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message 1: by Adele, Moderator (last edited Feb 09, 2011 08:06PM) (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
ok we all know reading is one. but what is another pasion/favourite thing?
what do you love?
A warm summers day?
The feel of freshly vacuumed carpet under your feet?(that one is my personal favourite)

it doesn't matter how odd your answer is... we won't judge.

message 2: by April (new)

April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments I love sketching/painting on canvas

Kayleigh {K-Books} (kayley_12) i love writing and i love music and movie :)

message 4: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
@Kayleigh Belikov

@ April
i bet your house is full of your art.if not... it should be!

message 5: by April (new)

April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments It is but it isn't lol. most of it is in a case in the closet. don't want little hands getting a hold of it.
I do love movies and listening to music besides reading and sketching. whenever i can make a trip to visit family out in the bayou, we all go boat riding. it's lots of fun.

message 6: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
ah yes, child proofing.... you gotta love it!

oooh boat riding. is that on those boats that have the massive fans on the back end?
forgive my ignorance, but whenever you hear bayou and boats, my mind automatically goes to those type of boats, and the sporty speed boats. i love them, they look so cool. i wonder who actually invented those boats.

its the same as when i hear river i think of paddlesteamer(we have a few on our river here they are so majestic).

message 7: by April (new)

April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments @Adele.
yep those kind plus the rowboats and canoes. I'd freak people out whenever I tell about going boat rinding at a place called alligator bayou. and having to hand paddle the boat yourself. and yes. there were gators there at the time I went. but thankfully they were hibernating so I never saw any out and about. My grandparents live out on the bayou so I'm used to that knid of living. Love it. :)

message 8: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
aligators are the dopey cousins, of the australian croc.
the crocodile will stalk you before you have even seen it.... scary.

the bayou always looks like a mystical place. peaceful too.
if i ever leave this country and head to america, that will be one of my stopping points.

message 9: by April (new)

April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments check out Louisiana. It's pretty much a Bayou/Swamp state. Love it there. very Beautiful place. My home state.

message 10: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) I love watching, and reading baout surgery, and researching. I also love algebra (and i loooooove suduhoi and kenken and kenduko and lots of other mind puzzle thingos to do with numbers) I also looooooove wordfinds and crosswords and yeah, i also loe listening to eminem, and escape the fate and of course...MUMFORD AND SONS!! I LOVE <3

lolz okay rnadom post >.<

message 11: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
have you watched anatomy for beginners? i watched an episode and well it pretty much freaked me out!!
getting off yuckky stuff! my other favourite things.....
Monty pythons flying circus.....Love it.
Faulty it!
well pretty much british comedy.
and i love music in all it's forms.

message 12: by girlpower12121 (last edited Feb 21, 2011 02:21AM) (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) OMG! love monty python!!!! Specially Monty Python and the holy grail. Love it. And yes i ahve seen Anatomy for Beginners, it is amazing!

message 13: by April (new)

April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments OOOH!! Monty Python and the Holy Grail is my favorite of the Monty Python movies!

message 14: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) I loooooove it!

message 15: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
I love the holy grail, but i like the life of brian better.
i went and saw Spamalot when it was in melbourne....It was soo awesome! i loved it!

message 16: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments Missed Spamalot when it was in town, so bummed. Meaning of Life is good although I must confess beyond the opening sequence all I remember is the "it's just a wafer..."

Favorite things: riding my Haflinger, nights when my Dane isn't gassy (tonight is not one of those nights), and sweating my %*@ off at karate.

message 17: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) Adele wrote: "I love the holy grail, but i like the life of brian better.
i went and saw Spamalot when it was in melbourne....It was soo awesome! i loved it!"

OMG! My bestie said the exact thing today!

message 18: by Pj (new)

Pj | 11 comments My other half is very close to the top of my favorite things list. She is amazing!
Oh and my Ferret's, hmmmmm tough choice that one lol :)

message 19: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments Oh yeah, forgot to say the hubby and daughter. They're pretty great too. Oops. :0

message 20: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
lol funny, i forgot my boyfriend too!

message 21: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
I Just remembered another favourite thing of mine.
Smelling Books....some have this really nice smell, others are chemical toxic yucky. and some smell like baby poo!
it's really funny how they all have a different smell.

message 22: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments I was bummed when some of my childhood faves were stored and got musty for that very reason. Then again, I loaned one to a friend and it picked up her smell which is kind of spicy and peachy. Love it!

Another of my favorite things? When a friend calls out of the blue and says she needed to hear my voice to brighten her day. Awww.

Sandra (I don't read, I devour.) (sisgood) | 7 comments Singing, relaxing, hanging with friends and my hubby!

message 24: by Kelley (new)

Kelley | 3 comments I love sewing and all types of crafts right now I am learning how to knit playing with my cats and cuddling with them and doing stuff with my husband.

Sandra (I don't read, I devour.) (sisgood) | 7 comments Seriously... she is like the married crazy cat lady! LOL

Love ya chick! (friends in rl)

message 26: by Kärt (new)

Kärt (katstopreading) My favourite thing would be music, most definitely. Singing has always been a big part of my life :) and ofcourse my another favourites are books, coffee, IRELAND! (lived there for nearly 3 years, miss it terribly..)

message 27: by A.L. (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 26 comments Sleeping, eating and nature. Oh and Scotland

message 28: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) My favorite thing would definitely be writing. Next to that is reading. Outside of my fantasy worlds ;) I love capturing the world around me whether through a camera or with a pencil.

message 29: by A.L. (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 26 comments :)

message 30: by Tammy (new)

Tammy | 66 comments Drawing or painting , music

message 31: by Jill (new)

Jill O’Bones (jill_h_obones) | 10 comments Fishing by the river on a hot summer day. Great place to day dream. (that's one of the places I come up with story ideas.)

message 32: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
that sounds so lovely and relaxing

message 33: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) Summer time now: softball, hiking, floating, basically living outdoors ;)

message 34: by Cerys (new)

Cerys Lys (cerysdulys) | 4 comments I love listening to rain falling on tents or tin roofs or things like that where you can actually hear it and it makes a little more noise. There's a YouTube video I always listen to when I want to relax of "Rain Falling on a Tent."

I also love taking long, hot baths in big bathtubs. I don't have a big bathtub at the moment, which is a little upsetting, but I think baths are the best thing ever. Also, reading in the bath is really nice, too, but not 100% required. Bubbles and smelly scents are optional but suggested.

message 35: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Turner (tashaturner) | 28 comments I love bubble baths while reading, a glass of wine, and chocolate. We have a large bathtub but our water heater is not big enough to fill it so I sometimes boil water to pour in...

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