was hooked!

You and I write different genres, but I hope you will take a look at my ebooks on amazon: Peggy Randall-Martin.

For some reason, I was under the impression that you are currently writing sequel to Maids and I hope that's true.

Stay in touch!


Peggy Randall-Martin I tried to find you on goodreads and couldn't, but would love to add you as a friend. How are you listed?

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