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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah For all the children of Pan.

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Okay, but you need a charrie first.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Yep. I'll make a pan charrie. Pan is God of what again?

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Sweet. okay I'll make your charrie a sibling!

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Cybele entered her cabin and gazed around at the comfort it afforded. She was home.

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah ((I don't remember. But if he was, they would be former kids from before he died. ))

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah "Hey Noor. Wassup sis?" Cy said.

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah "Same."

message 9: by Hannah (new)

Hannah ((I know. Noor, I think you need to make yours a bit older))

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah NOTE TO ALL CABINS: Now that the activity is over, we need to start closing down for the night. So start moving towards bed so we can start the next one!


message 11: by Hannah (new)

Hannah PAN Cabin is ready!

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah ((GOOD MORNING CAMPERS!! For those who never actually went to sleep, sorry. But Most are ready, so COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!!))

message 13: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Cybele hears a slight noise, and being a light sleeper wakes up. "Noor? You okay?"

message 14: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Hey Noor, for easy RP purposes do you mind when your character talks having her use the quotation marks? Thanks!)

"Oh. Okay." Cybele laid back down. "Sleep well?"

message 15: by Hannah (new)

Hannah "Decent I guess." Cy got up and ready for the day. "I"m off to breakfast. You coming?"

message 16: by Hannah (new)

Hannah "Cool." Cy walked to the door, "Meet you there."

(at dining pavilion)

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