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message 1: by maz (new)

maz (mazohyst) These videos aren't scary at all. Sadly, he has no music videos but at least take the time to listen to some music. :]

Honey Vanity (my favourite song, I have to say, his voice is extremely sexy)

Promenade (my second favourite)


Honey Vanity (Live)

message 2: by Katelin (Dollis Marry~), Hyde~ist o.o (new)

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1326 comments Mod
hey i like it, :D he sounds good, what i hear of him from here <3 ^^ in eve of destiny i could hear him, the music went over there voices, but now i can hear and kozi has a very beautiful voice :D hehe

message 3: by Lisa, SHINee first Tokyo Concert!!! (new)

Lisa (exo12ever) | 195 comments Mod
the first song is not too bad! haha ^^ but it's kind of slow... and i'm not really used to listening to Japanese so I don't like it THAT much... but it's pretty good... 6/10 points (idk i just decided to give points :)

message 4: by maz (new)

maz (mazohyst) I understand that you're more of a pop person so it's all about preferences I guess. =P If you watch the live version remix, it's much more faster. XD

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