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mazohyst Lyrics will be posted here! Mostly translations though. =]

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mazohyst Honey Vanity

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Farewell to this new deep suffering too
Ah, sadness! Hello
In elegance far too dazzling and bright

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Bits and peices fluttering down
Round and around merry-go-round
Ah, sadness! Farewell
"I think I'll try and shake things up"
Bright life merry-go-round

Knowledge*...it reflects
You smiled enticingly
And the pretend dancing girl
Faded into the waves of darkness
parched and torn apart in time

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Quickly dancing round
Round and around merry-go-round
Ah, sadness! Farewell
"I shall try crashing down"
Bright life merry-go-round

To my heart...it will flow down
You hold up a bloodstained hand
Everything is painted in wounds
The end means we'll be killed
You...even my heart, again...

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Undecided and faltering
Round and around merry-go-round
Ah, sadness! Hello
Forever hanging in midair
And oh, isn't it FUN

In your eyes I found my own eyes
And then et cetera...
Have you found yours in mine?

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mazohyst Promenade

In the wilderness I was standing alone
Optimistic while I listened to the wind paint circles around me
starting, breaking, stopping, it washed even my memories away
Authenticity no horizon, no matter how far I looked around

Without remembering even how to remember
I raised my eyes to the sky and opened them wide

A dim siluette reflected far off in the sky, flickering in and out
Optimistic while flowing tears of blood painted arcs
They slipped quickly by, and proclaimed I should go too
Authenticity without reason I'll wander on

Stirred up by something I set out
With no destination, the world lies open to me

I only keep walking. All along.
The wind creeps its way into my heart
Distance lasts endlessly. Long road.
I start out. Not to arrive; I've only gone

I knew it well. And with that I'm just on my way. Far and long.

Circling round I arrived at a place, and there I stood again
But isn't it the very same place? Paradoxical fabrication

I only keep walking more...
Flowers wet from the black velvet clad sky, a humming sound so cold
I followed it and above my heavy eyelids a butterfly was floating more...

Far, near...

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