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People need to comment!! Please!!!

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message 1: by Annie (new)

Annie (greengirl0711) | 29 comments Mod
Alright i really need some more comments people!! Please I beg you!!!

message 2: by Mrs.D. (new)

Mrs.D. (mrsdudinetz) | 4 comments Hhhheeeellllooooo! Just got done reading a book called Perfect Chemistry that Kodie lent me. I really liked it, but had some issues with a few of the scenes. But I had the same concerns with Twilight and such...thought it was a great book, but not for everyone. Thanks Kodie.

message 3: by Mrs.D. (new)

Mrs.D. (mrsdudinetz) | 4 comments Now I'm reading Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. Not usually a fan, but can't seem to put this down. Thanks for the recommendation:)

message 4: by Mrs.D. (new)

Mrs.D. (mrsdudinetz) | 4 comments How did I do Annie? Need more comments? I could talk about the yummy steak I made for dinner tonight. No wait! I'll talk about Everwild, the sequel to Everlost! First of all - Everlost is the best. I love this book. But, Everwild is pretty darn close in the "awesome" department. Both books had so many surprises that I never saw coming. Read them - you will love them:)

message 5: by Annie (new)

Annie (greengirl0711) | 29 comments Mod
Thank you for your comments!! ( I'd love to hear more about your steak) Haha. :D

message 6: by Mrs.D. (new)

Mrs.D. (mrsdudinetz) | 4 comments Actually Annie, the steak thing didn't end so well. I came down with the stomach flu in the middle of the night and well, you can imagine how this story ends.

message 7: by Annie (new)

Annie (greengirl0711) | 29 comments Mod
Wow. thats really bad. But thanks for commenting.

message 8: by black Pheonix (new)

black Pheonix (blackpheonix) Yeah. that was nice. I think I just lost my appitite. My dog sally is nudging me now. I think she wants to play.

message 9: by Annie (new)

Annie (greengirl0711) | 29 comments Mod

message 10: by Annie (new)

Annie (greengirl0711) | 29 comments Mod
Well I would suggust, Princess Academy, or Lady Grace, the school library has both. the first lady grace book is Assasin

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