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(((Here it is! We can just make one post for our charries which we can edit as we want to add characters!))

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((wait, what do you want to roleplay about?))

Name: Carleton
Age: 21
Gender: male
Appearance: He has black hair, grey eyes and pale skin.
Personality: He is a calm faced boy who is always stubborn and makes any girl mad. ((Girls don't fall for him because he will only tease you more.))
History: Satoshi lived with his mother ever since he was five. His mother was gone for a day and she was killed by someone by magic, sword, or shot. He lived in his house in the middle of the city, forest, kingdom, or town. He was trained by wizards to become a powerful sorcerer.
Family: Mother but she died.
Crush: none
Other: Satoshi is a wizard.

((Maybe if we have a fantasy roleplay? I making him a knight, or a wizard depends on what roleplay we are doing. I'm not in a writing mood because this is the lamest character profile I ever posted.))

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Name: Dannan (pronounced like Dane + nan) Vaulk
Age: 19
Personality: cocky, courageous, loves to laugh
Appearance: long-ish red hair, hazel eyes, short (duh) but not as broad as other dwarfs.
Weapon: Battle ax
Other:always has his battle ax with him.
Back story: He lived a typical dwarfish childhood: His parents lived in the dwarfish clan Vog, and raised him and his nine siblings in the typical dwarfish way. He left his home at an early age, which is typical among his clan. However, he did not marry, as he wanted adventure. He left the clan to see the world. He has learned the culture of many other races including the elf, humans and even trolls. He has not seen his family, nor his clan since that day he first left.

Crush: not likely..
Family: His parents are back with the clan
Power(s): Dwarves aren't a magical races, so none

Name:Rennyn Ashiren
Species: elf
Personality: Ambitious, adventure loving, chivalrous, bit vain.
Appearance: "tall, dark and handsome" dark brown hair, dark green eyes.
Other: Girls tend to fall over him.
Back Story: His parents are very influential and well known in high elf society. They raised Rennyn and his siblings to follow in their footsteps. Rennyn excelled in music, sword play, horseback riding, languages, etc etc etc. He often competed with the prince! However, Rennyn doesn't have a drop of magic in his blood-- which is abnormal because all elves can perform even minor magic. Spells and other sorcerer practices were included in his lessons, and he knows them all perfectly... the only problem? Nothing happens no matter how hard he tries.
Despite Rennyn's arguments, his father entered his son into a Mage competition... After utterly embarrassing his family Rennyn left home and hasn't been back since. He met Dannon in a small town and they have been traveling together ever since.

Name: Kymin Leah (pronounced: Lee-uh)
Age: 25
Gender: male
Species: human-mage
Personality: determined, protective, great leader
Appearance:long blond hair, 'sparkly' green eyes.
Here's a general idea: , ,
Weapon: staff, sword, bow
Other: Prince of the Elves
History: TBA

Name: Ren
Age: 19
Gender: M
Race: Human
Appearance: shaggy blond hair, blue eyes. Tall, lean

Personality: Brash, spunky, full of energy, loves excitement, easily pulled into a fight
History: Separated from his parents as an early teen. Does odd jobs to earn money and food. Ren tried to be honest, but when a group of thugs scammed him, he fell into a huge debt to them. He couldn't pay it off his measly wages, so he resorted to thievery. He robbed many wealthy elves and humans, including the elvish royalty.


Name: Mia Leah
Age: 20
Gender: F
Race: Elven

Personality: Outgoing, bubbly, smart, quick witted
History: TBA
Family: Kymin
Other: Elven Princess

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Name: Cecilia Danifalinolavon
Age: 20
Gender: female
Appearance: description

Personality: She is a girl that is always curious but doesn't like talking to any guy. She may look pretty but she really doesn't care about her appearance as much but will if parents want her to. She looks at the stars to guide herself to the path of magic and spirits. She may seem a little weird but deep down she is a regular person.
History: Cecilia had an uneasy life filled with sorrow and content. She always was being laughed at because of her magic and being envied by people who noticed that she was ahead in magic. Cecilia is always ahead because of her curiosity. She loves being curious but at the same time she thinks it is a curse that she will never stop, making her learn more than she should.
Cecilia just found out that Rennyn was her childhood friend. For all of the year she had lost her childhood memories she finally realizes that Rennyn lost his magical ability for trying to get rid of her miserable memories because she always suffers with them. He accidentally wipe out all of her memories leaving her to remember her name and also forgetting about him. Cecilia also finds out that the grove, her home since she was 12, the year she had forgotten her childhood memories, was a death place to trap Cecilia, she still does not who she really is but she is a powerful caster, and Rennyn, the son of two powerful magical casters.
Family: All of her family is no where to be seen
Crush: none.....and is too dense to fall any guy. It might be her best friend Rennyn but who knows she is too dense to notice that she likes him.
Other: Cecilia is an elf-sorceress.

Name: Waterla Rindalodian (THE ELDER)
Age: 25
Gender: female
Family: None
Crush: None

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((medieval like right?))

Cecilia was riding her horse around her species's grove as she just finished her magic lessons with an elder. Since she finished her lesson for today, she decides to explore around the grove and in the forest if she has time. She loves going around the grove seeing creatures or wizards passing by her grove searching for a trace if elves existed.

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
"Rennyn," Dannon whined, "When can we stop? Where are we even gooooing?" Rennyn had been dragging the poor dwarf Dannon through this random forest all day! He didn't even seem to have a purpose for it.
"You'll see, you'll see!" Rennyn called back to his short friend.

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Cecilia finally got into the forest and smiled at her horse while she rode on. "I love having my break after a boring magic lesson but it is for me to be the next elf-sorceress," smiled Cecilia as she was talking to her horse, Blackmoon. She didn't know that there was another elf and a dwarf walking in the forest.

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Dannon froze, holding his battle ax up warily, "Rennyn did you hear that? I think someone else is in the forest."

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Cecilia rode until her horse saw Rennyn and Dannon. Blackmoon began to act wild as Cecilia was hold on tight and fell from a high height and went infront of Black. "Calm down Blackmoon, calm down! Drop that ax because you are scaring him!"

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Dannon turned at the sound of the excited horse.
"Who are you?" he called, not dropping his ax. Rennyn grinned at the elf girl, pushing his hair back. He didn't move to draw his sword.

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"Blackmoon, calm down. Do you want a carrot?" asked Cecilia as she pulled out the carrot. Black looked at her and calm down as he walked toward her. "Thank you Black," smiled Cecilia as she put her head against his and gave him her carrot. She looked at Dannon and Rennyn, "I am an elf-soceress that is named Cecilia."

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"I am Rennyn!" the tall elf said, stepping forward and bowing, "I too, am an elf. And this is Dannon, he's a dwarf. Evidently."

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"I noticed and I always find dwarfs interesting for they make swords and jewelry but I do not wear jewelry, just uses swords," smiled Cecilia, "I am sorry for yelling at you, Dannon." Blackmoon looked at Rennyn and blocked him from seeing Cecilia because he does not like him close to his rider.

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"Thank you," Dannon grinned. Rennyn noticed the horse's movement, and grinned vainly.

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Cecilia smiled and looked at Blackmoon but not a Rennyn. "Black, it looks like we need to go but why are you acting that way?"

Blackmoon lowered himself and looked at Cecilia.

"I see you do not want me to climb," laughed Cecilia as she got on the horse and Black got up from the ground with Cecilia on top. "Well goodbye Dannon and Rennyn. I need to go back to the grove."

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"Wait, which grove?" Rennyn asked.
Dannon hooked his ax in his belt again, and waited patiently. He could tell that Rennyn was planning something, though he didn't know what.

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"The grove of sorcery. I thought you shouldknow this by now since you are an elf," said Cecilia as she looked at Rennyn like he is stupid.

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"That's what I had thought.."Rennyn trailed off, then he whirled on Dannon, who resisted the urge to hit his friend, and cried, "We are in the right place, my friend!"

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"What type of friend are you if you keep picking on him?" snapped Cecilia as she looked at Dannon. "Why are you friends with this elf, anyway? He seems that he treats you nothing but a servant which is wrong an elf should do," as sue emphasized the last sentence for Rennyn to understand. "Is this how you try to flirt with a girl? If you are trying to then no I do not like jerks like you who treat their friends that are elves like slaves!" hissed Cecilia as she gave Rennyn the cold shoulder and trotted off with Blackmoon.

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Rennyn watched Cecilia leave on her horse with a puzzled expression on his face.
Dannon looked up at the elf and commented, "I guess it is evident that your enthusiasm was mistaken as a means of picking on me." The elf nudged his friend in a teasing manner. Dannon was pretty relaxed about things like this, and he had spent so much time with Rennyn that he knew the elf meant no harm, even if he was stubborn about never revealing his plans. Rennyn looked down at the dwarf and replied, "Yes, I believe you are correct. And my elegant language has been taken as a form of flirting." Rennyn held a serious face for a moment before his face broke out in a broad grin. He had always prided himself in his old fashion vocabulary and word use, but he still made fun of himself for it when it was just him and Dannon.

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Cecilia looked at Blackmoon, "If horses could talk then I would seriously have an awesome horse but I just noticed that that will not happen. It seems that I went harsh back there didn't I?"

Blackmoon shook his head no.

"You seem to know my answers but I think it was my fault not his except the part that he flirts is part of his ways to capture a girl which is quite stupid if you ask me," said Cecilia as she found her way back to grove, saying an old elvish language.

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Rennyn thought a moment more but then continued to walk. Dannon groaned, "So, wait, are we heading to the grove of sorcery? Was that your big plan?"

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"Cili, what took you so long?" asked the elder that taught Cecilia magic.

"I am sorry, it was just I met two travelers, an elf and a dwarf. The elf's name is Rennyn and the dwarf's Dannon. Can we just get to the lesson?" asked Cecilia as she put Blackmoon next to the elder's house. She went back to the elder and took out her staff. "I am ready for my next spell."

The elder smiled and said, "The spell of levitation and the spell of light." She demonstrated the spell of levitation by levitating a book and she had darkness in her hand made light shine over it.

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((Do you have any plot ideas??))

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((an illness strikes the sorcery grove as the characters must find who done it.
Everyone was disappearing in the grove and they have find who was the cause of it as they go on a journey to find that person.))

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((okay! good idea!))
"Rennyn?" Dannon mumbled, "You didn't answer me. What are we doing in the sorcery grove? Do you even know magic?"
Rennyn looked back at Dannon, "Haven't you known me long enough to know that I posses not a drop of magic in me? I'm pretty much the only elf who can't do magic."

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Cecilia practiced the levitation spell and and spell of light. She practiced the spell of light and accidentally made it too bright that it can be seen from a far distance.

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The two travelers noticed a bright light shining between the trees. Dannon puzzled over it for a bit, but Rennyn was more accustomed to witnessing magic, and just continued to walk

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"Cili, that was too bright and you have to control the light for you might blind someone," said the elder as she covered her eyes.

Cecilia covered her eyes too and stopped the spell, "I just can not concentrate because of that elf, he keeps getting into my thoughts if he uses magic. I hate that jerk elf."

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Suddenly Rennyn stopped, "You know, I'm not sure if dwarfs are allowed into the elvish sorcery grove." The elf thought a moment and turned to face his friend. Dannon simply watched Rennyn quizzically and he began to absent mindedly finger the charm, which bore his tribal crest, at the end of an old string.

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"I think this spell needs practice and now class is over. Cili remember you must have to do another ten spells in order to get the requirements of being a traveling sorceress," smiled the elder as she disappeared right in front of Cecilia.

Cecilia walked toward the stables to get her horse. She looked at Blackmoon and sighed, "Why do I have to be assigned as a traveling sorcerer? It is a hard rank to be in." She walked away and walked around town and sighed for she needed to practice her elements.

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Suddenly Dannon lost his patience.
"All right Rennyn, what are we doing here in the middle of the woods?" the little man said in his deep voice. Rennyn sighed and sat down on a nearby fallen log.
"Do you remember that carnival we saw in that little elvish town a few weeks ago?" Rennyn asked.

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Cecilia did not want to go home so she started to sing to make herself feel better. She heard the elves that there were people that the entrance of the grove and one of the was a drawf. Cecilia blinked and ran toward Blackmoon and said, "How did they know about this grove? I will certainly be in trouble for leading them here." Blackmoon saw Cecilia sad and felt bad for she was never this sad. Cecilia looked at Blackmoon and smiled at him to make him feel better. "I have to go outside of the grove and ask both of those travelers questions." Cecilia walked outside of the grove and saw Rennyn sitting on a log and called his name but then hid.

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Dannon sighed, as Rennyn's story was interrupted by the elf girl from before; he was never going to get his questions answered. He knew it was her, no one else around here would know Rennyn's name. Rennyn stood, looking for Cecilia.

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"Cili, what are you doing? You do not call them for they are evil." hissed the elder.

Cecilia sighed, "I am sorry but Elder I was just going to ask them question."

"You will not and do not talk to them, this grove is already infected by a sickness and I do not want you to get infected too. You are being trained to be a traveler sorcerer and if you get sick then you will fade like the rest of elves in this grove," said the elder as she let go of Cecilia.

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Rennyn's sharp ears picked up the conversation between Cecilia and her elder. He turned sadly back to Dannon and said, "Well, it appears that our journey was in vain. The magicians at that carnival we saw had inspired me to seek out the Elvin sorcery grove and ask one of the elders why I, unlike all elves, could not use magic. However, it is clear that they will not hear me out. Let's go."
Dannon had not heard the conversation, as he did not have the pointed ears of the elves, but he had learned over the years not to question Rennyn's spontaneous decisions. He stood so he could follow the elf out of the woods.

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Cecilia saw Rennyn leave and she took her staff out and make his feet frozen so he would not move as she walked toward him. She did not care what her teacher told her because she need to know if he could use magic or not.

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Rennyn stood still, and did not make any moves that suggested he was on the defense, but a look came into his eye that was always present when he prepared for a fight. Dannon pulled his ax out again and stood in front of Rennyn protectively. The dwarf didn't dare hack at the ice with his ax because it was thick enough that he wasn't quite sure where Rennyn's feet were!

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Cecilia appeared in front of Dannon and Rennyn. She looked at Dannon and lowered his ax, "Do not do that, I will unfreeze him." She took out her staff and undid her spell. She whistled for Blackmoon to come out and he did. "Hello, travelers who are trying to come toward the grove of Sorcery. What brings you two here?"

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"I'm just following the crazy elf," Dannon mumbled half to himself. He tucked his ax away once more.
"I wished to speak to the Elders of Sorcery, but I understand that they do not wish to see me," Rennyn replied. He stood straight and stiff, one hand casually resting on the hilt of his sword.

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"It seems you heard my wise teacher speaking about you and Dannon. It was wise not to come toward the grove but at the same time you pass a test of skills or magic to enter. When it is other species they ask for a test of their skills but for every elf must know magic in order to go in the grove. I remember an elf who entered the grove and he ended up failing the test since he knew no spell of elements or incarnations of any sort " said Cecilia not looking at Rennyn. Blackmoon was snickering at Rennyn because Cecilia will not look at him or notice him.

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Dannon sat down on the log, interested in how Rennyn was going to get himself out of this one....
Rennyn rubbed his neck and replied, "Well, I don't have any purpose to take the test, since I don't really plan on staying here. I had just hoped to meet with the elders..."

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((I saw.))

"In order to get through the next town you must take the test," said Cecilia as she finally looked at him. "It does not matter if you enter the grove to stay, you must take the test no matter what. After the test, they train you to become better. That is the secret about the grove of Sorcery. I may seem harsh but people there are nice and sweet to any traveler," smiled Cecilia.

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"So, is this test just on knowledge of spells?" Rennyn asked. It was obvious the was getting nervous for, even though he maintained eye contact with Cecilia, he kept fidgeting. Dannon hid his grin by pretending to be interested in a nearby flower.

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Cecilia went close and whispered in his ear, "This is not a test of humility, no one will laugh at you if you do not know may spells. I was born in this grove but I have seen many failure travelers and end up great in their skill but magic is what we teach." She backed away from him and looked at Blackmoon, who was bored from watching her talk to him.

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A smirk crossed Rennyn's face and he replied, "Believe me when I say that I know more spells than most elves."
"It's true," Dannon added.

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Cecilia was not listening as she was looking at Blackmoon if he was alright. "Blackmoon, are you sick? Please be alright, I do not want my noble steed to be infected by that illness." Blackmoon wanted to get Cecilia's attention away from Rennyn. He pretended that he looked sick as Cecilia was taking care of him.

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Rennyn glanced a Dannon with an expresion that said, 'Well, now what?'

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Cecilia did not look at Rennyn but said, "Do you want to want to meet the elders of Sorcery? You must take the test; I will show the way but Blackmoon here is being playful for a minute." Cecilia glared at Blackmoon and Blackmoon stood up immediately. "Good boy, Black, but I can not ride on you yet. I have to guide these travelers to where's the test is being held."

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A wild look had entered Rennyn's eye as the threat of the test lingered over him..
"Dannon," he hissed to the dwarf, gesturing for him to come closer, "I cannot be humiliated in front of the Elders! My family would surely receive word of it!"
"Just don't tell them your surname," Dannon laughed quietly. Rennyn glared at his friend, who in turn said seriously, "Well, Cecilia said the elf who failed epically didn't know any spells. You know spells!" The expression on Rennyn's face told the dwarf to come up with a better idea.
"Or, you could use this chance to speak with the elders, since its obvious you can't pass the test. Or if you want to avoid embarrassment all together, tell her the truth."
"Avoid embarrassment?" Rennyn replied starkly.
"Okay, avoid public embarrassment," Dannon corrected.

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