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The Lonely Angel ((START))

The Lonely Angel ((where do you wanna start? just from the games?))

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) ((How 'bout, like, the day before the reaping.))

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((well, how exactly are we going to do this?))

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) ((Toche.))

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((yeah... because I'm sure none of us want to kill our characters...))

The Lonely Angel ((hmmm, we can make up imaginary charries as we go, like if your gonna kill someone just make up someone on the spot so no one misses them))

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((um... alright. That could work... So maybe we should start at the reaping because we don't have people in the same districts, right...?))

The Lonely Angel ((sure, whatever you guys want))

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((Okay, I'm going to start at the reaping. If you want me to change it, I will.))

Jurnee stood in the crowd with people of her age. She closed her eyes with a small sigh after they called the boy from her District, he was only 12. She looked up to the stand as the woman went to the large glass ball that held the names for the girls in the District. She held her breath, thinking that she was so close to not having to be chosen anymore. If she could just make it through one more year...

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The Lonely Angel Aimee stood with the other 12 year old in her district.The lady went to the ball and drew a name.Aimee had done everything her brother had said and not put anything extra.

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The woman put her hand in the jar and Jurnee felt like she was going to pass out just thinking about being pulled from the jar. They pulled out a slip of paper and unfolded it, Jurnee watching them intently. Raising the paper in the air, the woman announced loudly and a bit too happily, "Jurnee Black!"

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Arcasia was on her last year of having to be entered. Of course she had gotten tesserea for her foster family, but not that much. She smiled silently to herself. This'll be the second to last year Arcasia Huntman will have to be in that glass ball. There was no way, after six years she'll get picked. When the pink haired lady piped up "Ladies first!" There were butterflies in her stomach. They quickly turned into bats as she heard the last sound that she wanted to hear. "Arcasia Hunterman."

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The Lonely Angel Aimme wasnt expecting it when the lady yelled her name."Aimee Gonzales"Her stomach heaved but she walked up to the stage.No one volunteered.

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Arcasia slowly sauntered up on stage, pretending to be cool and collected. "And may the odds be ever in your favor."

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The Lonely Angel Aimee felt her eyes start to sting, threatening tears.But she had to be strong for her brother and father.She had to.

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Jurnee's sea blue eyes went dull, she knew no one would volunteer for her. She started up to the stage, the crowd parting before her. As she walked, her golden hair flowed behind her and she decided to keep her head high, though tears were threatening her calm, put together stature.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee stood on the stage and looked out at everyone.Still no volunteers.But of course not, what was she expecting, the whole crowd to ask to take her place?Of course not.

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How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 38 comments Jace stood with all the other boys, today was reaping day, the day feared by all of districts 12, they weren't trained for this unlike other Districts, the children werent even put into the mines untill the age of 19, and almost everyone was staveing, Jace was a fairly tall teen about 5'8 only 100 pounds you could count everyone of his Ribs, there was no fat on his body just pure muscle, his hair was a sandy gold that worked in perfect contrast with his dark gray eyes that many people of District 12 had, but Jace's eye has light blue flecks which came from his father he never speaks of, holding both of his hand are his younger twin brothers Zac and Matt, only age 12 they where going to have to stand here 6 more times, having there hearts stop 6 more times as the boy tribune name is call, hoping it wasn't a friend or family, but everyone knew that whoever's name was called was someone friend, was someone child, a sister, a bother, someones secret crush who will never know the truth now, because once their name was called, that was it, you'd be sealing your death. Jace looks up at the stage at a clear glass ball filled with tiny white slips of paper, on 42 of those slips was the name 'Jace Oak', every year from the day Jace turned 12, he needed to take out 5 Tesserae for his family could survive but he had forbidden his sibling to take out any. A women with disgustedly bright pink hair, and the high pitch Capital voice that sent shivers down Jace's spine walked on to the stage "ladies Frist!" she said, as she reached her hand in and pulled out a slip, and said the Girl tribune name's way to cheerfully it made him sick, then the girl walk up to the stage, it could easyliy be seen that she was scared, no one Volunteered, no one ever did. Then the women takes out the boy's slip the name she called out wasn't Jace Oak, but this name echoed out trough the cowred, Jace couldn't even realize who's name it was as the little 12 year boy walked on stage, Zac Oak, the 12 year old who has only one slips in 1000's "No!" the words where out of his mouth before Jace could understand what was happening, in a mater of second Jace is running onto the stage, pushing the little boy behind him "no! I'll do it! I Volunteer!" Jace said, then everything was a blur, he was Standing next to the other Tribune and the women's vioce ringing out "Happy Hunger Games!, May the Odds be Ever in your Favor!"

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The Lonely Angel Aimee watched silently as Jace Oak walked up.She didnt know him but he must be Zac's brother.No one else would have volunteered.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee felt tears in her eyes.God must hate me to be sending me to my doom.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee let a tear fall.No one would save her.Her fate was sealed in stone like the ten commandments.She let another fall and felt her whole body go stiff.She wouldnt shake, not infront of daddy and her brother.She barely listened to the lady as she talked.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee felt tears drip down her face and she couldnt stop it.She was usually so nice and calm but then again, she hadnt been expecting this.Her daddy wouldnt have a little girl anymore.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee felt the cameras on her but she didnt care.She wanted he Capitol to feel bad about what they were doing to little Aimee.

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The Lonely Angel She wiped her eyes and looked through the crowd.Jamie wasnt here.He must have left when her name was pulled.He might get in trouble for that later but right now she was just glad he couldnt see her like this.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee stared at the ground.It was almost time to go.She watched as their mentor came on stage.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee just listened and nodded when the lady nodded.She wasnt paying attention to them.She was already thinkning strategy.

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The Lonely Angel She felt hungry so she reached in her pocket.She almost pulled out her mini jar of pickles but she remmembered and stopped her hand from coming out.She pulled her hand out after releasing the jar.She felt fresh tears in her eyes.They were supposed to be a snack to share with her friends after school tommorow.But there wouldnt be school for her tommorow.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee looked around.Not a tear in sight.She wasnt the only one crying of course.Others had tears on the inside.

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The Lonely Angel ((sure,lets go ahead and leave. if anyone else joins they can just start wherever we are.))

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The Lonely Angel ((i'll go ahead and post where we leaving.))

Aimee looked around and saw the lady motion for them to follow her.She looked at Jace and walked ahead of him.She already knew she had to get him to form an allaience with her, or else she was a goner.

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The Lonely Angel ((i forgot where they go))

Aimee looked around but had no idea where she was going.

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The Lonely Angel ((i think they go to those train thingies, if not well then oh well. thats where they goin))

Aimee looked up and saw the train station.She looked back but she couldnt see her brother or daddy.She looked down at her finger.Guess this is my little thing i get to take with meShe looked at her ring.It was her mother's wedding ring.Her daddy let her where it today.Guess it would be with her till death do they part.

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The Lonely Angel Aimee got into the train and collapsed onto the ground.

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 38 comments ((Im gonna back track a little, sorry!, and they go to the justice building for the goodbyes))
Jace looked over at the Girl who was crying next to him, he felt bad she only looked About Zac and Matt's age, he sighed, "Jace!" his name was called out by a little girl who couldn't be older then 5 running onto the stage "I love you" the little girl said on the verge of tear as Jace picked her up "I know Joy, i know" he said to his Sister, then he stared into the camera, he eyes saying the words he couldn't say aloud Do you want to Shatter her heart when she learn her Brother isn't coming home? then Joyce get rips From Jace's arms by a peacekeeper,and him and the other Tribune where shoved into the justice building for the goodbyes, Jace's goodbye where filled with tears and hugs, but Jace never cryed, he didnt want the children's last memories of him to be all Shot-nosed, and red eyes, but as the goodbye came to the end, his mother hugged him for the last time, Kissing his cheek, then ties a leather Charm Necklace around his neck just be before Jace was dragged off to the Train, once they gone inside, the girl tribune Collapsed to the ground, kneeling down next to her he lays a gentle hand on her shoulder "Hey? are you okay?" he asks as he helps her back to her feet

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Jojo (goodreadscommommiejojo) ((god y'all are going to make me cry again over the hunger game series!!DX))

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The Lonely Angel ((ugh, sorry.))

Aimee shook her head."Im never gonna see Jamie or daddy again."She felt her eyes burn but she had no tears left."Jamie told me it would be ok though."

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The Lonely Angel Aimee sighed and stood up.I cant waste time crying She looked over to the boy tribute."Hi, Im Aimee.I dont think hearing your name from someone else counts as an introduction."She smiled and grabbed her jar out of her pocket."Want some?"

((it has hamburger dill pickles,yum))

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The Lonely Angel ((you not on my train :( but if Jace doesnt eat them then she keep them until they get to the capitol))

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 38 comments Jace shook his head "no thank you, and I'm Jace" he said then looked down, his hand going to the necklace around his neck he sighs ands goes over to the window he sit on the ground watching as the farming lands of 11 come into view

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Jmart ((Dang there a lot of post here!!! >_<))

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The Lonely Angel Aimee came to sit next to him."If it makes you feel better, I like your token."She tried smiling but it looked forced.

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 38 comments Jace looked up at the girl and faked the smile on his face, he was playing with the little Raven charm and sighed "thanks...." he mutters looking back out the window, he could feel the tears in his eyes but he blinks then away angrily

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The Lonely Angel Aimee held out her hand."Daddy didnt have anything for me, but he forgot to take back Momma's wedding ring so i guess its my token now."She felt tears in her eyes and couldnt blink them back.

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The Lonely Angel ((yeah, they on train and i guess they supposed to watch the other reapings, its been awhile since i read the book.))

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The Lonely Angel Aimee sighed and walked to where the T.V. was.She sat down and looked aver at Jace."You wanna watch the reaping with me?"

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How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 38 comments Jace was going to say something but then the tv swiced on, the Reaping where playing they started with 12, on the sceen was showing Zac's name being called, Jace walking onto the stage pushing the Little Zac behind him, his face stone as he said those 2 words I volunteer then he walks over to stand next to the girl, Joyce running on stage telling him that she loves him, and then the wrost part, Jace glaring into the camra, the look in his eyes was like he was challenging the Capiot to kill him, then even showed the Peacekeeper ripping Joyce out of his arms, Jace looked scary, hollow. Jace looked Away from the tv and sighed

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The Lonely Angel Aimeecouldnt help but feel her sisterly duties kick in.She walked up to him and gave him a hug."Its gonna be ok Jace.They can make it without you.You need to learn to make it without them."She felt tears in her eyes.That was what Jamie had told her.She could pretend, if even for a little while, that Jace was the big brother she would never have again.

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 38 comments Jace sighed, his body tenses but slowly he wraps his arms around her, pulling her closer he sighs, "your right Aimee" he mumbles in her ear, then he pulls away wiping her tears aways "don't cry Aimee" he said softly

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The Lonely Angel This*is*ur*life*r*u*who*u*want*to*be? wrote: "Jace sighed, his body tenses but slowly he wraps his arms around her, pulling her closer he sighs, "your right Aimee" he mumbles in her ear, then he pulls away wiping her tears aways "don't cry Aim..."

She smiled at him."Then you cant cry either.Promise?"Aimee held out her pinkie."Pinkie promise."

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