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Hey, so I figure I'll tell a bit about myself.
My name is Melanie, I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and I'm a college sophomore majoring in engineering at Drexel University. I love playing sports and running. When I have time to, I also love reading for fun (I don't count chemistry books as fun. ha.)
My school is 300 miles away from home and it's hard sometimes being away from my family for 10 weeks at a time. I have an older sister, older brother, and a younger brother.

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Jaq | 3 comments Nice to meet you Melanie. I'm Jacquelyn and I feel like I will never get out of uni. I'm on major number....well, we'll just say I've changed it a lot. Currently studying FCHD with an emphasis in Family and Community services (I can end up being a counselor in foster care, work at CAPSA, stuff like that).
I personally ready anything and everything I can get my hands on. Currently I'm working my way through the YA section at the local library mostly because they're quick, light reads that can take my mind off my studies for awhile.

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My best friend and I just finished a series called The Jessica Darling Series form the YA section (it took us forever cause I only had two of the books, then of course we kept forgetting to get the other three) but we started them in high school senior year and didn't finish them till this summer ha. And now we're looking for another easy read series. Any suggestions? I've been reading documentaries recently since I can pick them up a week later and still remember what's been going on.

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Jaq | 3 comments I really liked the Fablehaven and Percy Jackson series. Honestly those are the last two I've read and that was last summer. If I find anything else I'll let you know.

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Jaq | 3 comments There's also the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz that's really good too. They're great fiction that's more of an action adventure type book than fantasy like the other two I mentioned.

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Thanks, I'll be sure to check them out. I just wish I had time. Only three more weeks and finals till I'm done with my term!

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Tommy | 1 comments Hey guys, my name is Tommy, im 18 and currently halfway through my A level exams, hoping to study psychology at Uni this year. I live in Northern Ireland, play the violin and go to the gym. Was just lookin through the groups on here and stumbled upon this one. Oh and I love reading :D

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