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Why I love this book....what do you love?

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Amber Baker There are lots of people who don't like it, but I want to know what you do like. Here's mine
It's not perfect, and i had to think about a lot of things before I could honestly say this. But that's part of why i like it. I had to really think about it.
I LOVE that they had a baby, and the baby grew so fast. Never would have thought of that. Was iffy on the Jacob imprinting but it's growing on me. Lets more open up for other books later. Liked the Alice disappearing twist and showing up at the last minute. At first was disappointed in not having a big fight at the end, but after I thought about it and the manner that the Volturi handle things it was right. It also leaves it open for a grand fight later on. So over all I'm pleased. The whole book is different than I expected but still very good.

Stephenie is a great storyteller and she'll get better as a writer as she continues to write. I'm excited to see what she has to come up with next.

message 2: by Leah (new) - rated it 1 star

Leah I guess that I did return the book, and I guess that means that I should hate it completely…but I don’t. I actually enjoyed parts of it, and would read those parts over (if I still owned a copy). I’ve grown a soft spot for Leah (and not just because that’s my name). I thought that she was the most relatable character throughout this whole book, and I really liked watching her grow and develop. Jacob and Leah’s new relationship was something that I could understand and enjoy. It was believable. Both of them had been broken and they understood each other to an extent....Anything that had to do with the packs appealed to me…I guess that I’m a wolf girl.

message 3: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg I thought about replying to those who hated the book. But I think joining in and saying the things that we did like is a whole lot better. I love the fact that Bella is a thinker--she is a worrier. She re-thinks everything over in her mind, Her mind is what protects her from all that she fears. I love that. I love that Edward loves Bella enough to let her see Jacob at her wedding. Even though he doesn't like it, he loves her enough to know what it means to her. He's confident in their love that it doesn't matter that she cares about Jacob. I kinda thought a baby would come into play somehow, but I didn't see it this way. I love that the baby seemed like it was going to be this "thing" and when she came she was nothing of the sort. She was beautiful and amazing!! She had no mean intent like you feared. Stephanie portrays the bond between Mother and child wonderfully. They do anything for their children! Women crave all sorts of weird stuff when they are prego, it made perfect sense (as gross as it is) to have her crave blood. I also liked the fact that she was special--that she didn't have to go through a whole year of newborn vampire training. It showed that she didn't completely lose herself when becoming a vampire--I mean who really wanted her to have to go through that. I'm not saying that she didn't go through any pain. I loved how Stephanie described Bella's pain when becoming a Vampire. It was madness, excruciating, intense--but Bella was strong. More than she ever knew, that's why she's so different from everyone!! Who wouldn't love that instead of Bella being weak and helpless, she was strong and determined. Determined not to let Edward feel any pain or guilt as she was going through agony. I do agree that I was all revved up for a big battle at the end and suddenly stopped, but I am okay with it. If you think about how the true battle was for Bella and that she had to belive in herself and her own strength that truly protected everyone she loved. It made sense. I know there are some that don't like it but I think it's meant to have a happy ending--A maiden in distress, Prince charming, Marriage, the Bonds of Family, new found friedships, Faith in yourself, and a Heroine--how could it end any other way. Kudos to Stephanie!!

Amber Baker That's exactly how I feel! You mentioned so many things I forgot about and loved too. I think Stephenie did a great job and I love it. I know that vampires getting people pregnant is a stretch from what was said in a previous book, but this is fiction. I read it because I love to be taken to another place, and another world and lose myself where anything at all is possible.

Sarah I loved how throughout the first three books Bella was always struggling to do her part and to help the people she loves even though she was the weakest. Sneaking away to protect her mom, endangering her life to stop Edward from ending his, and the whole 3rd wife thing, even though it wasn't necessary. Finally at the end she was able to do that more than she thought would ever be able to.

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Meg Leah--I didn't even mention Jacob or Leah in my forever long response earlier. But I wanted to say that I agree with you about their relationship. It was an interesting thing to watch. At one point I was hoping that he would imprint on Leah --all of a sudden but then realized that's not how it would go. But I have to say that as she went in to detail explaining Leah's pain, you finally understand her and for me I could totally relate to that pain. Who wants to hang out with the "ex", especially when your still in love with him. I did enjoy the fact that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee--it made all the pain and hardship that Jacob had to endure seem like it was all apart of fate. That the draw that each other had was special and not selfish like some people would say. Good comments though.

Amanda Hey Amber I just want to clarify something about your first comment... Stephanie Meyer has told us that this was the last book of the continuation of Edward and Bella's story. So their will not be any grand fight with the volturi in the future, or anything good coming from what happened with Jacob. It is over and done with. (Unless Stephanie does like she did in Breaking Dawn and breaks her own rules again.) I would LOVE it if she did write another book though.. and make up for the miserable book that we know as Breaking Dawn. Just my opinion. -Peace- Amanda

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Stephanie When i finished the book i couln't think of one good thing about it i thought it was awful! but then i realized i was just mad because it was over. but now i can just get excited over Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edwards perspective and i have to give Stephenie some credit, because that was the greatest plot twist ever! no one saw that coming! And i was so glad when Jacob imprinted on her baby and that he is over Bella in that way. it was getting really annoying. But after my week of upsetness i have to say I LOVE THIS BOOK

Amber Baker I know that she said that this was her last book from Bella's perspective. But with as many outtakes as she's done on her website from many other character's point of view, it leaves open a grand fight seen later on in some other characters book. One from Edward, or Jacob and Nessie, or even one of the others from another country.

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Amy i was really glad that jacob imprinted-- i felt so bad for him at the end of eclipse. I loved nearly all of Breaking Dawn, and i have to admit i was totally shoked at all the people who hated it. im so glad im not the only one who found things to like in it!!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!

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