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Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
Do you have a favorite American Revolution reference you use often? This could be a book or even a website that you've come across. Please share with the group any reference you rely on when you want to learn more about the Revolutionary War.

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Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
One of my favorite references is this book:

A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution by Theodore P. Savas

A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution

I find that looking up battles in this guide enhances whatever I'm reading, especially if it is a biography that mentions numerous RevWar battles.

For each battle, there is the Date, Region, Commanders, Time of Day/Length of Action, Weather Conditions, Opposing Forces plus narratives of the British Perspective, American Perspective, Terrain, The Fighting, Casualties, Outcome/Impact, and what the area is like Today. Most all battles also have some sort of map, too.

There are also lists of Campaigns and Battles, the Regiments involved in this conflict, and an Appendix of Battles by state.

I would definitely suggest you make this book a part of your RevWar library. You will refer to it again and again.

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Wilson Hines (wilsonhines) Good suggestion David. A friend of mine told me today he started reading 1776 a few years ago and just stopped after about 25 pages...he's not a big reader at all. I told him probably the best thing he could do is take a college textbook and read it's chapter on the Revolution or the Civil War or whatever as a "survey" before going head long into a 400+ page book. I think resources such as what you've suggested or a textbook give an overview that is essential.

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