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Dinner in Naperville, IL for WOH signing

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message 1: by Elizabeth, bubbles (new)

Elizabeth (RedBrick) | 221 comments Mod
I checked out the amazing West of Here website....

Does anyone want to have dinner before or after Jonathan Evison appears in Naperville, IL on March 4th? My sister (reads FFRX, but doesn't post) and I are planning on being there for the book signing.

Shel? Would you like to meet in person? Is anyone else in the group in Chicago?

Jonathan, I am assuming that you are on a tight travel schedule and working, but if you have time, it would be great to meet you also. I am really enjoying West of Here, and I'm looking forward to getting a signed copy at Anderson's!

My house is always open for a hot meal, and downtown Naperville is very quaint with a number of great restaurants right by the book shop.

Well, hope this kind of post is ok... if not, let me know or just delete it....

message 2: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
. . . i think it works with my schedule! . . . shel has been kind enough to basically act as a personal escort, god love her!

message 3: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod

I'll be there! :)

Why don't you pick the place, Elizabeth -- and JE, the time is up to you and your schedule. I was planning on heading out in the early afternoon to do what we can to avoid traffic so Owen doesn't lose his mind in the car. :)

message 4: by Elizabeth, bubbles (last edited Feb 23, 2011 06:17AM) (new)

Elizabeth (RedBrick) | 221 comments Mod
Right on!

Let's see how everybody feels on the day and choose between Lou Malnati's Pizza, which is steps from Anderson's and La Sorella Di Francesca's which is around the block. If little Owen is a restaurant rock star, we could try Francesca's. If he is kind of tired from his day, we could do Pizza. Sound good?

If you get to Naperville early in the afternoon, the DuPage Children's Museum is a really fun place to play for a couple of hours. It is open on Fridays from 9am-8pm. This place is also a very short distance from your event.

Edit: The Snow Melted.

message 5: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
My kids' favorite restaurant of all time is Francesca's. I can tell they will love you. But either will be perfectly fine with us.

Lou Malnati's, JE, is pretty much the best Chicago deep dish you can get. Other people like other places (some people swear by Gino's East), but most of us go for Malnati's.

message 6: by Kerry, flame-haired janeite (new)

Kerry Dunn (kerryanndunn) | 886 comments Mod
I'm so glad that you all are planning a gathering around the Skipper's book signing! I myself will be driving to L.A. to attend both his signings there and can't wait to see him! I'm quite jealous that you two will get to see ALL the Evisons however! You give that Owen a squeeze from me.

message 7: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
aw, i wish you could see lauren and the boy, too, kerry! i wish you all could . .. on that note, all of you are welcome anytime--we've got a guest room!

message 8: by Kerry, flame-haired janeite (new)

Kerry Dunn (kerryanndunn) | 886 comments Mod
At least Lauren finally joined FB!

message 9: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
. . .okay, so my flight gets in at 3:10 in the afternoon, and i'm told traffic will be rough . . . thus, instead of checking into my hotel, i'm thinking, shel, maybe we should just meet at the airport, then go straight to the dinner . . .

. . . the event is at 7:00, and i should check in real quick, and maybe leave my bags at the bookstore, so maybe we should opt for the closer of the restaurants which have been suggested . . . and shoot for 5:15-5:30ish . . .?

message 10: by Patty, free birdeaucrat (new)

Patty | 896 comments Mod
This makes me happy.

Are L & O joining you for any of the other trips on your book tour?

message 11: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
That's fine, JE. We will pick you up at O'Hare and go straight out. At 3:30 it shouldn't be too awfully horrible terrible, traffic wise.

message 12: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
. . .thaks a trillion, shel . . . patty, lauren and owen will also be joining me in bellingham and portland!

message 13: by Matt, e-monk (new)

Matt Comito | 386 comments Mod
JE make sure you stop in our Barbara's stores if you fly through O'Hare!

message 14: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
. . . i will make a point on my way out, matt!!! . . . i'll give myself an extra hour of lead time on march 6-- tell barbara to expect me!

message 15: by Elizabeth, bubbles (last edited Mar 05, 2011 02:25AM) (new)

Elizabeth (RedBrick) | 221 comments Mod
You guys can't imagine how excited I am about meeting each of you and your families. I am also loving every story line of the novel.

As cloying as this might sound, I am a great baker. Not the twin set-and-ribbons type, but the nobody-can-resist-this-shit type.

I want to bake some treats for you guys to take with you, but I need to check.... any allergies? diabetics? vegans? or even (unlikely but possible) dislike of chocolate?

message 16: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
no allergies, no vegans, just two kids who would totally love you forever.

My son loves chocolate, my daughter is a vanilla/white chocolate type. You know, because you asked. ;)

message 17: by Elizabeth, bubbles (last edited Mar 05, 2011 02:35AM) (new)

Elizabeth (RedBrick) | 221 comments Mod
JE's voice beckoned Owen to the podium. Wish I also had a picture of JE's improvised bigfoot walk! Great, entertaining reading.


Thanks again so much for meeting me.

message 18: by Kerry, flame-haired janeite (new)

Kerry Dunn (kerryanndunn) | 886 comments Mod
Thanks for sharing the photo Elizabeth!

message 19: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
. . . elizabeth, it was such a pleasure meeting you and your awesome sister, too!

message 20: by Hugh, aka Hugh the Moderator (new)

Hugh | 271 comments Mod
Love that kid and this photo. (Wish I had been able to get onstage to get a shot of the crowds. For Chicago-area folks who missed it, it was staggering!)

And Elizabeth, as JE said, a pleasure.

message 21: by Pavel (new)

Pavel Kravchenko (pavelk) | 96 comments Oh, some of us area folks got to catch up in Lincolnshire the next day.

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