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message 1: by Erich (new)

Erich | 38 comments Hi there,

I've come across a book The Case of the One Penny Orange listed with the author's pseudonym and real name. I'd rather keep it simple and just mention the pseudonym, the pseudonym's page already mentioning his real name.

But then I found Millie and Sally which seem to have been published first under the pseudonym (see but are now listed under the real name. So now I'm completely clueless... Is there any general rule?

Another example: Corinna Bille and S. Corinna Bille is the same author, but sometimes books are published with one, sometimes with the other name. Do you suggest to leave as is or to rename one author and merge the books with the same title?

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43545 comments Mod
DEFINITELY we never list authors like that ("X (Pseudonym of Y)"). I merged it with E.V. Cunningham.

For books published under both names, we like to list one as primary and one as secondary. Only if all editions have the same primary can they be properly combined.

For Bille, because they are so similar, I'd lean towards merging them into the longer version.

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