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Kristi (kristicoleman) Ok eveyone (especially those of us who read too far) here is Week 11's thread! Only 2 more weeks to go.

Out of curiosity, would you like me to post the next 2 weeks threads so that, if you feel the urge, you can just finish the book and post your thoughts?? Let me know.

AM10000 Sounds good to me! I am just now in this section, but I might read ahead and finish according to the original schedule. :)

Andrea I have to confess that I got so into I went ahead and I should finish this weekend at the latest.

Kristi (kristicoleman) ok, I will post the other two threads.

Andrea Thanks Kristi!

Jillian Just finished this section. Glad to see the mystery of the Laura/Anne similarity is starting to clear up.

Fosco never ceases to amaze me. Percival was (is? I'm not entirely convinced that he's dead) a loose cannon, but Fosco is really quite the calculating villain. I'm amazed that he was able to find the trio so quickly. And I'm quite curious to see how Walter manages this monster. Anyone else get the impression that Fosco had a hand in Percival's death? I always felt that at the end of the day, Fosco worries about Fosco and just crushes any obstacle (including people) in his path.

Only two weeks left? Wow. This really has been a fantastic experience. Thanks to everyone for your insightful commentary!!

Denise (momtoconnor) I just finished this section too! Hoping to finish the next part this weekend!

I really, really dislike Fosco and I don't think Percival is dead yet either. I think they arranged for someone to get killed to make it seem like he died so he could recreate himself.

I'm glad Laura and Walter got married, but I do feel a little bit bad for Marian being the third wheel at times.

Can't wait to see how this is going to end! Fosco has got to end up getting his just rewards soon!

Kristi (kristicoleman) ugh...I just finished this section...Fosco is smarmy! I agree with everyone else too, I don't think that Pervical is dead, I need more proof. Ok, I'm off to read some more!!

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