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Haha, I was late at making it, but here it is :)

By the way, if you are a professor and don't have an office, FELL FREE TO MAKE ONE!

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy stood at the door, looking around, making sure no one was in the hall. She took out her wand to unlock the door. "Alohomora."

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis(who as I remember is a lot like prof. Binns, but let's forget that in order for this to be fun) was not there... yet!

((To everyone that might wonder: I PM'd Laura and she said it was okay if we used her character. ))

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy tiptoed inside and glanced around at the cold, black furniture and shuddered. The room was dark and small. Finding a invisibility cloak couldn't be that hard in this small room, right?

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Felicia (feliciajoe) On the walls were long bookcases filled with dusty books. He was a history teacher after all. His desk was in the middle of the room and also filled with old books and parchment. The room was kind of a mess, just like old historians often like it.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy began poking around, looking between books or a storage chest. She found a large dark black one. Perfect. She walked over to it and took out her wand to unlock it.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis was on his way to the office, walking slowly as he always did. When he got to the door, he reached out for the doorknop.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy heard a shuffling noise. Holding back a gasp, she looked frantically around for a place to hide. She darted behind a tapestry of a gory battle scene.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis opened the door and stepped inside. For a short moment, he thought about getting some order in his office, but he quickly let that thought go. He sat down on the chair behind his desk and leaned back. Hard day.

(( I'm sorry to leave the roleplay when we're online at the same time, but it's almost 2 am here, and although I don't need to be at work before 5 pm, I should probably get some sleep. ))

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy tried to breath very quietly.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis stood up to take a look at the tapestry of the gory battle scene. (What a coincidence!)

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments ((Haha.))

Mandy bit her lip. Crapcrapcrap...

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis smiled a little. This was a delightful tapestry. Anything with a past war going on was nice to look at. But wait, what was that? Did it bulge out a little?

(( I don't know what to write... ))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) (( Wait, now he's a death eater? All right, I hadn't thought of that, but I guess it works. ))

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments ((I don't know. I have totally lost the roleplay, so I'm completely making it up as it goes. =P))

Don'tfindmeDon'tfindmeDon'tfindme, Mandy thought.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) (( Haha, that's probably the best way to do it. Death eater he is! - But not a very prominent one, because I don't think I'm gonna play him once we finish this "scene". ))

Suddenly his face turned hard. There was something there. He grabbed his wand with one hand, and with the other he reached for the tapestry and pulled it aside. DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN!

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments ((HAHA, Okay.))

Mandy gasped and dashed for the door. Her plan was not very well thought through.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Wait, you little...!" The nice professor he was in class had completely vanished. He waved his wand in an aggressive matter and some of his many books fell down and blocked the door.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy spun around and faced the teacher. She smiled with mock sincerity. "Sorry, Professor. I got lost..."

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "You got lost in my office?" he asked, his voice dark and cold, still with the wand in his hand.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments "Yeah, sorry sir. I thought it was the ladies room." Mandy cringed inwardly. This was a predicament. Well, if I die here, I sure hope the rest of the group can find me to bury me...

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Really?" he said, looking at her with piercing eyes. "The Professor Tardis' office-sign didn't sound wrong for a bathroom?" He started walking towards her, very slowly with narrow eyes.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy slowly backed up to the stack of books. "I didn't see it. I'm super short..." her hand edged to her wand.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "I see that," he said. "Oh, why are you reaching for your wand? I'm not dangerous. I'm just an old professor." His nice professor-look was back, and he sat down on the edge of his desk. "But no one likes finding people inside their rooms."

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments "I'll just leave now..." Mandy backed away, still looking at him, and tried to shuffle the books away from the door with her feet.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "No, don't," he said and smiled at her. "Forgive me if I scared you. Sit down and have a biscuit." He pushed a jar of biscuits formed as salamanders towards her. He had found that pupils were less suspicious when you handed them a cookie.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy just stared at him. "You kiddin--I mean, unm thanks. But no thanks. Ha. I've should really go. Late for class."

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Don't worry about that, I'll write a note," he said. "Which teacher?"

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments "I don't like biscuits." Mandy interrupted, still backing up.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "I said, sit down!" he said a bit harsh. Then he smiled. "You don't have to take the biscuit."

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy looked around and slowly sat down.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Very good," he said. "And now, young miss, let's talk about the real reason why you're in my office."

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy maintained eye contact. "I told you. I got lost." She'd always been an excellent liar, but even she wasn't buying this herself.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "I seriously doubt that," he said, doing his best to sound nice despite his words. "Most people who go wrong don't hide behind a tapestry, like you did. Most people don't get lost in - what year are you, forth?"

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments "Fifth." Mandy said quietly. There was no use lying about that.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis looked at her. "Fifth," he repeated. Then he crossed his arms. "Do you want to hear my theory?" he said and without waiting for her to answer, he continued: "I think you went in here on purpose. In fact I'm quite sure. The only reason I can find is that you must have been looking fow something. Now whatever that is, I don't know. But I would love to find out." His eyes narrowed as he spoke.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy wasn't sure what to do. Anything she said could be counted against her. "Okay, fine. The door was left open and I got curious. I wasn't looking for anything, I was just curious."

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "The door wasn't left open," Tardis said with an emotionless expression. "The door to my office is never left open. Try again."

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy;s eyes was suddenly drawn to figurine of a snake (black, of course) curled around a rolled piece of material. It dawned on her what it was. The invisibility cloak was not in the chest. She crossed her arms and clamped her mouth shut, glaring at him.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis stood up and started walking slowly in circles around her. "No, I think you were looking for something. Something important, because otherwise why would you dare come into a professor's office?" He stopped behind her and mumbled a spell, and a knife flew to his hands. "Now, let's try to remember. There must have been some reason, am I right?"

(( Huh... I'm evil... This is so weird. I'm always one of the good guys. ))

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Her eyes widened and she couldn't help but feel a little scared, but she refused to let that show on the rest of her features. Her looked at him in defiance. She was NOT going to compromise the entire Nam Pheonix club, and most definitely not to a death eater!

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Felicia (feliciajoe) (( Haha, yeah, and even if she did have a second thought, it would be: "Wait, should I really do this? ... Yes, I definitely should." But I don't think I've ever played a bad character. ))

Tardis put the knife against her chin and pressed slightly, just enough to cut a nice thin line. "You know, I've waited for some of you stupid kids to make a mistake like this. It's not often I get to chance to talk with you one on one." He smirked. Hurting pupils sure was fun.

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments ((Hahahaha. Yess! Well, you're doing fantastic! I'm actually not sure if I've ever played one either...))

Mandy spat in his face. "Well, I sure hope you're enjoying it." She clenched her teeth and whipped out her wand.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Tardis uttered a growl that sounded almost animalistic. He wiped the saliva away from his face with his hand. "Why, you little!" He stumbled a few steps away from her and raised his wand. "That wasn't smart."

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy raised hers back at him, breathing rapidly. This wasn't good. There were a stack of books behind her, and an angry teacher in front. And he was probably much better at curses then she was.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Whatever you want, you're not getting it," he said with a cold voice. His eyes were dark and fierce, and he didn't take them off her for a second. "And you're not leaving this room alive. That would give me a lot of trouble."

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Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments "If you killed me, that would also give you a lot of trouble." Her hazel eyes held his own just as fiercely.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Would it now?" he said flatly. "How would a missing kid give me trouble?"

Mandy [AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES] | 185 comments Mandy didn't want to think about how he'd dispose her body. She randomly fired a bat-bogey hex at him.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Prof. Tardis waved his wand and barely dodged it. "That's it." Aggresively, he sent a spell in her direction.(a bad one, I don't know which one)

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