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message 1: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Since getting my Kindle, I read a lot more discussion boards than I used to. It seems there are very many people who are voracious readers and also love to sew or quilt also. So I'm surprised that this group is so inactive here. I would love to see us get more active and post some pictures of projects we are working on. Anybody else interested?

message 2: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (tivey) | 9 comments i think that would be fun. i am a beginning quilter and it seems i am always reaching for the book instead of the needle.
i love to hand quilt and have a small table topper to sandwich together.
i'm still working on my sampler quilt and have quite a few sqares left to do

message 3: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Lynn | 7 comments Hello Patricia,

I have owned a Kindle since its inception. I love it. I think I had thirty books downloaded to it in the first month. As a librarian I float back and forth between reading my Kindle and having a book in my hand. One of the hazards of being a librarian is checking out too many books at one time and not having the time to read them. It is a true dilemma for me. I only have a small amount of free time during the week and I also love to sew antique needlework, quilt, and scrapbook. I have a quilt top completed (it took 3 months)and I am going to be taking a class in three weeks to learn how to quilt using a long arm machine. I am also working on an antique sampler which is about half way completed (not to mention the other six cross stitch projects and two applique quilt tops).

message 4: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Recently I've gotten into making covers and bags for the Kindle and I enjoy this so much. I don't call it a business, I don't have a shop or anything, but every time I see a cute Kindle accessory, the first thing I think is, "I can make one of those!" I mostly make things for people who see my work on Kindleboards and Nookboards.

I make slipcovers for the Amazon lighted covers, I make a hipster style bag that's a good size for carrying an ereader in a cover, and I make a couple different sizes/types of sleeves, using fabric that the user picks out personally.

My latest project is a Kindle sleeve that's similar to the sleeve that Vera Bradley recently introduced. I didn't have a pattern, I just looked at her sleeve and figured it out. I'm having a lot of fun with these things.

message 5: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Lynn | 7 comments I do the same thing, see something in a craft magazine or a store and say "I can make that". My projects are "humbugs" and "biscornus". I use the extra fabric from my cross stitching to make them. I also spend time looking at old antique samplers and figuring out how to duplicate some of the images. Another project is finding how many different way crowns were stitched in samplers and them combining them into their own sampler.

message 6: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Tracie, I used to do LOTS of counted cross stitch and one of my favorite projects was a picture of my house. I sent off a snapshot and had a cross stitch pattern made. That was several years ago, there are probably programs on the computer where you can do your own now.

message 7: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Been busy this weekend. I've made 2 slipcovers for the Kindle lighted cover; one Hipster bag; and one sleeve inspired by the Vera Bradley ereader sleeve. Still have another VB-inspred sleeve to make, and one other smaller sleeve. But I love it, it's fun!

message 8: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Still have one small sleeve to make today, then hope to relax and read for a while. I've got 3 books going at the same time!

message 9: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Lynn | 7 comments It was a busy day at work. Our computers were down on Sunday so we had to manually input all the items taken Monday morning. It took four of us 3 hours to check in and shelve all the items returned on Sunday. Monday just kept going on from there. A very busy library day. Looking forward to today. I can get back to putting my children's book orders together. Haven't had much time to read or stitch. I plan on doing one or the other tonight.

message 10: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Our world gets messed up when the computers don't work, doesn't it? I'm expecting some new fabric this week, so I'm anxious to get that. Then will have to get started on my sewing next weekend. My granddaughter will be with me (she's 2-1/2) for the next 3 days so not much sewing done (or reading) when she's here. But I love her.

message 11: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Lynn | 7 comments Yes, the "world" tends to get in the way of our time to read and stitch. I was able last night to finish the apple tree on my sampler. I am also going to be learning how to quilt with a long-arm quilt machine. I have to have one more quilt ready before I take the class. I was looking a patterns last night. I think I have found one....but it is so hard to decide.

message 12: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments I don't do much quilting any more but when I did, I pieced on the machine but I hand quilted everything. Do you own a long arm machine? You could make some good money quilting tops for other people. The only time I quilt is if I'm making a purse or a bag and I'll do a cross-hatch with my machine, just small pieces.

message 13: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (tivey) | 9 comments i've been reading!! just finished watchers of time..this is a mystery series by charles todd that i discovered a few months ago when i read his latest book. now have to order the next in the series from the library.
we've had rainy days..very nice for reading.

message 14: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Lynn | 7 comments I do not own a long arm machine. Maybe in the future. My Aunt owns one and she usually quilts my items for me. Smaller pieces I do on my own machine. But since stitching antique samplers is my first love...all my money tends to go toward buying hand dyed fabric and threads.

message 15: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments I finished reading Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks. This was a "Buddy" read here on Goodreads, but I think my Buddy has disappeared!

message 16: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Yesterday I ordered some faux leather, it looks like hand tooled leather. I'm anxious to get it, I've never worked with anything like that before.

message 17: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (tivey) | 9 comments yesterday i worked on a quilt block for the sampler quilt i have been working on. it was more complex than it looked and came good except for one corner. each block has been an adventure with one or two things just not right. but thats how i'm learning.
i'm reading falling angels by tracey chevalier. interesting book about women at the turn of the 20th century.

message 18: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Lynn | 7 comments I spent the day yesterday at a friends. We papercrafted. We made a calendar using a CD case as the stand with 12 individually designed calendar pages the slip into the CD holder. They turned out really cute.

I am reading 52 Loaves by William Alexander. His other book The $64 Dollar Tomato was a hoot and this one is just as comical.

message 19: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments Tracie, that sounds interesting, I've never done any paper crafting. Yesterday I started working on a Kindle bag for a customer, made from some Dolphins fabric that I had made her a purse from a few months ago. Also received a new order of fabrics from Equilter.com, and drooled over them! I get so excited when I get new fabric.

message 20: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (tivey) | 9 comments i am hand quilting a spring table topper amnd listening to the first mary russell book 'the beekeepers appretice'. i find i can sew and listen if the book is one i have already read. this is a wonderful series and i highly recommend it. written by laurie r king. mystery fans should love this innovative series

message 21: by Patricia (last edited Mar 19, 2011 10:29AM) (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 18 comments I have The Secret Garden as an audio book on my Kindle and listened to some of it yesterday while I was sewing. Audio books are not my favorites, but it works when you are trying to do two things at once. I love hand quilting, haven't done it for a while but I used to do it all the time. (That was before....grandchildren, LOL)

message 22: by Pamela (new)

Pamela aka Scottieluvr (scottieluvr) I am not a Kindle owner, instead have Kindle on my laptop. I design graphical signature tags, web pages and work on genealogy so a laptop is more conducive to my needs.

But I love the concept of Kindle, Nook and those other i-readers. If it gets people reading I say go for it! *LOL* Especially children and young adults. *two thumbs up*

I have always enjoyed crocheting, sewing, plastic canvas. Just got into polymer clay and jewelry making. I am also a gardner, so am always creating new flowerbeds too.

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