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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
((Dakota's and Nyesha's living quarters))

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Nyesha walked in and collapsed onto her bed. She couldn't believe it had only been a little while since the ship had launched. Six hours down, five years to go. She wasn't comfortable at all with entrusting her life to a huge hunk of metal in the sky, but anything was better than at home.

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Sky  (clear_sky) | 407 comments Mod
((Ok Dakota is gonna be in two places at once))

Dakota walked in a little later, rubbing her temples like she had a headache. She froze when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye, but relaxed when she recognized her roommate. "Hey," she said to Nyesha.

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