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message 1: by rachel (new)

rachel ((The Colony live in a cave going into the side of a mountain. It leads under ground where the cave walls are filled with all sorts of crystals.))

message 2: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze watched her beautiful purple crystal glow. It was hers and she would keep it forever. It represented her soul.

message 3: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments A beautiful white dragon flew into the cave doing spirals. She landed on a ledge, her nest.

message 4: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze saw the dragon and snorted. Show off she thought

message 5: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments The dragon head it's head high. She HAD to show off, she had no family and no mate, showing off was in her instinct.

message 6: by rachel (new)

rachel Kite flared his wings and he landed. He folded his wings to his back and walked on his four legs.

message 7: by L (last edited Feb 07, 2011 05:43PM) (new)

L (audinosbiitch) The lovely black-grey dragon circled down, landing with a soft thud and folding her wings. Lifting her head, she gazed at her surroundings.

message 8: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments The dragon flapped her wings and roared.

message 9: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Azmen flinched, looking up at Kira. She clawed at the ground, her wings rustling slightly.

message 10: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments The dragon shook her head. The crystals made her white scales look multi-coloured.

message 11: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Azmen stretched her neck, extending it at least a half-foot from her neck.

message 12: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze sat in front of her purple crystal, protecting it from the other dragons. She loved it.

message 13: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments The dragon looked at Breeze, she was an odd dragon, very odd indeed.

message 14: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Azmen sighed, stretching her wings and flying smoothly up to her ledge, across from Kira's. She yawned widely, showing an array of small, pointy teeth.

message 15: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments Kira turned and laid down on her ledge.

message 16: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze lay on her ledge, stretched out, and yawned also. She had rows of long pointy teeth and she lay spread out, her scales soaking in the sunlight.

message 17: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Azmen lay down on her belly, forelegs tucked neatly beneath her. Her ledge was big enough for her left wing to flatten, but her right wing had to droop over the side. Azmen didn't mind.

message 18: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze giggled at Azmen who looked funny with one wing out, one drooped over her side, and spread both of her wings out herself and flattened them. Her ledge was big enough.

message 19: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Azmen ignored Breeze. She may look funny, but she felt this was more comfortable than sleeping with barely enough room to stand in, which was Breeze's case.

message 20: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments Kira snorted at both of them, her ledge was big enough for two large adult dragons to sleep/stand on comfortably.

message 21: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Az shut her eyes, laying her head chin down on her feet. She knew she might look silly, but it was the most comfortable way to sleep.

message 22: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments Kira put her paw ((paw?)) over her muzzle and fell asleep.

message 23: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) ((I call them feet, but I guess they could be paws...))

message 24: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze laughed silently at Az's strange position and closed her eyes, trying to sleep

message 25: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Az opened one eye, looking over at Breeze. She growled playfully, not really meaning harm. She kept her eye fixed on Breeze.

message 26: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze opened one eye slightly at the growl and smiled. She peeked at the large dragon and let out a little snort of laughter, not able to shut up.

message 27: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Az glared over at Breeze, but didn't shift her position. They'd get used to it. She'd only been doing this for a few weeks, then she'd move to a larger ledge. Hopefully...

message 28: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze spread out some more, taking half her big ledge and said, "Want to come on my ledge? It's big enough for both of us"

message 29: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) "But impossible to stand in." Az retorted. She had pride. Besides, this was comfortable.

message 30: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze tilted her head in confusement ((Really, i'm confuzzled •.•)) and ignored her, closing her eyes again. "Fine" she mumbled.

message 31: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) ((What is da prob?))

message 32: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ((It's big enough for both of them, but impossible to stand in...?))

message 33: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments ((There's like a rock part that's too low you know like a ceiling I guess))

Kira smiled. "You can come to mine. Mine's perfect."

message 34: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) (9Yeah that's what I meant. (:))

"I guess." Az stood, stretching her wings and gliding over to Kira's ledge.

message 35: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ((Grr :( how come mine is messed up))

Breeze rolled her eyes and watched them through so slitted eyes, she looked asleep.

message 36: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) ((A lot of them have flaws. I can't lie down correctly!))

message 37: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments ((Mine's perfect cause I was fast and wrote down that it was perfect before you guys could make it any different))

message 38: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) ((lol))

message 39: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 13 comments ((:D))

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Shift laid in her ledge. It didn't matter about the side since she could change her size and color. She was smaller but was her original scal colour.

message 41: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze opened one eye to see what was going on with Az and Kira.

message 42: by Icy(Night's Alt Account) (last edited Mar 27, 2011 11:20AM) (new)

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Then sil landed on her ledge.Her's was one of the perfect ones it code fit 3 adult dragons and 3 hachlings so she often shared.But then she saw something a butyful purpul crystal and she realized she had no clue how she code have live with out it she needed it.

message 43: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Breeze watched Sil looking at her crystal. She grabbed her purple crystal and hid it from sight, baring her teeth in defense.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Then sil realized that some day she wode get her own one that code shape shift like her.

message 45: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ((Huuuhh?))

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) [i'm just making things up ok]

message 47: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ((Parenthesis not brackets plz))

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) [what do you mean]

message 49: by Dameon (last edited Mar 27, 2011 12:04PM) (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ((<--- Those, not these --->] ))

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) [is it ok is she gets a gem like that imbeted in a scale insted but like yours

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