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message 2: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments ...Huh. That's going to be a problem, if Kindle magazines are getting an ASIN assigned to each issue. We keep journal issues as books if they are "substantially book-like" only, which at first glance would not seem to include this magazine although I could be wrong about that.

message 3: by Riikka (new)

Riikka (rakuna) | 61 comments Am I right if I assume these are auto-imported from Amazon? If so, maybe they should be NABed? I'm very green when it comes to this issue, but based of what I've read I think it's no use to delete them. They'll just be re-imported.

message 4: by MissJessie (new)

MissJessie | 874 comments Why not just label them Periodical under format type and at the bottom under Media Type?

There are lots of periodicals on GR, and as I understand it, they are not encouraged but not disallowed. There are many many issues of Analog, and other Sci Fi mags, for example.

I have labeled the ones I come across as Periodical, BTW.

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