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What is your favorite Michael Chabon short story?

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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian Curtin | 20 comments Mod
Wonder Boys got me hooked. But it was the easy, lyrical sentences in his short stories that made me a fan for life. My favorite short story is "Ocean Avenue" from A Model World. In his writing he makes many declarative statements about love, but the first line of Ocean Ave. Is the one I've found which lives in truth " If you can still see how you could once have loved a person, you are still in love; an extinct love is always wholly incredible."

message 2: by PoMo_Is_Trash (new)

PoMo_Is_Trash I liked the one called A Model World, where the guy cheats on his test and the other one is doing the professor's wife. I liked how the main characters were messing up but they still had a happy ending.

message 3: by Bo (new)

Bo Leibowitz | 4 comments Have only read a few so far, but was particularly taken with "Son of the Wolfman" from Werewolves in Their Youths, about a rape victim who gets pregnant and the effect that has on her marital relationship,as they had been trying to have a baby for some time. Quite a dilemma and their emotional inter-reactions seem very real to me.

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