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The Outlaw's Return by Victoria Bylin

The Outlaw’s Return has a dog on the cover for a reason. Her name is Fancy Girl and she steals the story. J.T. Quinn, the hero and her owner, is a hardened outlaw struggling to change his ways. He and Fancy Girl are best friends, and she plays a key role in making J.T. the man he becomes.

I’ll never forget the night Fancy’s character snapped fully into place. My husband and I had just moved from Virginia to Kentucky and were staying with my in-laws. We had our dog with us. Hartley is a Jackabee, a Jack Russell-Beagle mix. He’s also a rescue dog, or I should say, a “rescued” dog. We adopted him at an event for Lost Dog Rescue. He was the cutest, quietest puppy there. We didn’t realize it, but he was quiet because he was terrified.

Over the next several months, we realized Hartley had issues we couldn’t understand. He was timid about everything, and he spent so much time under furniture that we joked about having a couch that barked. It took a lot of TLC, but Hartley came around. Unfortunately, when he was finally feeling secure, we moved from Virginia to Lexington, Kentucky, and the trauma sent him back under the couch.

His couch days ended the night he met Lima and Aura. Lima and Aura belong to my in-laws’ neighbors. Lima is a Husky. Aura is a Husky/Collie mix. These dogs are beautiful and extremely well trained. They’re also big. Imagine being Hartley and looking up at two giants. He was scared, and my husband and I felt sorry for him. Lima must have had the same instinct, because this big dog laid down on her side and took a submissive stance to our terrified Jack Russell.

It took Hartley several minutes to come near her. Even so, Lima didn’t budge. She just stayed on the floor, waiting for him to find his courage. He approached and backed off, approached again, sniffed, stopped and sniffed some more. Eventually they touched noses and Hartley made a friend.

This happened when I was just starting to write The Outlaw’s Return. I knew instantly that Fancy Girl would be like Lima and Aura. I’m grateful they helped my frightened little dog find his courage. They were a true inspiration and I’m grateful.

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Terri (terrie) | 253 comments Yay! Got the book today.

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Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 1035 comments Mod
It sounds really good, doesn't it? I have to admit, I can't wait to see how the dog steals the show.

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Terri (terrie) | 253 comments i am going to read this soon. I love this doggie cover.

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Ausjenny | 517 comments The book was on my doorstep the day I arrived home.

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Victoria Bylin (victoriabylin) | 18 comments I hope you all enjoy the book! It's good to hear that it's finding its way to readers everywhere . . . even in Australia!

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