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message 1: by gina~* (new)

gina~* | 125 comments Hey... I would like to read a romance that is pot related... Any romance in which marijuana is involved in any way.. Or any non-pot related set in/near Buffalo, NY. If you know of any please list them here.. I hope you guys can help me find one!!!! Thanks!

message 2: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 721 comments Virgin River talks about marijuana growers. Unholy Ghosts mentions she smokes marijuana among other things. And there was one where the mother became a smoker for medicinal reasons in the 1700s but I can't remember the name of that book.

message 3: by gina~* (new)

gina~* | 125 comments Oh Thank you!!! I'm going to hunt those down now.. Yay!

Diane ~Firefly~ | 1427 comments Charlie All Night the hero is undercover to find a pot dealer.

Give Him the Slip the heroine finds a stash of drugs which leads her to asking the hero for help. I don't remember what type of drugs though.

message 5: by Lacy (new)

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1863 comments Charm School by Susan Wiggs The two main characters smoke weed together before their first sexual encounter with each other. I gave the book 3 stars.

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