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These articles are posted by Cassa. I only relocated them into another folder to make it more efficient and lessen cramming of the General Folder. Thank Cassa for these following articles, not me.


This ones for the stories that make you smale. Because there are people who try there best to save these animals. There is a dark and a light when it comes to animale crulty. The Dark: When they are hurt needlessly, The light: Is ehrn the animals get their hope back.

4. Woman willing to face eviction after rescuing pit bull thrown off bridge. How far would you go to save a dog? That was the question college student Kelsey Westbrook was faced with after rescuing a female pit bull who was hurled off a bridge, plunging 80 feet into the Ohio River. The apartment complex where Westbrook lives informed her that pit bulls were not allowed on the premises. Either Westbrook had to get rid of the dog, or face eviction. Which would it be? "I'm really attached to her and I love her, and I'm not getting rid of her," says Kelsey. "If that means me having to find a new place, then that's what I have to do."

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Sometimes, it's little things like animal rescue stories that can really make our day. Not too long after an SF officer retrieved a man's cat from an abandoned building, city firefighters saved two kittens. According to KTVU, crews who tackled a one-alarm blaze early this morning found two unconscious cats inside the smoky building. They carried them out and revived these cute furballs with oxygen. Here's footage of the rescue from NBC Bay Area.

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Doing wrong in order to do right? KC Dog Blog thoughtfully spotlights the dilemma of embedding a spy inside a dogfighting ring in order to bring the ring down. In this instance, it’s the case of Terry Mills.

A couple of months ago, a story was launched in several alternative newspapers around the country about Mills. In 2008, Mills worked for the FBI on their domestic-terrorism task force. As a part of the job, Mills spent 18 months under-cover in order to break up what became the largest dog-fighting bust in the history of the United States — getting a couple of dozen people arrested, and saving more than 500 dogs from their dog fighting operations.

As a part of the undercover operation, Mills and his team became a part of the dog fighting culture…and as a part of that, began training, and fighting, their own dogs.

At the time, and even now, I wrestle with the ethics of their decision. While breaking up the dog fighting operation is certainly commendable, it’s extremely hard for me to stomach the idea of the “good guys” training dogs to fight and forcing them to endure such torture. It just seems as if there had to be a better way without purposefully putting more dogs in the ring.

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