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"WHAT ON BLOODY EARTH ARE YOU DOING, TRUDY?!?" barked Victor crudely as he had spotted his housekeeper embellishing the downstairs lobby with numerous, glittery Valentine decorations and countless knick knacks. The startled Trudy had turned to Victor while blissfully weaving a string of heart-shaped lights upon the entrance of the stairway. "Victor Sir, I was instructed by Mr. Sweet to handle all the decorations and catering for the upcoming Valentine's Day Dance. Please do not tell me you have forgotten, Sir? It's for the children!"

Victor had bitterly rolled his eyes at the thought and muttered out in a stern, monotone voice, "yes." The thought of having a Valentine's Day Dance for the students was completely absurd he had thought to himself but apparently it was out of his control. Mr. Sweet and the remainder of the instructors have planned it for weeks now. His eyes were nearly sickened by the mulitiple strands of flickering pink hearts that had made the lobby look like a mini casino. "Do not overdo it now!" cried out Victor as he had bent down slightly and pulled off one of the decorations that had seemed to be tangled around his left foot. "Bah!" Trudy had giggled while giving Victor a playful wink. "Get to work."

Just as Victor was about to leave the lobby, Trudy had cried out, "Oh Victor...I have found the student that was responsible for purposely spicing up those chili beans while I was away. Honest...I did not see Alfred do it....I,I,I...."

"ALFRED! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT RUDDY LITTLE TWIRP WAS BEHIND THE SHENANIGANS!" Victor interupted, shoving more Valentine decors out of his way nearly destroying them.

message 2: by Alyssa (last edited Feb 08, 2011 01:21PM) (new)

Alyssa | 2865 comments "OMG it a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i said screaming with supprize. "HEY NIN'S GET DOWN HERE, WHERE HAVING A PARTY" i scream for nina to come down here.

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"Hey Fabes! Did I hear you say something about a party!"

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Alyssa | 2865 comments "he ya, and i'm gonna dance all night long with my lady" I said as I was going to kiss her cheak.

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"Well I might have to dance all night with my man." I giggled as he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

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Alyssa | 2865 comments "so what should we do now? Did u finish the French he?"

message 7: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) "Mara," Mick said in a quiet voice "The valentines dance is coming up and I was you want to go with me?" He said this with a spreading smile on his face as he held both her hands.

message 8: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 2865 comments "so u r asking Mara, I new it" I said with a smile on my face

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Kevin (betweenmypages) "Yeah..." he whispered into Fabians ear "We both have amazing girls, and I want this dance to be special, no problems. I want to be happy with my gal. You know? So lets make it amazing, decorate, and plan something huge! Im going to tell Mara I love her." He looked at Fabian questioningly...

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Alyssa | 2865 comments "omg u r to??????? Wow small world" I said with a smile on my face. "So wait when's the dance?"

message 11: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) "im not positive. Maybe trudy knows!"

message 12: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 2865 comments "ok, wait I think it's this Friday, idk I'll go check"

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Purposely eavesdropping in on the students' conversations, Trudy had cackled happily while gathering a huge cardboard box that had contained more Valentine decorations. "Indeed...the sweet fragrance of love is in the air! I can hardly wait to ask Victor!!! Does my hair look decent?!?" Trudy had blushed into a deep crimson while glancing over at the lovestruck students that had seemed just as anxious about the upcoming event. "About the Valentine's Dance will be this Friday and of course you are all to dress in formal wear." Trudy had beamed at Mick and Fabian as she had handed them the box. "You would not mind helping now, would you? There is so much to do so little time! After all, I have to get started on dinner before Victor blows his top." She giggled playfully, wrapping her finger whimsically through her hair. "Oh I can hardly wait! Of course you are to be on your best behaviors at the dance. I wonder what Victor would be wearing?" She swooned.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments ((Wow I had no idea Trudy liked Victor... EWWWWWW!))

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(Well in this roleplay, Trudy has a spark for him. I am shaking things up a little while keeping the storyline straight. On the contrary, Victor thinks different and refuses to have any romantic interest with his housekeeper. With such a deep, cold heart as Victor the romance would not be evident. Love has never been an interest to him since it has rarely been given to him).

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments ((I see))

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"Whoa a dance!" I shouted. I went up to Amber and said "Well Amber its your lucky day, you get to go to the special dance with special me! Isn't that exciting?!?!"

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Victini | 623 comments ((yep.trudy used to like victor!))

message 19: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments ((in the real show!!))

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Victini | 623 comments ((um,Yea,she did! i can tell!))

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Victini | 623 comments ((YES))

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Victini | 623 comments ((YES way))

message 23: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments ((YES AT ALL))

message 24: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments ((not anymore,tho))

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Victini | 623 comments ((YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trudy:You know,victor.I think the world of yo....
*Victor eyes her*
Trudy:This place.

Victor:Don't call me sweety!))

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Azalea (ruee) (hi! can i be Nina?)

message 27: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 21, 2011 03:39AM) (new)

I'm sorry, but I'm already Nina. I have been for awhile. Try going through the list of characters on the RP board and you will find a list of characters that are not taken.

*This is to all SS members and HoA fans, now that we have someone named Nina and me whose playing Nina, make sure to look for my name which is not Nina, but Gabrielle and Nina's school photo as shown. I hope we won't get confused around here. By the way I believe I have some more updates I will be making.
((Hand over eye)) Sibuna<3

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Victini | 623 comments *Hand over eye*Sibuna!

message 29: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) *Hand over eye* SIBUNA! And poo. I've never been anyone but Nina. :-(

message 30: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments (oh well)

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey you guys I was thinking about updating some of our discussions...anyone have any questions, thoughts, comments on ways to improve them. If you guys have topics for new discussions either send me and Mick aka Sabore a message or leave a comment. Thanks Sibuna<3

message 32: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) whose left?

message 33: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments Joy

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

no theres a joy its audrey

message 35: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments o ya.hey,can i be Victor?Or jerome?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

victor, jerome is takin

message 37: by Victini (last edited Apr 02, 2011 02:17PM) (new)

Victini | 623 comments ok im Victor!NOW GET TO CLASS,YOU NAUSIATING CHILDREN!

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Spring Break!!!!

message 39: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments ((wait,ur spring break was this week?mine was last week))

"Very funny."Victor said."You're spring break was a week ago.GET.TO.CLASS!"

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My spring break is this week for

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Victini | 623 comments ((lucky its warmer out there))

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((It's actually raining and its sunny outside...weird weather!))

message 43: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments ((it's not raining where i live...where do u live?I live in Illinois))

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House of Anubis on the Kids Choice Awards in less then 10 minutes. Comcast channel 46 at 8pm on Nick. Jade, Nathalia and Ana already have pictures it!!!! Sibuna<3

message 45: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments I'm watching it right now!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

same!!! black eyed peas r doing great! hey lets stay on here and jst post wat we think and stuff

message 47: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments ikr!thats a good idea

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Me too! The whole cast is there tonight. I can't wait...they have to win!

message 49: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments the sibuna group wasn't nominated 4 anything....:(

message 50: by Victini (new)

Victini | 623 comments isn't willow smith adorable?

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