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My niece and I have had some relief from avoiding gluten. Its super hard for me but she has been successful. Have you tried it yet?

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Angela (angelaskell) | 19 comments Mod
Yes I have. My mom has severe psoriasis and my father rosacea and they both are gluten free. It does help. It is hard. I find that I haven't done it religiously enough to see that it makes a total difference. I'm sure if I did I would heal faster. I constantly sleep, so my body must be regenerating somehow with what I do and eat. Believe it or not, with nephritis, I started eating red meat and I feel 100% stronger. I didn't eat red meat or a lot of meat for years before I was diagnosed, especially when I was going through puberty - just didn't eat meat. Now that I do, I feel better. I have done a lot of detoxes and will do one again come spring if I can afford the resources. Anyway, there's one detox I've been meaning to do as prescribed by the Edgar Cyce follower Solomon Wickey. I have his tinctures for detoxing but I have to be gluten free when I do and I don't think I'm ready. I naturally do not eat a lot of breads and pastas or pastries. Just don't like them. Its always a work in progress when I have the energy and motivation.

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nadh helps me with my very low energy levels. I read about it in the CFIDS Chronicle. It should be taken first thing in the morning with water.

I have also done many detoxes from Dr. Krohn's book. I often use milk thistle as it helps me so much.

The Whole Way to Natural Detoxification: Clearing Your Body of Toxins

Dr. Krohn treated me for six years with homeopathy probably saving my life as I was so sick. I own all her books but the last one which I need to get.

My sister who is the mother of my niece also has psoriasis. She told me it is on the same gene with asthma! I got the asthma and she got the psoriasis. I have told her to avoid gluten but she has had some testing done and says she is OK with it. She has an extreme severe metal allergy. Dr. J discovered that I load iron! I have way too much iron in my body and too much in my liver. Due to low blood volume I cannot donate blood to get rid of it so I try to avoid red meat but then get uncontrollable cravings for it. I sure understand you wanting to eat it and feeling better as I usually do also. I was eating organic buffalo from out near Hartsell (msp) but when I found out I load iron I quit as buffalo has more iron than beef. Glad to read that you eat red meat as I have tried to avoid it as I was worried about my kidneys.

My RAST blood work for food allergy showed a mild beef allergy so I do have to rotate it. I am even more allergic to chicken and fish in my best protein source.

I have several Edgar Cayce books also and used to order his shampoo which a watercolorist friend told me to do. Please let me know all about your detox. I have never heard of Solomon Wickey before.

I have several books on lupus. I like Dr. Wallace's books best. I have another one by a woman who got sick in Africa with a parasite and developed lupus. She cured herself by using herbs but i am allergic to the terpenes of many herbs so can't try all the things she did. When I find her book I will post the link here.

I often eat De Boles pasta and I love tortillas altho they will sure run my blood sugar up.

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