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Thanks to Cassa, an idea for a fundraiser to help the animals we are trying to stand up for has been introduced. There are many ways to help. The ASPCA, the Humane Socioty, and many other animal charities have websites where you could donate. Or, you can post and discuss other ideas for how we can raise money. All options will be considered and debated. This idea was entirely Cassa's.

message 2: by Haven Angel (new)

Haven Angel you dont have to give me credit for it,
im sure other popele thought of it too

message 3: by Haven Angel (new)

Haven Angel k so i have anyhtoer amazing idea jk
anyway what if we had a group magazine thingy

message 4: by Haven Angel (new)

Haven Angel for instance each person makes their own page about things they feel strongly about
like one could chose puppy milles
one could chose happy storys or a happy stories
some one could do recipies (ex dog food not to get the wrong idea) for animals

stuff like taht

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

We would need quite a few people, but i would need copyrighting rights to maybe see if I could publish it. It would take awhile, but it might work

message 6: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (oerose) yep... i'll post ads in other groups. and since i'm assuming we don't all live close to each other, we could all do little things in our community and post them here. i'll create a topic.

message 7: by Haven Angel (new)

Haven Angel exactly why we need telaportation,! SCIENTISTS HURRY UP AND BE EINSTINE TIMES 1000000000000000000000000

message 8: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (oerose) right... because that will happen real soon.

message 9: by Haven Angel (new)

Haven Angel oh ya!!!

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Become an angel for animals at the ASPCA. Or, like me, you can fill out a sheet to become a volenteer. You can walk dogs, play with kittens, feed both, and make sure they're properly cared for. Or, you can foster animals so that they are ready for adoption. Every little thing you do counts.

message 11: by Haven Angel (new)

Haven Angel ya i was gona do volintering but something happnd oh well ill try aguian!
but it also depends on what sheletr your volintering at too

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) That's true.

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