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Knock yourselves out.

βεℓℓα のαωη ((With pleasure :D *deep bow*))

Sean was traveling. Actually, he was sitting in a tavern, but he was traveling. He drank from the water skin he had, sitting at a rounded table in the corner. Perhaps it would have been better to just sleep outside in the forest. The people were drunk, noisy, sloppy, and the beds weren't much anyway. The only reason Sean was staying for the night at that tavern was because it was raining heavily outside. It was near midnight, and Sean was tired, so he headed past the wobbly folk crowding the room, went to the stairs and to his room. He didn't bother undressing or even getting under the covers. He just plopped down onto the bed and took less than two minutes to be in a deep sleep. Despite the noise from below. Sean could be a deep sleeper when he wanted to be, yet once there is danger nearby, his instincts become in control of his body and he would be aware, eyes open, dagger or sword in hand, and his body tense and ready to move, before he was even halfway awake. That night, a few hours later, that before mentioned instinct kicked in and Sean found himself already on the stairs, cloths rumpled and a dagger in his hand. He didn't even remember getting out of his bed. He looked around the downstairs area. The crowd was thinner, but still there, laughing and drinking, yet most of them were passed out on the ground. That was one reason Sean didn't drink. He hated not having control over his body ... instincts he had to live with, they didn't count. Sean wondered what had bugged those instincts that night. Then a woman screamed and stepped away from the center of the room. A man lay dead, stabbed silently midst the drinking and laughing. Sean inspected the body from where he stood on the stairs. He defiantly had the power to sense death and trouble, but the way his instincts had brought him up and out to the stairs ... this death was not what had triggered it. Sean had found no clue or collected any theories the rest of the night.

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Twixe, couldn't fly. It was raining out and her wings were to heavy to lift, from rain. She came across a tavern though, door slightly open, so she went in. It was very busy, she was afraid she would get stepped on! But she needed a place to stay until her wings dried. So she stayed hidden by a leg of a table. "What a waste of trees!" She thought, "Why can't they just eat of the ground! It's not poisonous!" Using pieces trees was fine to Twixe, but KILLING them! It was horrid! Just then she sensed a dark peresce come into the tavern. The humans froze, LITTERALLY! She could sense all but two were frozen. "All but two," she thought. She immediately knew what it was. Some humans were immune to it's power. The one's that had magic,not all knew they did though. Twixe was of course immune because she was a fairy, a magical being. A man, one who had not been frozen, looked around at all the other people. It appeared as a dark mist. Twixe knew what would happen next. So her wings were still damp, but she could fly in short little leaps. So she leaped up the stairs to see who the other person was. It's was a sandy haired boy. ((Sean)) Twixe hopped up onto the bed and looked at the boy. She was inclined, to do the following. She had regained most of her flight now. She hovered above his eyes, then flew down to his nose and tickled it so she could wake him up. Just then the mist came in the room. Twixe called. She HAD to protect the boy. With no second thought (Including the fact that she was only three inches high.) she charged at the mist. It crushed and smashed her, then spit her out into the middle of the room. But luckily, the boy woke up and the mist faded away. He jumped up and ran down the stairs with dagger in hand. Twixe hear a woman scream. She couldn't care, she knew she might fade. But she thought "It's ok, the boy will find me and save me. I saved him," (sorta) But she passed out before see could she him save her. ((SHE DIDN'T DIE! SHE PASSED OUT!))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((lol finally! Ur the first person who posts as long as me! :D))

Sean frowned and closed his eyes. He could sense the danger. He knew there was something. He heard something, probably wasn't even a sound, and headed back to his room. It was empty, but there was something small on his bed. He went over and looked at it. A fairy. He had seen forest fairies only twice before. He wasn't sure, but it looked like it was unconscious. He gently picked it up, careful of the delicate wings. He had heard many stories, one said that if you placed a dying or badly injured forest fairy in a flower, the petals would enclose over the fairy and heal it. Actually, heal her. Sean could tell by her face and hair it was female. He ran with graceful ease down the stairs, outside in the rain, and went to the dirt road, where flowers always grew. He found a large enough yellow flower with long drooping petals and laid the fairy inside. Slowly the petals crossed over her, to start the healing process. Sean watched with interest. He had never held a fairy, let alone see forest fairy magic at work, he had just seen the two flying by. Sean sat down and waited.

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((YAY! You posted! Posting long is fun when you can do it. (: ))

Twixe woke up groggily in a yellow flower. "I had an awful dream," she thought, and peeled back the petals of the flower. She squealed and said "It wasn't a dream!" and started flying around frantically. Then she noticed the boy, flew around him a couple times, then landed on the flower, bent the petals over her a little bit so her wings wouldn't get any wetter, and looked at him.

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βεℓℓα のαωη Sean looked at the fairy and smiled. He leaned back on his hands and looked up at the sky, closing his eyes and letting the rain hit his face, running through his already damp hair and clothes. "You know, I didn't know for certain if the flower would work. I'm relieved it did. Would be a lot of sorrow in the forest if not." He turned his head, looking at where a single ray of light shone from the horizon, announcing the dawn and end of the rain, it was slowing even now. Sean smiled at the fairy. "I suppose if you are alright, I will be on my way." He stood slowly, his soaked clothes sticking to him.

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Twixe was sad that the boy was leaving. She didn't want him to, and she had a crazy idea. Twixe didn't usually act on impulse, but it was different this time, and it might be beneficial to have a friend who wasn't a tree. So she flew over to him and landed on his shoulder, and said, "Thank you," then she paused "Would it be alright if I came with you?" she asked.

βεℓℓα のαωη Sean looked at her a second, then smiled gently. "Of course. As long as you don't mind leaving your forest, I travel quite a bit."

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Twixe considered this a bit, but she couldn't remember a time when she wasn't in the forest. "New experiences are good," she thought. So, she shook her head no, she didn't mind.

βεℓℓα のαωη Sean nodded once. "My name is Sean. What is yours?" He started walking along down the road. He didn't have much besides some coins, the daggers and sword on his belt, and the clothes he wore.

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"I'm Twixe," she said. Twixe didn't have much either. Just some fairy money and a flute/whistle thing.

((Idk what else to do. XD))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((lol me neither... We need to get more ppl in here, they could make a bad guy or something :D))

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((One eye or Newt should come in... *Taps foot and looks and watch* Any time now, any time...))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((haha.))

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((Hold up. Is it still raining? If it's not, could it start to spontainiously rain?))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((still raining, it's dawn as in morn right now))

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Amorie was walking down the street, careful not to get her legs wet. One drop of water, and her legs would turn into a koi tail. While she was walking, she was singing under her breath.
"Shojoji. Shojoji. Shojoji. Shojoji. Shojoji. Shojoji. Shojoji, Koi Koi."

βεℓℓα のαωη Sean looked up. "Hear something, Twixie?" It sounded like singing, far away. Sean had more enhanced senses, like sight and hearing, than a normal human. He just took it as a skill to block out all unnecessary noices and listen for danger, more from the law than anything else though.

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Amorie looked up and saw a guy. She took no notice. "Ooh hee la moh ooh ka leh teh. Ponpoco pon noh pon. Mah ke luna. Oh sho sahn nee. Mee nah de the. Mee nah de teh. Koi koi."

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Natalie walked down the street wearing her sweater.She made sure her wings where wrapped around her carefully

βεℓℓα のαωη Sean saw Amorie. He peered at her. Then he smiled and waved. "Hi there! What's a mermaid doing out of the water?" She wouldn't seem like a mermaid to someone else, but Sean had traveled just about everywhere and seen almost everything. He knew a mythical creature when he saw one.

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Amorie looked up abruptly. "Ummm... n-n-nothing." She stuttered, nervously twirling a finger through her scarlet hair. "And you? WHat are you?"

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Twixe saw the mermaid too. "She's only half mermaid," she whispered to Sean.

βεℓℓα のαωη Sean looked at Twixie, then glanced at Amorie. He bowed and smiled at her. "Just a human. Some call me a thief, a highway man, a wanderer, a traveler, some other names I would rather not speak in front of two ladies, but still just human. My name is Sean. What is yours?"

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"Amorie." She said softly, giving a small curtsie. "And I have also been called names that I have been told shouldn't come out of a ladie's mouth." She said with a small grin. "And you fairy? I'm not ignorant of your presence."

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βεℓℓα のαωη ((lol did anyone else see the site announcment????? New 'G' it's hilarious!!!!))

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((??? I didn't see that.))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((click on 'home' and it'll be at the top :D))

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Natalie heard people talking and lifted her head

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((Lolz. Tatooed on your body.))

Amorie sensed someone behind her and turned around. "Hello." She said to Natalie.

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Natalie looked at her"Hey"

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"I'm Amorie, and you are?"

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"Im Natalie"Natalie said holding out her hand

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Amorie shook Natalie's hand, hoping she didn't notice how her skin was slightly like scales. "And what are you?"

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"Hello," Twixe said.

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"What do you mean"Natalie said noticing the scales but didnt say anything

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"I'm guessing this is some little mythics meeting or something." She asked, eyes wide and honest.

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Twixe giggled at that comment.

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Natalie sighed"Im an Avian person and i have wings to"Natalie said low like a whisper

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"Oh. Cool." She said, glancing nervously at the sky. "I better get inside. You know, rain."

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Natalie sighed

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Twixe flew over to Amorie, "It's not a mthyics meeting, by the way. It's just fate," she said and flew over to Sean and landed on his shoulder again.

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Natalie looked at rhe girl with wings and smiled

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Twixe smiled back.

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Natalie sighed"We should get out of this rain"

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"Yeah, before I sprout a tail." She said, heading for the closest building.

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Twixe nodded, her wings were getting all wet again.

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Natalie followed Amorie

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