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Kristi (kristicoleman) THE END!!! What did you think?

Kristi (kristicoleman) OK, I'm going to say it...this is officially my favorite classic!

I loved the ending! Fosco is killed, for being a traitor to the brotherhood, Laura has a baby, and said baby becomes the heir to Limmerige! I did feel sorry for Pesca though, he seemed very distraught, I hope his friendship with Walter survived! It also looks like Sir Percival was really killed in the Vestry.

This is so AWESOME! This was such a well written book, very understandable, and also very mysterious. I felt like I was being led through a labrynth, and there was always something popping out around each blind turn. If only mysteries no days were always so well crafted!

Jillian Agreed Kristi. A fantastic classic. I really felt like these characters were my friends by the end of the novel. Marian is such an incredible character; she remained my favorite throughout the book.

Plus, who doesn't love it when the villain gets his due??

I have to thank this group too for being so wonderful and welcoming! I would have never discovered this book had this group not been reading it. So thank you:) I look forward to our next read together!!

Andrea Jillian, it was so great having you as part of our group! I'm really enjoying getting to know you here and over at 75! You have a lot of great input on our reading and it has really helped to keep the conversation going. I am very glad you found us!

Kristi (kristicoleman) Jillian, I agree with Andrea! It's been really fun getting to know you and having your input on the boards!

Heather (heathera77) Hi all. I've just joined this group. I've recently just finished reading this book after reading it in chunks on another book forum - babbling books. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was well written and had lots of intrigue and pace. I loved Marian's character all the way through, the only down side I thought was at the end, would she really be happy just to live with Laura and Walter and their family? Would she not want to forge her own life? Either as a working woman or to meet someone she could marry? Otherwise, I agree a fabulous book.

Andrea Welcome Heather! I have to agree with you as this is one of the best classics I have read and I think Marian should of had a more meaningful life.

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