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The Art of Anti-War

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Héctor In the early part of the 20th century, the Futurist movement of artists in Italy, led by Filippo Marinetti, glorified war as a dynamic organizing principle for their art work. If art was about energy – and the raw power of the modern machine age -- where could you find more energy and concentrated machinery than on the battlefield? Art, they proclaimed in their manifesto, "can be nothing but violence, cruelty, and injustice." Marinetti and his war-worshipping Futurists easily fell in with Mussolini and the fascists. But, after Nuremburg, few artists have followed their lead. This month, at the Istanbul Biennale, the future has arrived in the form of a very different kind of art. The curator of the Istanbul show, Hou Hanru of China, begins his exhibition catalogue with an unadorned statement: "We are living at a time of global wars." The rest of the introduction reads like the agenda of the World Social Forum. "Most of these wars, conflicts and clashes take place in the developing world," Hou continues. "The centre of the Empire has ruthlessly exported violence to other parts of the world."

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